Book 4 Chapter 9.2

Book 4 Chapter 9.2 - Taking Root

In the following few days, Su had a taste of Victor’s efficiency in handling matters. He marked out a several thousand square meter independent region at the border of Midnight City to serve as Su’s base. This was a courtyard surrounded by walls, and within it was a building with three floors underground and five floors above ground, fully equipped with water and electrical supply. The weapons and ammunition that were to be sent over were already in place, as well as three armed off-road vehicles. There was even a batch of fuel brought over as a gift. These three off-road vehicles’ functionalities were naturally far inferior to the two off-road vehicles Su seized from Bevulas, but the latter used fuel cells as energy, and there was no way Sinking Blade could produce them. Not even Steel Gate who specialized in the arms supply had this type of technology. That was why before they found new fuel cells, those two advanced all terrain off-road vehicles could only collect dust in the courtyard, being not much different from pieces of scrap metal. 

These goods were the startup funds. Su didn’t waste time either. When the goods arrived, he immediately brought Madeline and his three subordinates onto two off-road vehicles and left Midnight City towards the southwestern mountain region. 

At this moment, in the mountains and fields a thousand miles away, Persephone had already ran for several hours, crossing over two hundred kilometers of mountainous areas. She was currently leaning against a rock, continuously panting for breath. Her face was flushed with an abnormal redness. Her chest rapidly rose and fell, her body already weak to the point where only through this heavy breathing method would she be able to replenish her strength. The combat clothes on her body were already tattered beyond recognition, and her originally bright and clean skin had scars of varying sizes. The pink and tender injuries were quite striking. Persephone already didn’t have the extra energy to use on removing these scars. 

On a mountain peak not too far out appeared Eileen’s figure. Right now, half of her impressive figure was naked, the black suit already completely turned into beggar’s clothes. Her hat had already been lost who knew where, and her head of blonde hair was tied with a single strip of cloth behind her head. She gave Persephone who was currently resting a good look with her large eyes, slowed down her speed, and then began to slowly walk down from the mountain. Eileen’s half speed was still equivalent to at least five levels of speed. That was why after ten or so minutes, she arrived at a place less than a kilometer away from Persephone’s location. However, Eileen didn’t continue moving forward, instead choosing to sit down, rest and treat the injuries on her body. 

The two women had already fought for several days, one chasing the other, fighting from one place to the other. They were now already several thousand kilometers away. Sometimes, Eileen chased while Persephone fled, and sometimes, Persephone chased while Eileen ran. After fighting this desperate struggle for several days and nights, both sides had their own share of the limelight. Only, the surrounding vast mountains, forests, and rivers suffered quite the disaster, being smashed about by the two individuals’ energies until they were changed beyond recognition. 

This area was close to the Holy Crusaders’ range of influence, so at first, the Holy Crusaders did sense some changes taking place here, so they sent out some investigation troops to see what was going on. However, it would have been better if they didn’t send out anyone. As soon as the investigational team approached, they were immediately detected by the two vicious women. Regardless of whether it was Eileen or Persephone, regardless of whoever the one being chased was, they were the one that was temporarily at a disadvantage, so they wouldn’t be feeling too good. These two both liked to take their anger out on others, so regardless of who it was, they would both conveniently wipe out the Holy Crusader’s investigational team out. Either way, the difference in strength between them was too great, so wiping them out wouldn’t affect their fleeing speed, while it could vent out a bit of their discontent. There was once when the Holy Crusaders’ investigation troop didn’t block Eileen’s escape path, yet because she had just suffered quite the misfortune under Persephone’s hands, under her great fury, she purposely made a detour to wipe them out before letting the matter drop. This gave Persephone three entire minutes of time for rest. 

The successive disappearances of the investigational troops drew the attention of the Holy Crusaders’ higher levels, and as a result, a small troop lead by a great knight set out from their forward operating base to see what exactly happened in the depths of the mountain area. 

They similarly disappeared forever, and similarly didn’t even send back a signal for help. 

Meanwhile, on the Holy Crusader’s large scale radar, great explosions of energy continued to erupt from time to time in the mountain region. There was clearly some type of battle happening there. As for the power of those two parties, it was apparent from the great knight’s disappearance. The Holy Crusaders’ front-line commander thus decisively recalled all of the personnel in this region back to the base, deciding to just give up the patrol of this area. 

Meanwhile now, even though Eileen and Persephone were both resting, they could erupt into action at any moment to inflict a deadly blow on the other party. During this bitter struggle, Persephone would occasionally feel the sign of energy flowing out from her, as if an invisible black hole was sucking away at her energy. This was especially the case for energy that was obtained from battle to strengthen her genetic sequence. Even though it didn’t devour a lot, in this battle where she was constantly dancing on the brink of life and death, every bit of energy could change the battlefield’s situation. 

However, Eileen was experiencing a similar situation. She would often display strange and indescribable moments of weakness. After chasing for several days and nights, they had both inspected the other parties’ combat strength down to the last detail, so every bit of opportunity would be seized and used to its maximum effects. Even though Persephone felt that Eileen’s weakness was extremely strange, she would definitely seize every opportunity she was given to send this woman to her grave. 

This was true for Eileen as well. 

After resting for several minutes, Persephone suddenly leapt up without any warning. The battle spear formed from energy appeared in her hands again! The spear seemed to be tangible, its shaft carved with complex and beautiful engravings, the spearpoint adorned with intertwining crescent motifs. Persephone’s hands moved. Faint gray-colored energy flames appeared in her surroundings, its speed gradually increasing. It arrived in front of Eileen’s face in an instant, and then the spearpoint ferociously pierced towards her chest!

The moment Persephone leapt up, Eileen did as well. Her hands reached forward, and then the fingernails on all ten of her fingers erupted with dazzling radiance! Only at this moment would one see that the fingernails on her fingers that were dyed a dark purple were actually energy manipulating crystals. The instant she unfolded her long and slender fingers, streaks of blazing electrical arcs flew out. They linked up the crystals on her fingertips at a mysterious frequency and formed a complex electrical web. The electrical web immediately widened to a range of several meters, and within the range covered by the electrical arcs, countless energy storms of different attributes erupted. These storms blasted towards Persephone through different trajectories!

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