Book 4 Chapter 7.7

Book 4 Chapter 7.7 - Facing One Another

If his eyes could penetrate through great lakes and mountain ranges to see the northeastern area close to a thousand kilometers away, he would find that the needle wood forest Persephone decided as her temporary battlefield was already partly destroyed. Under the stirring of powerful mountain winds, a raging line of flames swept unstoppably through the entire forest. It looked like it wouldn’t be long before the several hundred square kilometer forest would be completely drowned in flames. 

Persephone stood below a needle tree that had not been set aflame yet, currently treating her injuries. Right now, the clothes on her body had long become incredibly tattered, making her look even more so like a savage female warrior. 

Persephone had three or four injuries on her, and her back was covered in a large expanse of burns, to...

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