Book 5 Chapter 10.3

Book 5 Chapter 10.3 - Want and Obtained

The snow only got worse as time went on. Even though it was currently noon, the sky was already dark like night, the strong radiation leaving everyone with a slight burning feeling on their skin. In environments as vile as these, not even low level ability users could move about as they pleased. The amount of time radiation resistance medication offered protection for was just a short hour, but this amount of time was already enough to decide a battle’s victory or defeat. 

Flames, noise, and shock waves shattered the darkness, wind, and snow. The short and fierce assault quickly blasted through the Alloy Brotherhood’s line of defense. Meanwhile, when the two mobile suits crawled out to battle with rumbling sounds, their gun turrets moving left and right in search of enemies, they discovered four brilliant streaks of fiery light were currently flying over with inconceivable speed!

“Infantry guided missiles! Damn it! How can they fire it from this type of distance…” On the mobile suit communication frequency, an alarmed voice only made it halfway through what it wanted to say before it was drowned out by static noise. Clear and bright spheres of flame surrounded the two mobile suits, turning them enormous torches that lit up everything within a hundred meters around them!

The other two emergency mobile armors just drove out from their battle positions when four more fiery lights fired from several dozen meters away! The four infantry guided missiles altered their flight trajectory at an extreme angle, drawing out a striking arc through the dark contrast, and then they perfectly struck their target!

The mobile suit’s driver didn’t even have time to clearly understand the situation when his field of view was completely drowned out by flames! The intense scorching pain made him howl like a madman and forcefully smash at the fortified glass before him. However, this glass that could endure 2000 degrees of temperature definitely wasn’t something his three levels of power could smash apart. The cockpit immediately became filled with smoke and flames, his uniform quickly melting into a black-colored gelatinous substance, sticking tightly to his skin, continuously eating its way into his flesh and bones. The pilot frantically struggled about, howling loudly, but the tightly fastened seat belt prevented him from leaving his seat. Meanwhile, flames continuously shot out from the surrounding instruments and even the seat itself! The communication device was still usable, which made the pilot who was nearing death scream miserably into it. As a result, the pilot’s near death screams sounded through every single communication medium that was still intact, including those in the final mobile suit, the various commanders, as well as the command division. 

The only lucky surviving mobile suit crawled out from its hidden position. It paused slightly, as if it was hesitating a bit, and then immediately afterwards, it unexpectedly used the mobile suit’s greatest speed to run into the distance! This deserter’s luck was much better than that of his companions. At the very least, until it left the battlefield, there wasn’t a single guided missile aimed at its butt. In reality, his luck was actually even better than what he had predicted. Behind a snow-covered rock, Li Gaolei stood up, quickly removing the eight infantry missile firing devices from his body, throwing them onto the ground. With his physical strength, carrying eight guided missiles was already the limit, and if it wasn’t for his five levels of weapon control ability, it would have been impossible for him to simultaneously control four guided missiles to attack two different targets under such short distance. For the sake of carrying the eight guided missile firing devices, Li Gaolei only carried a single fine small pistol as his defensive weapon. Even though the fifth mobile suit was within his range of attack, he didn’t have any guided missiles left. 

Li Gaolei dumped the missile firing device, and then he leapt out to the side! A sharp whistling sound tore through the air, a large caliber mortar shell perfectly landing at the side of the rock Li Gaolei was hiding behind. Following a deafening explosion sound, the intense blast waves immediately caught up to Li Gaolei, sending his body flying more than ten meters out. When he landed on the ground, Li Gaolei couldn’t worry about his half numb body, continuously rolling a few times until he hid within a shallow pit. 

Machine gun sounds sounded from not too far away, bullets pouring down like rain onto the place where Li Gaolei just landed! However, Li Gaolei already hid in the firing trajectory’s dead spot. He stuck closely to the ground, supporting his body like a lizard. When he was just about to run out, he suddenly felt a wave of tearing pain from his thigh. When he lowered his head, he discovered that unknowingly when, two large bloody holes had appeared on the outside of his thigh, blood currently pouring out endlessly. 

The Alloy Brotherhood’s soldiers were all elites. Even though they were suddenly hit hard, the retaliation that followed was violent and fierce. Li Gaolei infiltrated the Alloy Brotherhood’s position alone, destroying four mobile suits in one go. However, this glorious battle accomplishment came at the consequence of danger to his own body. In addition, the ones defending the mobile suits were all the Alloy Brotherhood’s elite soldiers, able to drown out an area with firepower in the shortest amount of time. In an instant, at least three machine guns aimed at him. 

Li Gaolei tore apart his pants, using a finger sized battlefield spray to seal up the injury, the entire process only taking half a minute of time. Then, he seized the interval between the opponent’s firing, suddenly jumping out from the shallow pit and quickly fleeing into the distance. More than ten rounds of bullets chipped away at his tail, but it was as if they fired into a thick and formless chunk of earth, immediately slowing down, the bullets’ trajectories deviating, shooting into the ground. 

Three small black dots rose from the distance, crossing a shocking two hundred meters of distance before smashing into the machine gun position that was shooting at Li Gaolei. What followed was a world-shaking explosion! Mixed within the smoke, flames, and shrapnel were even greater amounts of machine and human body parts!

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