Book 4 Chapter 7.7

Book 4 Chapter 7.7 - Facing One Another

If his eyes could penetrate through great lakes and mountain ranges to see the northeastern area close to a thousand kilometers away, he would find that the needle wood forest Persephone decided as her temporary battlefield was already partly destroyed. Under the stirring of powerful mountain winds, a raging line of flames swept unstoppably through the entire forest. It looked like it wouldn’t be long before the several hundred square kilometer forest would be completely drowned in flames. 

Persephone stood below a needle tree that had not been set aflame yet, currently treating her injuries. Right now, the clothes on her body had long become incredibly tattered, making her look even more so like a savage female warrior. 

Persephone had three or four injuries on her, and her back was covered in a large expanse of burns, to the extent where some places had already crystallized. Her left shoulder blade had a small but extremely deep hole, unknown what it was that caused this injury. There were half meter long gashes above her waist and on each thigh respectively. There weren’t too many injuries, yet they were all extremely serious. The burn injury was already one thing, as burn wounds can only be recovered from slowly with time, but the hole on the back of her shoulder would always release cold air, coloring the surroundings of the injury in a layer of frost. Meanwhile, the gashes above her waist and thighs would occasionally erupt with tens of small streaks of electrical arcs that would once again tear apart the injuries that were already slowly healing. 

Persephone transferred the energy within her body to withstand the leftover destructive energy on her injuries while turning her tattered clothes into cloth strips, using them to tightly bind her chest. These simple movements brought her quite some pain as well, causing her brows to lock tightly together. However, her gaze was still sharp and clear, always staring fixedly in one direction.

Eileen was sitting a hundred meters out. 

The finely tailored suit and shirt had long become tattered cloth strips, so they naturally couldn’t contribute to her distinct style any longer. Only the rim remained of the fedora, but it still stuck tenaciously to her head. As for the olden era medieval style cane, it was currently resting at her side, both ends respectively releasing a dull and lightless blade. It had already become an extremely vicious weapon. However, the blades had already lost their edges, with one of them even being deformed badly. 

Like Persephone, the tattered clothes already couldn’t cover Eileen’s body. Her heart shocking soul moving figure was completely exposed. From a man’s perspective, apart from her waist to bottom ratio, as well as her chest being on the smaller side, the other parts were not inferior to Persephone. 

Even though her clothes were unbearably tattered, Eileen only suffered an injury in one area: her right hand was hacked off at the elbow. Right now, she was precisely holding that dismembered arm and trying to connect it. One could see that the ends of both injuries had tiny flesh sprouts dancing about, moreover tightly binding together as soon as they made contact in an attempt to join both parts together. However, every few seconds, small explosions would happen on the wounds, once again blasting apart the tissues that had just linked up. 

In terms of their conditions, Persephone’s injuries were a bit worse off, but with Eileen’s right arm severed, her fighting strength was greatly affected, so it was difficult to say who exactly occupied the advantage. Only, from the state of this several dozen square kilometer needle forest, one could see how intense the battle between these two women was. Right now, there was a subtle sense of balance between them. Neither of them had confidence in winning immediately, so the state of the battle turned into a war of attrition. That was how this strange mutual confrontation and self-treatment situation happened. 

Eileen suddenly laughed and said, “Older sis, I really didn’t think you would fight so viciously in our battle, and your luck would be so good!”

Persephone also laughed, and in a completely unyielding manner, said, “Actually, not only do I look young, my age isn’t all that great either you know? I am still quite young! You, however, are different, obviously not young anymore. That’s why it should be me that calls you older sis.”

Eileen’s face remained unchanged, continuing to smile as she asked, “We fought for so long already, yet your luck is still so great. You definitely have true luck, right? However, if you wanted to increase your fighting ability, you should have continued to develop abilities in the Combat Domain. The way one should branch out under the holy level isn’t that easy of a choice. If you did that, then I might not have been able to defeat you, and not like right now where we can’t decide things at all. Why do you even have true luck for? I think you are just like me, wanting to use nine levels of Mysterious Fields ability as a bridge for a tenth level ability, right? Hm, let me guess, what is your end target ability? Fate sever? Transcending luck? True summon? Or maybe foresight?”

Persephone said in an unhurried manner, “You think I’ll tell you?”

“Just tell me! Look, we won’t find a third person like the two of us who developed the Mysterious Fields to nine levels. Also, stop being so stingy! Didn’t I already tell you my ninth level Mysterious Fields and magic abilities?” Eileen put on a wronged expression, looking like she was about to cry. 

Persephone was actually quite shaken up inwardly. With her current understanding of the Mysterious Fields, she only knew the tenth level abilities fate severing and foresight, and she didn’t even have the innate talent for foresight. However, Eileen casually spoke about transcending luck and true summon, and from her tone of voice, she could develop all four abilities, only that she didn’t have that many evolutionary points. After obtaining the ability True Luck, Persephone already felt that this ability still had room for growth, and that was why she knew that at the very least, the transcending luck Eileen spoke about might very well exist. However, in this battlefield of life and death, Persephone could believe that these four holy level abilities existed, but she was highly suspicious of her intent in saying these things. She definitely wouldn’t give Eileen any information that would give her an edge in battle, nor would she exchange anything with Eileen.”

What Persephone wanted was just to stall Eileen here, the longer the better. With each passing day, Su could escape a few hundred kilometers further. 

“Stingy!” Eileen, like a little girl, put on a fuming look. Her large eyes swirled about, and then she suddenly laughed and said, “Did you know? Claudia already went to chase after your pretty little boy. She is an extremely vicious girl, you know? Lord Bevulas said that she has an 80% chance of killing that pretty little fella!”

Persephone tidied up her disorderly short hair a bit. Her ashy green eyes immediately passed over layers after layers of separation, drifting into the distance. She smiled faintly and said quietly, “My man isn’t just pretty. Anyone that shows him contempt will pay the price for doing so.”

Eileen shook her head and said, “Contempt? I wouldn’t show him contempt. That type of thing is something only that idiot Claudia would do. However, things definitely don’t look good for your pretty little boy. Ah, right, I suddenly thought of a very good suggestion. Want to hear it?”

“Just say it.” Persephone didn’t seem to care in the slightest. 

“If we join hands, then we might be able to create an incomplete fate severing and possibly make that unlucky Claudia’s luck even worse. That way, she might very likely die under your little boy’s hands! How about it? What to try it? Let’s try it! Of course, you have to first tell me why you chose True Luck.” Eileen seemed like she hadn’t spoken with anyone for many years, extremely chatty. Before, even during their intense battle, she also relentlessly bombarded Persephone’s ears with words. 

Persephone laughed and said, “Actually, telling you isn’t that big of a deal either. Apart from intuition, the only other reason for choosing it was possibly for a woman’s happiness.”

“Woman’s happiness?” Eileen revealed an expression of complete shock. 

Only, before waiting for her to understand this problem she was incapable of ever figuring out, Persephone’s figure already drifted over, the energy spear directly aimed at her broken arm!

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