Book 5 Chapter 11.3

Book 5 Chapter 11.3 - Bandit

Faced with three fishmen who couldn't control their bodies after jumping into the air, Madeline took a step forward, brandished the heavy sword once again, the warped sword body heavily slapping them more than ten meters out. After being slapped flying again, these fishmen with vigorous vitality couldn’t crawl up again. They powerlessly struggled and twitched about, then slowly slopped moving. Cirvanas stared fixedly at the last fishman, the flames within the depths of his pupils becoming more and more clear. He suddenly released a shrill scream, and then a brilliant burst of sparks suddenly ignited in the air. The sparks landed on the fishman soldier’s body, immediately starting to burn viciously! The flames over 500 degrees were fatal, and these flames created through abilities were simply impossible to put out through normal methods! The fishman ultimately became a burning torch, its miserable screams gradually becoming quieter. 

The bright redness in Cirvanas’ pupils already dimmed, his face deathly pale, lips without half a trace of color. He staggered about, ready to collapse at any moment. The final burst of sparks already emptied all of his stamina and energy, to the extent where even the nucleus temporarily entered a rigid, dormant state. However, this was the first time he almost single-handedly killed a high level creature, so not only did he immediately obtain five evolutionary points, his understanding towards flame abilities became deeper as well. 

Su walked over, patting Cirvanas’ head with a smile, offering encouragement. He then gave Madeline a look, and only after seeing that she didn’t have any injuries did he relax. In reality, Su observed the battle just now, even more so using the Panoramic View to monitor every detail of this battle. He didn’t use any abilities, but should a crucial time arrive where he had to interfere, Extreme Assault would allow Su to intercept any dangerous fishman soldier. 

However, only after seeing with his own eyes that Madeline’s body was without injuries could Su calm down.

While looking at Su, the corners of Madeline’s lips tilted up slightly, revealing a faintly discernible smile. However, in Cirvanas’ eyes, this expression just felt a bit complacent. An ice-cold feeling suddenly emerged at the bottom of the youth’s heart, making him hurriedly divert his line of sight. Even though he didn’t understand the ways of the world, he had already followed Su for a few months of time, knowing that it wasn’t always better to know more. 

Su gave the fishmen soldiers who still occasionally struggled a few times a look, revealing a bit of shock. The fishmen soldiers who were slapped flying by Madeline all had their skeletons completely shattered. When Madeline brandished the sword and struck them, she used the force of the impact to shake up their bones, making all of the bones in the fishmen soldiers shatter. To accomplish this in the moment of impact, what level of combat art was this?!

Even if it was Su, only now did he understand why Madeline did something so seemingly senseless as strike those fishmen soldiers. Turns out she was testing and sensing these fishmen soldiers’ body composition and weak points. Only after finding the optimal frequency of those did she obtain the success of shattering the bodies of the three fishmen afterwards. 

Soon afterwards, Cirvanas also seemed to understand this point, but what the youth sensed was completely different from Su. He often had his head patted by Madeline, so when he thought of those past experiences, his expression immediately became more pale. 

There was already no trace of any fishmen within a kilometer. In the battle just now, neither Su nor Madeline used any special abilities. Madeline sharpened her own combat art through these methods, even though in the eyes of others, she had no way of improving further. Meanwhile, for Su, it wasn’t as simple as just increasing combat art. With Su’s current body, apart from his brain and Heart of Darkness as important organs, he could change the other 80% at will. As such, all normal combat arts lost their meaning. What he needed to do was familiarize himself with his own body, free himself from the intrinsic habits of humans and find a more effective combat style. 

However, his human habits were like the more secure chains, tightly binding Su’s body, difficult to struggle free from. Meanwhile, he himself wasn’t willing to struggle free from them either. 

Su walked over to a fishman soldier that still hadn't died, entered a half-squat, and then placed his hand on its head. The fishman suddenly struggled like it had gone crazy, releasing a hysterical shriek! From an invisible angle, countless fine wisps of flesh reached out from Su’s palm, and like steel needles, they easily tore open the fishman’s sturdy skull, piercing inside. Once it entered, many fine pores appeared on the flesh needle, releasing countless specks made up of several dozen blood cells. These specks moved with speeds hundreds of times that of bacteria and microorganisms, swimming through the fishman’s body in search of new body tissues. They had a slight formless connection with Su’s body, continuously accepting the data sent out from Su’s body, comparing them to the fishmen’s cells, and then transmitting the data back to the main body. When they encountered fishmen cells that were completely unknown, they would devour and seize them, and after obtaining enough cells, bring them back to the main body. Meanwhile, those flesh tentacles continuously grew as well. Aside from specks of blood, they also released a powerful acidic digestive fluid, turning the surrounding cells into the nutrients they needed for continued growth. These digestive fluids also helped pave the road ahead. Even the sturdy skull would be corroded through in under twenty seconds. 

In these few short minutes, the flesh feelers that extended out from Su’s hands already reached all over the fishman’s body. All types of data, genes, and tissue specimen continuously gathered, the amount of data Su needed to process already reaching in the millions. The fishman’s genes and organization was continuously filtered out, and then the functions that could be integrated into Su’s body were selected out, the remaining stored temporarily in his memory region. 

The fishman’s external appearance was extremely strange. In the knowledge of humans, it was easily associated with creatures of low level intelligence, similar to that of dolphins. However, this investigation informed Su that the fishmen already evolved into a highly intelligent species. Their bodies were extremely sturdy, and their vitality was as tenacious as insects. At the same time, their developed brains and nervous system granted them high levels of intelligence. If they were evaluated as a whole, their intelligence should be two to three times that of humans, their bodies at least five times stronger. As for their recovery and regenerative abilities, it wasn’t much different from a lizard, completely different from that of humans. After analyzing the fishmen’s intelligence, he was confident that they already formed a civilized culture and society, as well as acquiring their own language. The fishmen’s vigorous vitality also made their maturation cycles even shorter, the amount of time needed to reach adulthood only two to three years. 

Their sturdy bodies had amphibious characteristics, possessing a combination of power and nimbleness. They had highly toxic poison, high levels of intelligence, and an extremely short growth period. When all of these things were mixed together, it was not a joking matter at all. The only uncertain factor was that he didn’t know what these fishmen’s reproduction abilities were like. However, from the perspective of underwater creatures, if they were born from eggs, then their breeding ability would be extremely terrifying. 

Su’s expression was completely normal, but his mind definitely wasn’t calm. If he ignored their external appearance, the fishmen were an extremely powerful and unique, highly intelligent creature. He believed that once they solved the problems of tool and land adaptability, they would immediately emerge on the continent to start war against the human race, seizing the limited space of survival. They were highly aggressive creatures, so they definitely wouldn’t be able to live in peace with the human race. In these predators’ eyes, humans were perhaps not bad food. With the fishmen’s powerful fighting strength, olden era humans or firepower weapons’ power seemed insignificant, unsuitable for combat against these creatures. The fishmen’s fine scales’ defensive strength could block a close fire shot from a pistol, so if a few fishmen soldiers rushed into the middle of an army of ordinary soldiers, that would be a complete massacre. 

Fortunately, this was the new era. In the eyes of those of the past, living in the new era was undoubtedly hell. However, ability users appeared in new era humans. Even if it was hell, there was still a hint of dawn. Vicious and irregular mutated intelligent life forms like the fishmen, or other types of strange ferocious creatures, before high level human ability users, still couldn’t escape their fate of slaughter. 

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