Book 4 Chapter 8.4

Book 4 Chapter 8.4 - Holding Your Hand

Kane went to look for the tools and raw materials he needed. He wanted to see if he could create ammunition for the electromagnetic rifle. As for currency, the commonly used ammunition were the best currency for exchanging for goods. Li wasn’t someone who could sit idly, so she dragged Li Gaolei out with her. Meanwhile, Su brought Madeline with him to walk about somewhat aimlessly. 

Before leaving the hotel, taking Jack’s previous advice, Su brought a clearly high powered large caliber pistol with him and even intentionally hung it outside his clothes. This would help him avoid a lot of needless trouble. Midnight City didn’t lack fellas who wouldn’t mind some more money for alcohol or drugs. 

Just like that, Su brought Madeline aimlessly around Midnight City, calmly scanning their eyes over everything they passed. From the books of the olden era, Su knew that this was called window shopping, a form of entertainment all humans shared. And right now, even though Midnight City was a comparatively peaceful and free place, it was still a privilege few people could enjoy. These were two entirely different eras. In the olden era, people were divided into two types, the poor and rich. In the new era, the most universally accepted way of classifying humans was also two types: dead or alive. 

As the two leisurely wandered about, almost everyone along the streets cast their eyes over. Su didn’t cover his face. As his light blonde hair danced about in the wind, it was as if it was dyed in a warm radiance. Meanwhile, even though the long brim of the combat cap covered most of Madeline’s face, the small half that was revealed, as well as her perfectly proportioned figure and unique temperament still attracted all male creatures’ eyes. Surprisingly, even after the two walked past most of the street, there was still no one that came looking for trouble. This wasn’t because of that new era pistol’s intimidation, but because Madeline was so ridiculously beautiful that it far surpassed the level at which normal rogues could endure. It was to the extent where they didn’t even dare look at Madeline!

While walking slowly, Madeline grabbed Su’s hands in an extremely natural manner. All of her movements and expressions were extremely natural, as if it was all proper and to be expected, just like how it was eight years ago. 

In Su’s heart, in that instant, it really was as if they returned to his past youth, a time when they were mutually dependent for survival. 

Madeline knew what Su was thinking. There was no reason for this. She didn’t use any abilities or anything, she just knew. However, her face didn’t reveal any expression. She followed Su just like that, as if nothing had ever happened. 

Either way, she was already holding his hand. 

However, trouble always happened at the most unsuitable times. 

A group of fierce looking men stopped Su and Madeline at the center of a business street. They had a dozen or so members, and they all wore multicolored leather clothes. Their leather clothes similarly had the insignia of Sinking Blade. Unlike those that muddled along on the streets, this group’s equipment were packed with firepower. The two heavy machine guns they carried were definitely not things just anyone could obtain. 

A robust black man that seemed to be the leader arrived in front of Su and Madeline’s faces. His eyes sized up Madeline in a completely unrestrained matter, not hiding the raging desire in his eyes at all. 

“Hey, youngster? You new? Why don’t you tell me where you’re from? Fuck, this girl really is fucking something!” The robust black man’s eyes lit up as he swallowed his saliva.

Su raised his head towards this robust male who was an entire head taller than himself. With a smile, he said, “The one that brought us in is Sickle Jack.”

The robust black man thought hard for a bit, and then he finally remembered who Jack was. As a result, he revealed as sinister smile and said, “Jack? Who are you trying to scare by bringing up that wuss’ name up? Even if he was standing right here, he still wouldn’t dare to let out even a fart!”

“Is that so?” Su gave the ridiculously buff man’s body a look, and then he suddenly asked, “You have three levels of defense ability?”

The black man stared blankly, and then he said absentmindedly after, “It is three levels! However, this old one doesn’t only have three levels of defense! There is still three levels of power…”

Madeline walked up a step, but Su suddenly tightened his grip on her hand. As a result, she lowered her head slightly and returned to her original spot, quietly standing there like a little girl that was easy to injure. 

However, in the black man’s pupils, he saw Su’s upper body lean backwards, his legs one forward, one back. He saw that Su’s right hand then clenched, and after storing up energy, he smashed it outwards, blasting it towards his own chest!

In his eyes, Su’s every movement was extremely clear, extremely distinct and rhythmic. However, every movement would produce countless afterimages, and in that instant, he actually saw countless images of Su. The multitude of Sus ultimately converged together, gathering into the fist that descended from the sky!

Did he get smashed into by a tank? This was the last thought that emerged in his consciousness.

Before Su’s fist even truly made contact, the black man’s chest completely caved in. Then, his body weighing over 100 kilograms flew into the sky. Under the eyes of the dozen or so underlings as well as the over a hundred ruffian spectators, his enormous body was unexpectedly blasted out a hundred meters by Su’s fist!

When his body finally fell, it already no longer looked like that of a human’s. When the black man’s chest caved in, it didn’t end there. It continued to spread to his four limbs and head, and from there, all of his bones and flesh began to split apart. The internal organs that had long been completely crushed mixed together with the minced meat, and blood sprayed out from the countless cracks covering his body. 

The robust black man’s rampaging three levels of defense, in front of Su, were unexpectedly nothing.

The street was deathly silent.

As he looked towards the corpse a hundred meters out, Su spoke out a sentence indifferently. 

“... you should have asked how many levels of power I had.”

Su then held Madeline’s hand, and without giving the subordinates of the black man a look, he then walked forward in an unhurried manner. Madeline’s right hand was inserted into her pocket, while her other hand grabbed Su as she followed him as quiet as a kitten. Su’s fist that didn’t hold anything back made her feel extremely peaceful. That was why at that moment, she didn’t mind what Su was thinking.

It was because either way, she was still holding his hand.

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