Book 4 Chapter 7.4

Book 4 Chapter 7.4 - Facing One Another

“Why?” This time, it was Li’s turn to be confused. 

“Because…” Madeline seemed like she didn’t want to say it, but after some hesitation, she still said softly, “Because I believe that even if it is during the most dangerous moment, you still wouldn’t leave Su.”

Something within Li seemed to have been stirred, but before she clearly thought things through, Madeline quickly added, “Moreover, even if I gave you opportunities day after day, would you even be able to kill me? That’s why I’m letting you go.”

Madeline’s tone of contempt didn’t make the easily angered Li upset again. Li struggled a bit, but it was naturally useless. She was extremely dejected. Li suddenly recalled something, and so through clenched teeth, she asked, “Why in the world do you carry rope with you?!” 

“To deal with you.” Madeline was extremely honest.

Li became even more gloomy. “Did I offend you before? Of course, apart from today.”

“Was offended.” Madeline replied extremely firmly. 

However, Li truly couldn’t figure out where she offended Madeline, so she continuously asked her question after question, but Madeline just wasn’t willing to reply to her and even got into a sword stance. As a result, Li understood that she wasn’t going to reply, nor was she going to let her down, so she quieted down as well, starting to think about her own matters while hanging from the tree. 

The forest quieted down. 

At this time, Su already ran over 40 kilometers outwards. Fortunately, he found a small stream. Unfortunately, the river water contained strong levels of radiation, so it seemed like the upper reaches passed through a region of high radiation. Rarely would there be signs of human habitation in places close to sources of radiation. This stream was no exception. 

Su stood by the river and looked towards it. The water was extremely clear, and there were many mutated fish moving about at astonishing speeds inside. 

Su lowered the military blade and began to remove his clothes. When the bandages covering his body were removed, criss-crossed cuts of varying sizes were unexpectedly beneath the bandages. Through the two deepest cuts by his rips, one could even see squirming internal organs! The flesh surrounding the injuries were a strange deathly gray color. It seemed like Su’s recoverative ability was completely useless. 

Su walked two steps towards the river, and then he suddenly spat out a mouthful of bloody mist. His body then went soft, and his knees buckled, causing him to kneel onto the ground! His hands supported the ground as he breathed with great difficulty. 

After the fierce battle, Su truly understood Claudia’s dreadfulness. Her attacks possessed a strange energy that made injuries she inflicted difficult to recover from. After forcing her away, Su then fought another bitter battle against the chosen. Even though the battle didn’t take long, it exhausted all of his stamina, as well as made him lose out on the optimal time to recover from his injuries. For the past few days, Su had always been painfully enduring it. 

After resting for a while, he had an idea. The blood he released converged into a wave of blood, bouncing up from the ground and returning to his body. His body staggered about as he stood up. Then, with the military blade in hand, he walked towards the river step by step. 

The calm water surface suddenly produced large amounts of foam. Many mutated fish rushed out with great speed, opening their mouths that were filled with sharp teeth, and then bit fiercely down onto Su’s body! Su stood within the waist height river water. The military blade drew out a graceful trajectory, passing through the mutated carnivorous fish’s bodies. Then, with a swipe of his arm, the mutated fish flew onto the shore one after another. 

In the blink of an eye, Su already killed more than twenty mutated carnivorous fish. The river calmed down once again. It seemed like there were no longer any mutated carnivorous fish nearby. As a result, Su dragged his heavy body onto shore, brought out a canteen, and then first drained all of the fish’s blood. Then, he grabbed a fish, and then like dancing wind, the military blade immediately completely dismembered it. After picking about the fish flesh that had been sliced into more then ten pieces, he finally found a few pieces of barely edible flesh. 

Su was already extremely satisfied with this result. Back then, when he was in the wilderness, he often went several days without finding a single bit of edible food. His situation now was obviously different from in the past. As long as he stayed far away from the Black Dragonriders’ territory, and then eliminated all of the assassins Bevulas sent his way, with Su’s current strength, finding food for his subordinates and Madeline was naturally not a problem. 

The military blade danced about. The mutated carnivorous flesh were quickly broken down. Only, because these fish’s heads were too large, and their mouths occupied a larger half of their head, after removing the areas that definitely couldn’t be eaten, there wasn’t much left. When the twenty something fish were added together, the flesh that was extracted was only barely enough for a single meal. 

Su put away these mutated fish while tossing the portions others couldn’t eat at all into his own mouth. Even if it was him, he could only absorb a tiny amount of nutrients from this flesh. Most of the time, it was futile effort. 

Suddenly, Su’s body went taut. His legs moved, already assuming a half squatting posture. The radiance within his blue left eye became more and more forceful!

“Just come out.” Su coldly said. 

About a hundred meters out on top of a rock, Claudia’s figure slowly appeared. She was sitting right at the top of the boulder, watching Su. However, there wasn’t much killing intent or hostility. 

“Seeing how you look right now, I don’t even really feel like killing you anymore.” Claudia seemed to be sighing.

Su laughed and said, “However, since you did see, I have to kill you.”

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