Book 5 Chapter 11.3

Book 5 Chapter 11.3 - Bandit

Faced with three fishmen who couldn't control their bodies after jumping into the air, Madeline took a step forward, brandished the heavy sword once again, the warped sword body heavily slapping them more than ten meters out. After being slapped flying again, these fishmen with vigorous vitality couldn’t crawl up again. They powerlessly struggled and twitched about, then slowly slopped moving. Cirvanas stared fixedly at the last fishman, the flames within the depths of his pupils becoming more and more clear. He suddenly released a shrill scream, and then a brilliant burst of sparks suddenly ignited in the air. The sparks landed on the fishman soldier’s body, immediately starting to burn viciously! The flames over 500 degrees were fatal, and these flames created through abilities were simply impossible to put out through normal methods! The fishman ultimately became a burning torch, its miserable...

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