Book 5 Chapter 10.4

Book 5 Chapter 10.4 - Want and Obtained

To throw three hand grenades over such a long distance in one try, and with such precision, Li was probably the only one who could accomplish such a thing. Li who had already charged into the center of this position was like a lioness, her short maroon hair flying about, turning that place into an underworld full of flesh and blood! She completely abandoned firearms, instead using all types of highly explosive hand grenades as her weapon of choice. She, who had over a hundred hand grenades on her back, already became a moving arsenal. Of course, this was an incredibly crazy idea, because if her luck was even slightly bad, a few stray bullets hitting the grenades she was carrying, even if Li had seven levels of defense, it still wouldn’t be enough to save her life!

The snow only worsened as time went on, the dark gray skies sending endless snowflakes fluttering down, the thick radiation making all radiation detection devices release sharp cries and heart shaking alarms. However, on the battlefield, even though the blast waves’ crazy winds and energy streams stirred up the thick layer of snow, the soldiers who launched a sudden and violent assault even more so charged through the snowy domain, completely ignoring the fact that the snowflakes that had entered their bodies would leave behind fatal injuries. Even if they won this battle, they might not have more than a year of life left. 

Within the command division’s bunker, the commander’s face fell as he watched the crazily attacking soldiers within his own position. He felt as if these people already went mad, mad to the extent where they didn’t care about life or death. If every single person really did have radiation resistance drug injected into them, then it was the world that already went crazy. Regardless of which one it was, he already lost this battle. The few individuals in the Alloy Brotherhood who were strong enough or managed to seize radiation resistant cloth were frantically running for their lives, while most of the soldiers were holed up in their bunkers and tents. The few soldiers who didn’t fear death were blasted into mincemeat under the enemy’s overwhelming firepower, while the lucky ones chose to surrender. 

Li who tossed her last grenade was like a human shaped artillery shell, her body smashing open the command division's main entrance and charging inside. The commander who was already in his middle-years tossed aside his pistol with a cold laugh, twisting his thick neck about. He had quite the confidence in his own five levels of power. 

The fight ended with the Alloy Brotherhood’s complete defeat. Under such a nasty environment, aside from some of the stronger and more sturdy soldiers, ordinary people couldn’t run at all. That was why most of the army of three thousand became either captives or corpses. When darkness fell, the victors already completed most of the battlefield cleanup work, thus, a fleet made up of several off-road vehicles left the main army, heading back in Steel Gate’s direction. 

Inside the completely sealed armored command vehicle, Li suddenly released a groan of pain. She shouted a few times before gritting her teeth and cursing, “Can you just go a bit lighter, it fucking hurts!” 

Li was almost completely naked as she laid there, her body covered in injuries of varying sizes, the warped flesh already starting to turn a bit pale in color. There were pieces of shrapnel that could still be seen within the injuries. Li Gaolei knelt down at her side, at his side an entire row of surgical instruments and emergency treatment medications as he dealt with Li’s injuries one after another. In compliance with Li’s personal request, no anesthetics were used during this entire process. Li was in pain, screaming out loud, sometimes directly biting down on something to endure the suffering. Fine beads of sweat continuously tumbled down Li Gaolei’s forehead, the difficulty of this process not any lower than a fierce battle, even more so a type of mental torment. However, his hands were still steady. He removed a palm-sized plate from between her ribs, fixed the damaged internal organs, and then finally closed up the injury. 

This was just one of Li’s serious injuries. From the wounds of varying sizes, one could imagine just what kind of crazy battle Li experienced. Compared to these injuries, the gunshot wounds on Li Gaolei’s body weren’t all that much. This was also because Li Gaolei who had the Area Control ability was able to effectively defend himself. 

After successfully treating the most serious injuries with great difficulty, Li Gaolei covered Li’s body properly with a blanket, and then he helped her inject a vial of stimulant. The current Li was already extremely weak. He had to wait a bit until she recovered some of her stamina before continuing the treatment. 

When he saw Li’s pale face, as well as the messy hair stuck to her forehead due to the cold sweat, the corners of Li Gaolei’s eyes twitched a few times. However, his voice was still warm and steady without any fluctuation of emotions. “Let’s stop and get a night of rest. If we continue, it won’t be good for the recovery of your injuries.”

Li said through clenched teeth, “No way! That fella left without telling us anything again, so we have to immediately return to avoid another Ledesma appearing. Hmph, as long as this old woman is here, I want to see which fella dares to cause trouble! Don’t worry, my body is quite tough, and after these injuries heal, I’ll have fourth level abilities again! This old one can beat that fifth level fella already, so when I get another level of abilities, I want to see who dares provoke me, heh, this old woman will cut off his… ugh!!” 

Intense pain cut Li’s fierce declaration short. Li Gaolei gave Li who wasn’t even twenty years of age, yet called herself old one a look, instead gently lowering the cigar he was carrying. Li, who was full of rough words, seemed to have returned to her days in the wilderness. The her back then was full of vigor, always having all different types of weird thoughts. When these thoughts were used on the battlefield, they became the nightmare of enemies, but in normal living, it gave others headaches. 

However, headaches were just headaches. Ever since Little Luo went missing, this was the first time Li Gaolei saw Li recover her vitality and fighting spirit. 

Li suddenly seized the cigar from Li Gaolei’s hands. She took a deep breath, cursed ‘what kind of shit flavor is this?’,  but refused to let go of this cigar that had long become damp under the cold weather. 

Li Gaolei suddenly stared blankly for a moment. He began to think to himself. Why would Su leave the three cities in their care?

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