Book 4 Chapter 7.6

Book 4 Chapter 7.6 - Facing One Another

Claudia released a deep sigh and said, “Why even bother? … just let me end your suffering. You are just like my past self. Neither of us are suitable for surviving in this era.”

It really was a mysterious and magnificent thing. The world of the olden era was one of great balance and perfection. All species had a drawn-out history, including humans. Their body compositions all maintained a limitless reproduction equilibrium, and almost every organ, every gene, had their distinct use. The price of excessive remodeling of the body’s internal composition was that one’s life would be substantially shortened, a deterioration of one’s ability to reproduce, the loss of one’s independent will, or perhaps even complete genetic collapse. 

Su, who didn’t have a heart, upon losing his fatal weakness, in reality, was already a freak that lost his humanity. 

Claudia had just wanted to walk towards Su when her face and chest suddenly erupted with unbearable pain! This type of pain felt like she was being punctured by tens of millions of steel needles at the same time! Her eyes suddenly darkened, unable to see anything. Meanwhile, sharp pain attacked at her ears, and a penetrating roar filled her entire consciousness, preventing her from differentiating the slightest bit of sound from the outside world! Her nose and mouth were also clogged up by some unknown feeling, and there seemed to be something frantically rushing into her body through these openings! 

If there was someone else here, they would definitely be horrified to find that Claudia’s entire head and face were wrapped under a thin layer of bloody suds! The bloody suds strangely and crazily squirmed about, continuously changing into needle shaped mouthparts, viciously piercing into, pulling out, and thrusting into Claudia’s face. As long as a small opening was created, a bit of the bizarre dark purple blood would be poured into her skin. Once the purple blood made contact with internal tissues, it would produce strings that quickly swam towards those tissue depths. In an instant, countless purple threads began to continuously squirm beneath even the upper section of Claudia’s closely shut eyes!

Su half knelt on the ground, reached out a right hand towards the distant Claudia, and then pressed forward into the air! The pool of blood and flesh that was originally scattered in front of Claudia’s feet was suddenly agitated. In the blink of an eye, it divided into three blood arrows that shot towards Claudia’s lower body!

Claudia erupted with a long blood-curdling scream. She reached her hand down, clawing towards her lower body. However, it was already too late, as those three blood arrows already entered her body! She promptly came to a decision, grabbing the bloody film covering her face with a single movement, and while screaming miserably, she forcibly tore it off! The bloody film covering her face still had countless needles impaled within her flesh, so when she tore it off, large amounts of Claudia’s flesh were brought along with it. This was the same as tearing off her own face!

An energy storm suddenly erupted. Su did everything he could to leap to the side, but his body was still sent flying by the edge of the enormous energy storm and tossed into the ice-cold river. Meanwhile, Claudia who had activated extreme assault rushed past his previous position. When her first strike missed, without even turning around, she immediately activated a second extreme assault to immediately flee into the distance. 

Only after a long time had passed did he struggle ashore. Soaking in the ice-cold river water was extremely taxing on his stamina. With his current state, even though his body’s recoverative strength was double that of his past, he still couldn’t endure even the slightest bit of stamina consumption. He managed to wrap the bandages around his body again through sheer willpower, covering the terrifying injury on his body. He then walked to the place where Claudia originally stood, reached out his hand, and then picked up a piece of flesh that was still futilely wriggling about on the blood film, a piece that was originally his, then placed it into his mouth. Su closed his eyes, silently standing there for a moment before opening his eyes again. 

An hour later, Su returned to the camp. The amount of time he spent away was much longer than in the past, but his harvest couldn’t be considered plentiful. There was only enough fish meat to barely feed everyone a single meal. This fish meat still had relatively high amounts of radiation, so Kane who had the weakest amount of defensive ability couldn’t even eat too much of it. However, in the desolate and uninhabited wilderness, the fact that they could find things to eat could already be considered fortunate. 

It looked like Su didn’t encounter any trouble, the same as when he left. His face wasn’t any paler than when he left either. As such, after eating, everyone still went to do their respective things. Kane inspected and carried out maintenance on all of the firearms, Li Gaolei continued his patrol, while Li, who had finally been freed of her fate of being tied to a tree, was resting in the camp to preserve her energy. 

Only Madeline seemed to notice something, her azure pupils reflected Su’s footsteps when he returned. Her plentiful battle experience and sharp perception allowed her to discover that Su’s body weight was missing four entire kilograms. 

She continued to practice her sword form as if nothing happened. However, a faint metal distorting sound could be heard from the alloy sword hilt. 

There were still two hours before the scheduled set off time. Meanwhile, Su knew that they could loosen up a bit. Even if the absolute worst battle result occurred, within a short period of time, there was still no way that Claudia would come looking for trouble. 

Su left the camp alone, found a quiet place, and leaned against a large tree. He gazed into the distant east, and then he only released a light sigh. 

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