Book 5 Chapter 1.2

Book 5 Chapter 1.2 - Darkness and Hope

This reply caused the expression on O’Brien’s face to become extremely strange. He carefully and repeatedly thought things over, and then he said seriously, “As long as you don’t harm my older sister and her child, I can become your subordinate, servant, or even slave. I will listen to your every order. However, I have to remind you that the one truly in power within the Arthur family is my father, as well as the committee behind him. There is no way you can control the Arthur family through me alone, nor will you be able to obtain any resources or help from the Arthur family. If the family finds out about the true relationship between the two of us, then they will instead become your enemies. The family’s interest above all else, this has been the continued tradition. The proud Arthur family wouldn’t compromise for the sake of a single family member.”

Eileen released a snort and said, “I don’t have any interest in your family! All I want is to find a suitable father for my future child, do you understand or not?!” 

O’Brien was completely at a loss for what to say. He really hoped that his interpretation of her words was a misunderstanding, but as soon as the light of hope emerged, it was immediately crushed afterwards. 

Eileen grabbed O’Brien’s collar, and in spite of his injuries, brought him to eye level and said through clenched teeth, “I want twins!!” 

Eileen always believed herself to be a dreamer. 

O’Brien shook his head in a speechless manner, not knowing whether to laugh or cry towards this fate. With the multiple ninth level magic abilities Eileen displayed, she was completely a human storm! Even among those under Bevulas, Eileen’s abilities definitely ranked in the top three. However, she, who possessed such terrifying strength, her actions were truly strange beyond all expectations. Even if one overlooked her abilities, only looking at her outer appearance, Eileen was still definitely a great beauty. Perhaps she wasn’t comparable to Persephone or Madeline, but there was hardly any difference. Once the appearance of a woman reached a certain level, one’s personality decided everything. Eileen, with her unique nature, as well as distinctive style, could definitely compare with anyone. 

Perhaps, this was a good thing? 

A clump of blood welled up from O’Brien’s throat, his consciousness becoming more and more blurry. His now sluggish brain couldn’t figure out why Eileen would pick him. If it was only for the sake of optimizing genes, then O’Brien would never consider himself to be the best choice. Those old fellas who had long proven themselves, for example, Dark Red Castle’s Dyke Avidar or the chairman side’s Westwood were both candidates more suitable than himself. That Su didn’t seem all that bad either. 

While in confusion and deep thought, O’Brien finally went unconscious. 

After carefully giving O’Brien a look, a strange expression appeared on Eileen’s face. Then, her hands moved, undoing his clothes, starting the treatment of his injuries. Eileen’s method of treatment was simple to the point where it could be called crude. While expelling the random energy rushing about within O’Brien’s body, she also added quite a bit of harm, in the end still relying on a top level battlefield emergency treatment medication before stabilizing the injuries. 

After the treatment process, Eileen gradually became familiar with O’Brien’s body as well. This was a young and powerful body, with every part extremely outstanding. Even though there weren’t any particularly outstanding areas, its advantage laid precisely in that it was stable and balanced. This meant that O’Brien was competent in most battlefield situations, but he lacked explosive strength. Just from his body’s internal composition, he was already extremely exceptional, meeting Eileen’s standards quite well. However, it still didn’t seem to match the combat strength he displayed that well. This was what left Eileen a bit confused. However, she didn’t feel too much concern over this. She knew that her own biochemistry knowledge was quite lacking, and her perception abilities were not enough either. There was no way for her to find answers to her problems through any finer levels, while genes were merely the first step in understanding abilities. 

“There is a small amount of regret, but still considered qualified.” Eileen said to herself. 

She raised O’Brien’s body, found a creek, and then cleaned away all of the dust and blood on his body. She then absent-mindedly put his clothes back on. Of course, she used a few small methods to make sure O’Brien remained unconscious during this entire process. 

Only after hurriedly completing these things did Eileen release a breath of relief. For her who didn’t know how to do any housework, even killing an eight level expert was a bit easier than this. Eileen picked up O’Brien in one go, chose a direction, and then left. 

Half an hour later, Eileen stood in an empty space in the forest, sizing up Alan who was laying on the ground. 

The ground was a mess, a battlefield that had been swept through by berserk energy. Alan’s heavy alloy shield had long been distorted into a terrible state and was embedded in an enormous tree several dozen meters out. The alloy armor was completely destroyed, its fragments scattered about everywhere. If he didn’t possess both seven levels of stamina, defense, and power, and his body that was even sturdier than alloy, he would have long been blasted apart. Seeing that Alan was still alive, and his body composition even slowly recovering, displaying a vitality even more persistent than that of a cockroach, even Eileen felt a bit of admiration. She understood her own magic attacks’ power quite well. 

“Time to get up!” Eileen kicked Alan under the ribs. Energy surged violently, expelling the leftover energy that was still wreaking havoc within him. 

Alan released a miserable howl, and then he bounced up from the ground. His body immediately arched like a Boston lobster leaving water. Eileen’s power carried powerful destructive characteristics, as if he was slammed with a mace covered in long barbed tips. Even though it was being used as treatment, it would still deliver extraordinary pain to the patient. 

Eileen pinched O’Brien awake, threw him by Alan’s side and said, “Figure things out. I’ll wait five minutes.” After speaking, she swaggered off. 

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