Book 5 Chapter 1.4

Book 5 Chapter 1.4 - Darkness and Hope

Strand after strand of sharp energy continuously circled about within Persephone’s body, fighting endlessly against Persephone’s own energy. Wherever the energy passed, there would always be fine injuries left behind behind. These were all strands of energy Eileen left behind, and they were extremely difficult to get rid of. Even after doing everything she could to eliminate them in the past three days, she only managed to neutralize a small half. Completely eliminating this energy might take another week of time. However, she knew that there was no way she would be given that much time. Eileen could sense Persephone’s whereabouts through this energy, and Persephone could sense her as well. When the energy suddenly became active this morning, Persephone knew that Eileen already caught up. 

The little life in her stomach suddenly moved, releasing a powerful signal. It bit down on a strand of energy that swam close, fiercely tearing at it. It had long sensed the hostility contained within these strands of energy, but Persephone had always been carefully protecting it, not allowing the destructive energy to approach. Now, it finally obtained a rare opportunity, capturing a strand of energy, but it suddenly discovered that it wasn’t the delicacy it was expecting. The destructive aura contained within the energy continuously ravaged its body composition, destroying and counteracting its genetic power. The little life wailed in pain, but it aroused its incomparably vicious natural instincts, frantically devouring the destructive power, thus repairing the damage inflicted to its body. 

Finally, this strand of energy was completely devoured by it, and it was near its last gasp as well, not daring to provoke the remaining destructive energy anymore. 

This time, when Persephone advised it to come out, it was finally willing to move. 

A moment later, following a painful groan, a warm and continuously squirming little thing appeared between Persephone’s legs. However, on her face was a weak but satisfied smile Supporting her own body up with great difficulty, she reaching out her hands to carry this little thing over. 

This was a chubby little thing that was a whole three kilograms in weight, its white and tender skin making it look extremely cute. It had a retractable body, with a sharp head and a thick and short tail. There were four extremely short little flesh limbs on its body that continuously danced about. From its squirming movements, these four flesh limbs that were only a few centimeters long didn’t have any bones inside of them. The surface of its body was clammy and damp, sticky with nutrient fluid instead of the amniotic fluid of a human mother. Just like the little life inside of Li’s belly, it also modified its surrounding environment, but to a much more gentle degree. It didn’t have five sensory organs, instead producing a small mouth at the sharp end of its head, extending out a slender tongue that was several dozen centimeters in length, continuously licking the nutrient fluid all around its body. 

“Pitiful little thing, you must be starving, aren’t you?” Persephone hugged the little thing, gently kissing its body. She then undid the clothes around her chest, revealing her astonishing breasts. The little fella survival instincts immediately kicked in, its body turning around to suck milk from Persephone’s chest. 

Persephone quietly laid there, calmly looking at it, using her body and mind to sense its every movement. She didn’t know when she would be able to see it again, nor did she know if she would ever have the chance to. It wasn’t that large, but its food requirements were completely disproportionate to its body size. Only when Persephone’s milk had been completely sucked dry did it it turn its body in satisfaction. If its mother wasn’t Persephone, it would likely only be half full. 

However, when she saw the little fella’s appearance, Persephone finally felt a bit worried. She didn’t care if it was human or not, but if it didn’t have a human appearance, her original plan would be quite difficult to implement. As soon as she was feeling worried, the little fella seemed to have sensed what she was thinking. Many little pores suddenly opened up on its body surface, releasing bits of white mist. The milk it just absorbed was quickly being converted into energy and new body tissues, its body that completely lacked a skeleton thus slowly changing shape. Granules of bonelike matter began to form, and it gradually linked up into a skeleton. Then, the bones were moved to their corresponding locations, connecting together, producing the corresponding muscle and nervous tissue. 

As a result, after ten minutes or so, a pretty male human baby appeared before Persephone. He used his large, brilliant eyes to look at Persephone, giggling while biting his fingers. 

Seeing this miraculous change, Persephone released a light sigh. If she didn’t realize that something was wrong with Su’s identity even now, then she would be nothing more than an idiot. In reality, when she sensed the growth of the little life in her stomach, Persephone already had her suspicions, and Helen had hinted towards this many times before as well. However, Persephone always refused to think about this matter. 

If Su wasn’t human, then what was he? Would he still have human emotions?

What Persephone truly didn’t want to face, was actually the next question. 

Her head began to hurt again. 

While softly rubbing her temples, Persephone said towards this little fella, “Good, keep this form, and slowly grow up. After you really grow up, look for your father then. He is called Su. Remember mother’s words, only look for him when you really have grown up! Mother is about to leave you, so in the future, you have to depend on yourself to grow up. Don’t be scared! You are mommy’s little treasure, so luck will definitely be with you. After all, your mommy is a super lucky genius, haha!

Persephone laughed. However, unknowingly when, tears flowed out from her eyes. 

She tore apart her clothes, turning them into simple and crude swaddling clothes, wrapping the little fella within, urgently warning again and again, “Mother is going to look for someone to raise you. You have to be obedient! You have to remember not to move randomly and properly grow up!” 

The little fella nodded his head, not really understanding what she was saying, its pure and sparkling eyes continuing to stare at Persephone. Persephone only now discovered that this little fella’s left eye’s pupil was a grayish green, clearly a mix of Su and her own, but his right eye carried wisps of gold within the grayish green color. However, after seeing its original form after birth, and then its transformation into a human baby, this bit of peculiarity in his eye color didn’t shock Persephone all that much. 

She gave the baby one last deep look. After lightly kissing him on his small lips, she sighed and said softly, “You know to make yourself this pretty as soon as you are born, when you grow up… you will definitely become like your father! This is good as well. If someone finds you, they probably won’t throw you away.” 

While thinking out loud, Persephone already stood up. After roughly cleaning up her attire, she moved aside the rocks sealing up this cave, walking into the wind and snow outside. 

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