Book 4 Chapter 8.6

Book 4 Chapter 8.6 - Holding Your Hand

When Su and Madeline returned to the hotel, the other three subordinates hadn’t returned yet. The two of them thus leisurely went to do their respective matters. Madeline continued to practice her sword stances in the garden. If she didn’t waste time, training the sword for a day would bring her one evolutionary point. It didn’t seem like that much, but over a long period of time, it would bring quite the shocking results. 

Su hid in the bathroom upstairs, secretly inspecting his own injuries. Correct, not only was there a bathroom here, one could even truly take a shower. Strictly in terms of the abundance of water and food, Midnight City wasn’t inferior to Dragon City. 

Su used a bit of purified water to wash his injuries, and then he tightly wrapped himself up again. Claudia’s energy continued to linger about without dissipating, so it looked like without at least ten days or so, Su’s injuries wouldn’t begin to really take a turn for the better. He looked at his own body in front of the mirror, his mind still thinking about the terrifying hole in his chest. That was the most severe injury, and it naturally didn’t heal yet. In addition, the surrounding areas of the injury were a deathly gray color, and they were also undergoing unstoppable fibrosis. Under the suppression of the thickening and scarring connective tissue, new flesh couldn’t regrow from the injury either. Su already used the military blade to shave off the tissues that underwent fibrosis, but soon after, the new tissues would undergo the same process. These destructive effects would last all the way until the energy Claudia left behind disappeared. 

Now, Su finally felt that Claudia was not only an extremely ferocious woman, she was also an extremely troublesome woman. As long as one was injured by her, those with slightly inferior strength would only have death waiting for them. The only thing that consoled him was that Claudia was definitely not having a great time right now either. Su still felt a vague connection with the blood that invaded Claudia’s body. This connection would be at times strong and at times weak. At its weakest, he wouldn’t be able to feel them at all, but when the connection was strong, a blurry image of Claudia’s entire inner organ structures would even appear in Su’s consciousness, and during this time, Su could even give a vague command to these intruder cells. During these past few days, the intruder cells continuously fought against Claudia’s immune system, and they were becoming stronger and stronger as well during this war. 

Being able to last such a long time made even Su feel shock towards Claudia’s resistances. However, Su could already feel that her resistances were starting to collapse. 

Su tidied up his clothes, and then he headed down the stairs. He already ‘saw’ that several off-road vehicles were parked in the courtyard outside, and a dozen or so people got off the vehicles. The one in the lead was a half white haired, strictly dressed middle-aged man. He had a short beard, and it was similarly trimmed in a neat and tidy manner. This man’s bearing was quite unordinary. Among the ten followers were cool and elegant female secretaries, robust bodyguards, as well as what looked like civilian subordinates. From the scale of this group, it was clear that this man was likely a high level member of Sinking Blade, and quite likely a member of the five man committee. From the composition of this group, this individual shouldn’t bear any hostility. From Su’s perception, this man was hiding up to three six level Magic Domain abilities. In this region, this already made him a rarely seen powerful ability user.

The doorbell sounded. Madeline inserted the heavy sword into the ground and opened the courtyard door.

The one that pressed the doorbell was that middle-aged man. When the courtyard door opened, he already clearly saw Madeline’s appearance, and in that instant, became somewhat absent-minded! However, he quickly recovered, looked Madeline in the eyes, and then bowed slightly. With a smile, he said, “My name is Victor Shast, you can call me Victor. Beautiful young miss, if I may ask, is mister Su here?”

From his mannerisms to the style of conversation, everything was impeccable. Even the expression he revealed from his eyes was only admiration and not desire, moreover, his act of looking Madeline in the eyes was also extremely appropriate. 

When Victor’s vehicle fleet drove into this block, Madeline already reached the conclusion that this person didn’t come looking for trouble. That was why she restrained her killing intent and moved to the side, allowing Su who had just emerged from inside the room a path. 

When he saw Su, Victor immediately revealed an enthusiastic smile. He walked forward and tightly gripped Su’s hand. With an amiable tone, he said, “Victor Shast, one of the five man committee’s members in charge of military affairs and public safety.”

“Su, mercenary for hire.” Su’s response was similarly simple. However, he was a bit surprised inwardly. The five-membered committee did have seventh level ability users, yet Victor whose highest level ability was six levels was the supreme commander of military affairs; this was quite interesting. Could it be that he was like Li, possessing military talent that ordinary people could only strive for?

Victor looked around the house and garden, and then with a smile, he said to Su, “The environment here isn’t bad, I hope it is to your distinguished self’s liking. I heard that there was a bit of misunderstanding between those under me and yourself, so I personally came with two bottles of first-rate red wine. If you don’t mind me coming in, we can sit down and sample them in the living room. Believe me, they really are quite excellent. If you don’t mind, I am quite interested in discussing possibilities of working together.”

“I would love to.” Su smiled and replied. He made an inviting gesture. 

Victor immediately walked into the living room. His rather eager attitude left Su a bit shocked, as if he was avoiding something. Su turned around and looked at Madeline, the latter immediately widening her eyes, appearing extremely innocent. She indeed restrained her aura this entire time, making her look no different from an ordinary young girl, so those with less than five levels of perception abilities shouldn’t be able to sense any abilities from her. Even if Su used the panoramic view, he could only see that she had had three two level abilities, respectively in power, dexterity, and strength. As for her terrifying innate attributes, he couldn’t sense anything at all. 

If one were to say that Victor was hiding from something, then the only one left was Madeline. However, there was no way he could know about Madeline’s abilities, so could it be intuition?

A man with terrifying intuition?

Su frowned. He instinctively felt that Victor might perhaps not be that easy to deal with. 

Victor was clearly someone that was good at associating with others. He saw that Su and Madeline weren’t people that liked to talk much, and as such, he ommited an extensive amount of polite greeting and praise, and instead directly said that the one who died under Su’s hands was a lieutenant of Sinking Blade’s main army who commanded twenty first-class soldiers. His death was a heavy loss for Sinking Blade. 

Su smiled and said, “Then your distinguished self’s intention is that I should have obediently handed her over?”

Victor immediately shook his head and said, “No, that is not what I am implying at all. Actually, he has also violated our inner regulations, only, I didn’t think he committed an offense worthy of being put to death. However, we can let this matter end here as an act of good faith from my side in our cooperation.”

“Then, how does your distinguished self intend for us to cooperate?” Su asked. 

With a wave of Victor’s hands, the female secretary standing behind him immediately produced an intelligence system. After starting it up, several beams of light were released, forming a three dimensional topographic map. Midnight City was at one side of the map, while the surrounding important cities and powers were also marked out. There were more than ten regions that were marked with a striking red color on the map, inside of which were small cities or symbols of organizations. There was even an olden era refuge base! These areas all had their corresponding markings that indicated their level of military strength, a well as their severity of danger. There were both details and outlines in this diagram. 

Victor pointed at the various glaring red regions. He looked at Su with shining eyes and said, “These are all our enemies. I hope mister Su can remove these enemies in our place. Your distinguished self can choose whichever enemy you wish. As for your reward… for every three areas you destroy, your distinguished self can choose any one of them and use that as your own territory!”

Su’s mind was moved. His eyes immediately landed on that refuge base. 

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