Book 4 Chapter 9.4

Book 4 Chapter 9.4 - Taking Root

Looking at Persephone who was a hundred meters out, Eileen finally couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Older sis Phoney, I really didn’t think you would last until now.”

Persephone revealed a shallow smile and said, “Your life from birth shouldn’t be bad either? Since you can persist until now, why wouldn’t I be able to?”

Eileen revealed an extremely innocent expression, and while pouting, she said, “How could you and I be the same? My mind is extremely unique, so of course I can last until now!”

Eileen’s reply left Persephone completely dumbfounded, but after fighting this life and death battle for several days on end, they had both developed quite a deep understanding of each other, to the extent where they knew each other who knew how many times better than those so-called intimate friends. That was why Persephone had long grown accustomed to Eileen’s shocking words. She didn’t plan to let Eileen off just like that, and as such, she suddenly asked, “Eileen, is your recoverative power no good? I always feel like even after you’ve gotten some rest, it doesn’t seem like you recovered that much power!”

In reality, the battle of mockery was part of both of these individuals’ battle plan, to the extent where it was an extremely important part. 

Persephone didn’t count on Eileen giving her a real answer, but Eileen actually replied extremely seriously and properly, “This is an extremely natural thing! While fighting you, I am also thinking of a way to mess up Claudia! I mentioned Claudia to you before. She is an extremely annoying fella, the one that was sent to chase after your pretty little boy. However, her luck is clearly not that good. I discovered that she seems to have been extremely seriously injured, moreover suffering injuries that are extremely difficult to recover from. That is why I’ve always been thinking of ways during this past few days to make her luck worse, and that way, who knows, she might just die under her own injuries. This also consumes stamina!”

Eileen’s reply left Persephone shocked, but it really was a piece of good news. Persephone asked without batting an eyelid, “Do you really dislike Claudia?”

“No, I don’t dislike her, I hate her!” When Eileen said the word hate, all of her pureness and cuteness instantly vanished, instead replaced with indescribable resentment. Her expression then immediately returned to normal, and after clearing her throat, she revealed a light smile and said, “Even though it’s quite regretful that I can’t personally chop that filthy bitch to pieces, her dying even a minute sooner is still a good thing. However, older sis Phoney, even if it was Lord Bevulas, I wouldn’t let him injure you. I can feel that Claudia already can’t hold on much longer. Who knows, in just a day or two, I can curse her to death. When that time comes, older sis Phoney, you won’t have any more chances!”

“Is that so? That may be, but have you thought about whether you will have a chance two days later?” Persephone countered with a smile. Even though her face had scorch marks and bloodstains, when she smiled, she was still so beautiful that others’ eyes would brighten. At the very least, Eileen’s eyes brightened quite a bit. 

Persephone’s words were implying quite a few things. During this battle these two fought for these past few days, in reality, both of these women were rapidly growing. The energy weapon wasn’t Persephone’s ultimate trump card, her true killing method rested in the fact that she could produce different attribute energy on the spear condensed from energy. This didn’t affect the energy weapon condensing ability that much, still within the category of eighth level abilities. This type of modification’s true foundation came from Persephone’s talent and understanding of abilities itself, but it still substantially increased the power of the energy condensed weapon. During their battle during the past few days, not only did the various attribute abilities Persephone produced from the spear become more and more powerful, it even developed a magnetic energy field. Moreover, originally, the various attributes of energy she released from the spear were random, but now, she seemed to vaguely be able to control it. If she was able to truly master this, then the energy formed weapon ability would truly step over into the ninth level threshold, and in actual combat, this tremendous power would place Persephone’s combat strength above that of ordinary ninth level ability users. 

Meanwhile, after Eileen’s energy storms were broken through by Persephone, the energy storms became smaller in scale, while increasing much more in numbers. Her control over them became more and more fluid as well. Her strength was rapidly climbing as well. 

During this battle, their abilities and genes were ferociously climbing and strengthening. If evolutionary points were considered, the amount the two acquired was roughly the same. However, Persephone’s overall ability levels were still a bit lower than Eileen’s, and as such, her rate of improvement was faster than Eileen’s. Meanwhile, if one considered true combat, Persephone’s rate of increase was also slightly faster than Eileen’s. It was just like what Persephone said: in two days, there really might not be any difference between their combat strength. 

Claudia was a venomous thorn within Eileen’s heart. The meaning of Persephone’s words was that Eileen should give up on this venomous thorn in exchange for her own superiority. However, this venomous thorn’s existence would in itself more or less hurt Eileen’s combat strength. It was extremely difficult to assess the gains and losses. As long as Eileen began to weigh the two, Persephone’s objective would have already been met. 

Who could have expected that Eileen would resolutely refuse Persephone’s enticement, not showing even the slightest ounce of hesitation. “I don't want to! As long as I can harm that woman to death, even if I immediately end up dying, then I am willing!”

This time, it was Persephone’s turn to be shocked. She truly didn’t understand how a person could hate to this degree. There was definitely some underlying reason, but this was not something Persephone could understand. Persephone’s world was always one filled with sunshine. Deep-rooted hatred and those types of dark things didn’t have any corners to hide in.

That was why Persephone could feel Eileen’s boundless hate, yet could not understand her. Perhaps it really was as Eileen said herself, that she was a natural born psychopath. 

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