Book 5 Chapter 10.7

Book 5 Chapter 10.7 - Want and Obtained

Curtis couldn’t see the changes that were happening to the inside of Snow’s body, and was even more helpless in deciphering the sea of data moving through the light screen in front of Helen’s face. However, in Helen’s eyes, the millions of digits reconstructed Snow’s body, displaying every detail and change that was taking place. Together with over ten thousand monitored indicators, as well as all types of analyzed data, the instantaneous calculation it was capable of already reached an order of magnitude in the tens of millions. Meanwhile, these all took place in Helen’s brain. 

The radiation energy continuously entered Snow’s body, and after passing through a series of special organs, it was absorbed and transformed, ultimately turning into energy that could be used for biological consumption. The calculation result stated that around 5% of the radiation energy that entered Snow’s body could be turned into energy reserves, and another 5% could be turned into heat energy that could ensure activity, while the remaining amount was absorbed and consumed at the cost of body cell damage. This type of calculation meant that in total, the comprehensive exploitation of radiation energy was around 6%. Moreover, with Helen’s improvements on the absorption ability and storage organs, the absorbed energy percentage could still be increased. Under the present environment’s radiation, if it didn’t move about too much, the amount of energy absorbed was already enough to maintain Snow’s day to day needs, not needing to eat at all. In addition, in the radiation intensity endurance test, Snow optimized its own skin cells, increasing their ability to resist radiation substantially. It could be said that in the present world, there wasn’t much radiation energy that could threaten its survival. After all, being exposed to the Radiation Star’s rays was much worse than directly laying on nuclear fuel. 

In Helen’s experimental report, the power source test project had already concluded, the completion rate assessed to be 22%, and then over a hundred further projects that could be improved or needed further research were listed out. What followed was the mobility ability improvement test. Before the test began, Helen directly had Curtis leave the laboratory. 

After leaving the laboratory, the captain slowly walked along the somewhat dusky hallway, his footsteps ringing through the spacious corridor, heavy and full of pent-up emotions.

When he was close to the corridor’s turn, Curtis suddenly stopped his footsteps, his eyes releasing cold light. Someone suddenly appeared from the originally empty corridor: Lafite. 

He cut at a cigar, and then with a slight sound, a long match was lit. After lighting the cigar, he took a deep breath, and only then did he look at Curtis in a somewhat dejected manner. 

If this was the olden era, Lafite’s handsome appearance that was comparable to Su’s, his melancholic aura, silver-flame like long hair, and perfect clothes would be fatally destructive towards females of all ages. Meanwhile, this was just his charm on the surface, not including his great power. 

Lafite’s sudden appearance was without any omen, nor any process, as if he was leaning against the corner’s wall to begin with. It was to the extent where not even Curtis saw clearly how he appeared. However, the captain didn’t seem interested at all in Lafite’s strange and terrifying method of movement, because he understood clearly that at that moment, Lafite’s offensive power would decrease substantially. With the captain’s words, it was ‘not much stronger than the caressing of a woman’.

“Silver Hair, there’s no girls around to watch you act cool! Also, I think you understand clearly that Helen wouldn’t fancy your tricks either.” Curtis said coldly.

Lafite shrugged his shoulders, indifferent towards Curtis’ taunts, only saying, “Black Steel! Even if I was interested in men, it still definitely won’t be someone like you! Let’s not talk about useless things, right now I don’t want to give you a beating. How is it, did you see that ‘little thing’?”

Curtis’ voice sank. “Are you talking about Snow? Right, it’s quite cute!”

“Cute?!” Lafite gave Curtis a look, and then slowly said, “I truly never thought your tastes would be this strong. It seems like the days spent outside the prison left you with quite the unique experiences. However, I couldn’t care less what kind of things you spent time with in bed. Since you participated in the experiment, then you should know a bit more about that thing than me. Say, what do you think it really is?”

“How would I know? All I know is how to drink and fight.” The captain said coldly. 

Lafite took a deep breath, and then smoke came out from his nostrils. With a somewhat gloomy voice, he said, “I was just thinking, Helen… how could Helen give birth to such a… how could she give birth to Snow. Also, I am quite interesting in finding out what kind of thing Snow’s father is.”

When he saw Lafite’s appearance, Curtis’ voice became unexpectedly gentler. “Helen is someone completely different from us, no one can predict what she is thinking. That’s why Snow is no exception.”

Lafite laughed, and then he sent the cigar that had a small half remaining flying. The cigarette butt that was as light as a feather flew out faster than a bullet leaving a gun barrel, and with a crisp pa sound, it unexpectedly embedded itself deeply into the concrete wall!

Curtis didn’t pay him any attention, directly walking past him, heading for the stairs. 

Lafite released a sigh, speaking towards the completely empty wall, “Helen and I are both human, both incurable lunatics. However, she is even crazier than me, which is why I never forgot about her. These things, how can someone whose brain is only full of muscle like you understand?” 

Curtis who already walked far away suddenly cracked open a grin, his snow white teeth glistening in the darkness. He silently retorted, “Who says I don’t understand?”

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