Book 5 Chapter 11.2

Book 5 Chapter 11.2 - Bandit

At this moment, several small creatures shot out from the still spraying ice and snow. They were less than a meter tall in size, their surroundings carrying a faint blue-colored pale color. Upon closer inspection, one would find that their skin were covered in an extremely fine layer of scales. They had large heads and even larger mouths, two water blue pupiless eyes at both sides of their heads. On their comparatively smaller bodies grew hands and feet similar to those of humans, but the large areas of fins and webbing displayed that they were aquatic creatures. 

The brief interaction told Su that even though these little things shared a few traits with humans, the terrifying power their bodies contained was definitely not something humans could match. From their power and body proportions, these little creatures were already similar to creatures with exoskeletons like insects or prawns. Their tiny arms could immediately display over a hundred kilograms of power, splitting apart the sturdy icy layer was something as easy as cutting cheese. The tongues at the center of their enormous mouths could shoot out poisonous ice arrows. Madeline’s warped heavy sword indicated that these ice arrows’ close distance power wasn’t weaker than rifle bullets. 

If he had to describe them, then they were a bit similar to the fishmen from olden era movies. 

The six fishmen soldiers that dropped down from the icy mist were all injured, every single one of them receiving a cut. Four of them didn’t have serious injuries, even though the cuts were long, they were only two centimeters deep. Those fine scales possessed far greater defensive strength than what one would expect, the mucus covering the scale surfaces even more so preventing the blades’ edges from digging too deeply. However, the last two fishmen already couldn’t crawl up, one of them having its enormous mouths cut open, its entire head almost hacked apart. The other one was laying injured on the ground, the wound not that long, but wide and deep. Its body cavity was completely opened up, the inner organs and bodily fluids currently flowing along its injury. The last two fishmen had their scales sliced off first, and then the blade’s tip gouged out the comparatively more delicate muscle tissue underneath, thus turning the light injuries into fatal wounds. 

Without waiting for the four fishmen soldiers to completely stand up, Su rushed past their sides once again, the short blades’ edges accurately and precisely moving through their injuries, increasing the depths of their cuts several times! However, these fishmen’s vitality was powerful to a shocking degree, the fishmen soldiers still able to fire an ice arrow out of their tongues even after having their brains torn apart, striking Su’s lower back!

Su’s body shook, as if he was hit by a rifle at close distance. Only after a small half of the ten centimeter icy thorn penetrated his body did Su’s strengthened tissues stop it. The thorn possessed many fine crevices, within them stored transparent poison. When the poison entered his body, the cells in Su’s body began to lose vitality patch after patch, and there were even more that directly died!

Su released a light grunt, somewhat unexpectedly troubled by these fishmen soldiers. With how tough his current body’s cells were as well as his terrifying reaction speed, it could be said that what he was least scared of was poison. However, despite this being the case, the ice thorn’s poison still killed off a large expanse of tissues, so one could imagine how terrifying it was!

The blood vessels in Su’s body began to pump harder, the blood completely erupting. Several dozen blood cells gathered together, and then as if they turned into miniature vicious beasts, followed different routes towards the areas invaded by the poison. Meanwhile, the part of his body that was struck by the ice thorn also quickly changed, the tissues that made contact with the poison quickly turning into fiber, losing all vitality and water content, becoming similar to a wall that plugged up the poison. In the blink of an eye, the blood cells that were activated already rushed towards the bodily fluids that carried the poison. The cells around the poisoned area had already transmitted the poison’s characteristics to his entire body, so the activated blood immediately locked onto drop after drop of poison particles, swallowing and surrounding them, transporting them along the injury’s border. 

Su straightened his body. His muscles were powerful. With a pu sound, the ice thorn already bounced out from his waist area, and then a transparent colorless poison flowed out from his wound. When the poison was completely eliminated, the wound began to heal at a visible rate. 

Meanwhile, by Madeline’s feet, a fishman soldier broke out from the ice, shooting out. It reached out a long tongue, but right when it was about to fire an ice thorn, Madeline’s five long and slender fingers appeared! With a gentle movement, its mouth was closed. The two rows of sharp teeth closed, and with crack crack sounds, it almost cut the perfectly straight tongue in half! Meanwhile, the ice thorn in its tongue already shattered. 

Even though her actions neutralized a large portion of the fishman soldier’s strength, Madeline still didn’t feel satisfied. The long and slender fingers of her left hand gracefully danced about, striking down on the fishmen soldier with an incomparably fast rhythm. Most of the strikes landed on its large head, hitting it like slaps to the face, while a small portion were on its shoulders and body. Under Madeline’s strikes, the fishman soldier’s body unexpectedly began to spin about, in the blink of an eye becoming a large size spinning top!

Only after the fishman soldier was slapped around for several seconds did Madeline withdraw her hand. The fishman soldier spat out a string of unknown speech, and then collapsed after swaying about. As soon as its body touched the ground surface, densely packed cracking sounds immediately burst forth, caving in like a cloth sack. Turns out that the striking process shattered all of the bones in its body.

The four fishmen soldiers that were swatted flying only now crawled to their feet. They threw themselves over once again while screaming. Only, when they reached around ten meters, their movements suddenly became rigid and unusual, and a dark red color appeared on their skin. Ten meters was precisely the effective range of Cirvanas’ Flame Binding Realm and anti-gravity force field. As enemies, under Cirvanas’ control, the fishmen soldiers experienced most of the the flame boundary’s damage. When an ordinary person stood in the Flame Binding Realm, they would only sense a bit of heat, while the fishmen soldiers felt a temperature of over a hundred degrees, as if they had boiling water poured over them. They were used to the ice cold frozen sea, so the heat inflicted even more suffering. Meanwhile, under the anti-gravity force field, the fishmen soldiers’ weight was immediately lightened by around 30%, making them feel extremely out of sorts. Three of the four fishmen leapt high into the air, turning themselves into the perfect targets, while the last one directly fell onto the ground. It tumbled a few times on the ground, and then forcefully leapt up, flying high up into the air again!

Madeline’s surroundings were only a bit warmer, the gravity only decreased around 10%, almost not affecting her at all. Such fine control over the force fields was something that should only be possible for those with seven or more levels of Elemental Control ability, but Cirvanas obtained a similar result through his second level Elemental Affinity. If one wasn’t vigilant, enemies fighting within Cirvanas’ range of control would have quite a bit of their combat strength seized from them.

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