Book 4 Chapter 9.3

Book 4 Chapter 9.3 - Taking Root

This was precisely the ninth level magic ability Eileen grasped, energy storm! The energy storms possessed extremely terrifying destructive power, able to easily destroy a main battle tank. In addition, the attacks’ speeds were extremely fast, so evading them was simply an impossible task. Apart from this, Eileen also had a certain degree of control over the energy storms that were released, able to slightly influence their trajectory through the changes in energy distribution within the crystals on her fingertips. This caused the energy storm’s destructive power to sharply increase! 

Faced with the incoming energy storms, Persephone’s speed didn’t decrease, instead becoming faster. The energy spear produced afterimages one after another, hacking through the cores of these energy storms one after another with lightning speed! At this moment, all of the engravings on the spear shone. They released blinding earthen radiance, and from time to time, would release expanses of fine electrical radiance. This electrical radiance formed an ionized field around the spear, so the instant it pierced into the energy storm, the crescent decorations on the spearpoint would immediately light up, releasing either heat, icy coldness, electricity, or magnetic energy streams. When these energy streams forcefully entered Eileen’s energy storms, they would immediately cause the originally frail equilibrium of the energy storms to collapse, triggering its premature explosion. Persephone relied on the energy barrier around her for defense and acceleration, weaving her way through the exploding energy. The spearpoint carried a deathly radiance, and then it directly aimed for Eileen’s heart! 

The pureness and naivety within Eileen’s eyes instantly vanished, replaced with icy-coldness and decisiveness. Her hands suddenly gathered together, unexpectedly rigidly gripping this energy spear’s spearpoint! The fine electrical arcs between her hands had already interweaved into a web, protecting her entire forearm. Meanwhile, when the electrical net clashed intensely with the various attribute energies that were fired out from the spear, they were both either destroyed or continuously exploded. Waves of destructive energy streams continuously landed on Eileen’s body, destroying her energy barrier and tearing at her flesh. It even crushed her bones!

Persephone’s situation wasn’t much better than Eileen’s. The energy spear continuously inched forward between Eileen’s hands, but the energy storms that were flung aside by her rapid advance were currently flying back one after another, continuously bombarding her body. Each time the energy storm exploded, it would always completely destroy the layer of energy protecting her body, and then add another several dozen injuries to her body. Persephone’s defensive energy barrier was far weaker than Eileen’s, but its recoverative speed was much faster than Eileen’s. Almost all of the energy storms would have its destructive power greatly reduced by a regenerated energy barrier.

Both sides entered a deadlocked situation. The energy spear suddenly released blinding radiance, and then it exploded! Eileen and Persephone both flew backwards. Neither of them were able to stand firm, instead falling on the hard mountain surface, battered and exhausted. There was no way for them to maintain their previous elegance and bearing. 

Once again, neither side won. 

They both bounced up from the ground again immediately and assumed a battle stance, confronting each other. The battle this time was already reaching its end phase. What followed was a period of rest where they fiercely competed in recovering strength, or a pursuit where one party was clearly at a disadvantage. This was also the fixed cycle that had continuously replayed for many days. 

Persephone and Eileen gave each other a look. When both of them were convinced that the other party’s injuries were similar to their own, they began to respectively treat their injuries and recover their stamina. If they continued fighting, then it would only end in mutual destruction. Regardless of whether it was Persephone or Eileen, neither of them wished for this conclusion, which was why they both chose to continue waiting, waiting for the other party to make a mistake. 

This was an incomparably cruel battle. The two evenly matched individuals didn’t have a moment of rest, nor the room to make the slightest mistake. Even the slightest mistake would be seized by the other party and converted into a serious injury. Eileen and Persephone had both made mistakes before, small mistakes enemies weren’t even aware of during ordinary battles. However, this battle was completely different. Any mistake, no matter how small, would place them at a disadvantage for several hours, or even an entire day’s time, leaving them with no choice but to run. Eileen and Persephone were both incredibly intelligent. Even when they were on the run, they would always be trying to leave behind traps or opportunities to deliver a fierce counterattack, and both of them had successfully reversed the battle situation. 

That was why right now, it was still a deadlock situation. 

This was a battle, a comprehensive competition of willpower, stamina, resolution, and patience. Even Persephone felt that it was a miracle that she endured all the way until now. Before meeting Su, it could be said that Persephone’s entire life trajectory was one of smooth sailing without any setbacks, nor did she experience any true test of life and death. She had her own powerful strength, the support of her family’s military strength, as well as subordinates with perfectly allocated abilities. Going out to fight as part of the Black Dragonriders was merely a type of combat training with a slightly increased danger coefficient. However, during this bitter battle, she long thought that she wouldn’t last until the end, yet she miraculously lasted until now, moreover still seemingly able to continue. Within Persephone’s heart, there was a faint conviction supporting her, one that made her never yield, never give up. However, not even she herself knew where this type of conviction came from. 

In reality, Eileen had also been puzzled this entire time why Persephone hadn’t fallen yet. When Eileen discovered that the power of Persephone’s true luck was far greater than what she had anticipated, she was the one that chose to fight a prolonged war of attrition. Eileen was extremely clear on the fact that Persephone lived an easy life, the model example of the life of a genius who had the support of a wealthy family, beauty, and top level authority, a talent so stunning others would lose the strength to even feel jealousy. This type of life trajectory, as well as her previously undefeated military record, made Eileen come to the conclusion that Persephone’s willpower was definitely inferior to her own. This was also the only breakthrough point she could find. 

However, just like how her assessment of Persephone’s fighting strength was inaccurate, after several days of fighting, Eileen discovered that she similarly misjudged Persephone’s willpower.

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