Book 5 Chapter 11.1

Book 5 Chapter 11.1 - Bandit

Only after sprinting for several hundred kilometers through the north’s frozen sea border did Su begin to slow his advance, his stamina that was somewhat declining starting to recover. Wandering about the border of the frozen sea clearly angried Pridekla, but Su vaguely sensed an even greater danger to the south, so he was even less willing to head there. There was another danger that became clearer, to the extent where Su was almost sure that Pandora was chasing behind him. Compared to the mysterious and unfathomable apostle, even though Pandora posed a slightly smaller amount of threat, both were life-threatening dangers, fundamentally the same. 

At first, she still seemed to still be a bit perplexed, but in the recent 24 hours, Pandora was rarely confused by the traces Su left behind, almost running straight at him! If this continued, he was going to be caught by her sooner or later. 

Another day arrived. In the limits of the snow-covered plains, three figures were currently heading east at a pace that wasn’t too fast or slow. Su walked at the very front, Madeline at the very back, and Cirvanas while wrapped tightly in a blanket walked in the middle. 

The clouds were extremely high today, their line of sight also much wider. At the end of their vision, they could even see the frozen sea line. The frozen sea was extremely calm, the azure ocean eroding the ice shelf that stretched into the sea. From time to time, an enormous ocean fish’s sturdy dorsal fin would extend out from the water surface. 

This beautiful and peaceful frozen sea landscape, if there was some sunlight that seeped through the clouds and illuminated the frozen sea surface, it would create an extremely beautiful scenery. However, in Su’s opinion, the current peace and beauty were even more frightening than the crazy wind and violent snow he experienced the past few days. Su had never stopped his actions that angered Pridekla, yet the frozen sea became unexpectedly peaceful, which meant that something happened to the lord of the frozen sea. However, Su didn’t fear Pridekla. These creatures that grew in the sea, once they went ashore, their strength would decrease substantially. Before we talk about whether or not it could defeat Su, the first question was whether or not it could even catch him. From this perspective, Pridekla’s intimidation was far inferior to the apostle’s, and and even less than Pandora’s. 

Su suddenly came to a stop! Madeline also stopped at the same time. Cirvanas, however, almost bumped into Su’s back. He raised his head vacantly and then looked around his surroundings, not really understanding why Su would suddenly stop. However, he immediately sensed something, his expression instantly changing, the depths of his pupils displaying a faint redness. As the color of his pupils deepened, the temperature in Cirvanas’ surroundings began to rise. The snow cover continuously melted, the water vapors that rose as a result making his figure appear a bit warped and deformed. This was Cirvanas’ newly developed fourth level flame ability, as well as his current most powerful attack method. 

Two screeching sounds rang out, and then two short military blades already shifted from Su’s thighs to his hands. Su’s left hand held it normally, while his right hand held it with a reverse grip, assuming a rather strange combat stance. 

With a boom sound, all of the icy layer covering several meters before Su completely exploded, and then the crushed ice and snow mixed together, fiercely spraying out! Within the snow and ice, a few small silhouettes could vaguely be seen flashing past!

The ice layer released a loud explosion sound upon shattering, mixed within it were many extremely sharp screeches. Several snow-white colored shadows shot at Su like lightning!

Su’s left eye narrowed slightly. His body suddenly arched, and then he shot into the fountain of ice and snow before him like an artillery shell leaving a barrel. The blades in his hands were like cotton wadding that fluttered about in the winds, but also lightning in a dark night, drawing out clear arcs, moving past the shadows flashing through the ice and snow. 

Following some slight sounds, Su already shot out from the snowy mist. All of the little creatures that shot out from the snow suffered at least one slice, but the feeling he sensed from the blades was somewhat shaky, as if he cut a leather-like old tree, extremely difficult to exert fully through it. Meanwhile, those creatures were extremely nimble, borrowing the blade’s cutting strength to immediately retreat, removing a large half of the attack’s power. The injuries left on these unknown creatures weren’t that deep at all, not anywhere near mortal wounds. As a result, in the moment it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, Su’s wrists shook. Both blades’ edges flew out gracefully, suddenly tearing apart the bodies of the last two little creatures, almost cutting them in half! Only this type of injury was a bit interesting. 

Su landed on the ground, spun on the ground, already turning himself around, once again assuming a charging stance. 

Cirvanas immediately curled up into a ball, immediately setting up the Flame Binding Realm and the anti-gravity field with two types of defenses. These two force-fields were definitely not enough to ensure his survival, but all he had to do was weaken the other party’s offense. At the same time, Madeline already appeared behind Cirvanas, the enormous sword stabbing into the icy surface next to the youth’s body with a pu sound. The spacious thick alloy sword was like a shield, securely blocking the youth’s body. 

Densely packed and numerous crackling sounds suddenly sounded. The alloy heavy shield produced a large expanse of sparks, more than ten ice arrow like objects striking its surface! The ice arrows possessed extraordinary strength, immediately exploding upon hitting the heavy sword, the tremendous force actually making the alloy sword’s edge warp! Due to the instantaneous power being too great, only when the sword body bent greatly did the sword tip that was inserted into the ground explode, sending ice and snow everywhere. The alloy heavy sword was flung high into the sky!

Madeline’s right hand reached out, already gently grabbing the heavy sword’s hilt. At the same time, her foot stepped forward, trampling it straight into the icy surface, but also helping him avoid the second wave of ice arrows. 

The heavy alloy heavy sword was like a feather in Madeline’s hands, drawing a circle horizontally. Three or four shadows shot out from the snow and ice like lightning, but they just happened to land on the heavy sword’s edge, as if they ran into it themselves. With light pa pa pa sounds, the heavy sword’s wide and flat sword surface was like a racket, swatting these little things flying. 

The place where the heavy sword was originally inserted into already became a frozen cave. A small creature crawled out from within, only, half its body had already been cut through by the heavy sword. It looked like Madeline randomly inserted it into the ground, but turns out it wasn’t a careless decision at all. 

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