Book 4 Chapter 7.3

Book 4 Chapter 7.3 - Facing One Another

A moment later, Li finally found a spacious area in the forest, and then she faced Madeline. Her arms were crossed in front of her, and she looked coldly at Madeline. Madeline didn’t hide the smile on her face, looking at Li just like that, making Li feel a strange sense of anger. Li’s anger came from how Madeline didn’t seem to care that she was clearly threatening her, and made her even more angry at Madeline’s beauty, a beauty that made her feel despair. 

“Speak! What is there between you and Su? You are not allowed to hide anything!” Li squeezed out these words from her clenched teeth.

“Of course I won’t speak.” Madeline’s voice was extremely light, as well as soft. However, there was a bit of roughness as well. 

Li had to admit that her voice was at the very least extremely unique, and that this was a voice many men liked. However, Madeline’s indifference and amused attitude completely made Li lose her cool. 

Li’s head of maroon hair suddenly stood on end, and then they slowly descended. She took a large step, covering several meters in an instant and appearing at Madeline’s rear flank. She then reached out her hand towards the back of her neck. Even though she was so angry she felt like there was a huge boulder weighing down on her chest, Li still did as she promised, controlling herself from going too far. Only, the rear neck she wanted to lift belonged to Madeline who was the same height as Su, so it wasn’t that easy. 

When she saw her hand was right about to grab Madeline’s neck, yet she didn’t show any reaction, Li was slightly shocked. She restrained a large portion of strength out of fear of  hurting her because in the end, she didn’t know if Madeline had any defense abilities. If she didn’t have any at all, then if her action of grabbing her neck was too forceful, it might also hurt her. 

When Li felt that her fingertips were already touching her skin, she suddenly felt a wave of pain from her belly! The pain also carried a powerful vibration, immediately making her whole body numb. All of the muscles on her arms and legs began to twitch! Li’s body suddenly curled up like a shrimp, but she didn’t drop onto the ground. 

Li hung her head and breathed heavily, but her twitching stomach made her unable to take any air in. When she looked down, only then did she see that what supported her stomach was Madeline’s heavy sword’s hilt. In that instant, Li understood that Madeline had unknowingly when shifted her heavy sword over, waiting for her to run into it. However, as for how she moved the sword hilt, Li was completely unaware of it!

This kind of reaction speed, this type of combat tactics, this… this was a second level ability user? Just as Li was still overwhelmed with shock, Madeline already reached out her hand towards Li’s neck and picked her up like a kitten. 

The sharp pain came quickly but left quickly as well. In just a few seconds, the buckling pain already disappeared, but Madeline’s hand that grabbed the back of her neck continued to shake slightly. The strange vibrations passed through Li’s entire body, making her entire body weak and powerless, more obedient than even a real cat. 

Then, under Li’s shocked eyes, Madeline actually produced a military bandage from her pocket!

A few minutes later, Li was tightly bound and suspended from a large tree. 

Whenever she had to make a decision, the hot-tempered Li would always try to solve her problems with violence. However, what she didn’t understand was that the extremely quiet Madeline always used explosive power to settle her problems. Only on matters related to Su would she act differently. 

Madeline gave her own work of art a look, feeling extremely satisfied. She raised the heavy sword, placed it below the tree, and then said with an unenthusiastic voice, “Alright, we can now have our chat.”

Only now did the soreness of Li’s body gradually disappear. However, it was all too late now. She tried to struggle a few times, but she immediately discovered that Madeline’s binding skill was quite outstanding and that she couldn’t struggle free at all. Li gave up her struggles and angrily shouted, “Chat? Chat, what chat? How can we chat like this?!”

“Only like this can we have a proper chat.” The smile at the corner of Madeline’s lips became more and more brilliant.

“Do you really only have two levels of ability?” Li asked with a sarcastic laugh.

“Of course.”

At this moment, Madeline’s right hand reached out, holding the heavy sword. Her wrist began to tremble slightly, and as a result, this entire heavy sword began to vibrate at a high frequency. The blade’s edge even began to released a light buzzing sound. If it was just an ordinary long blade or piercing sword, this would be the simplest type of technique. It was to the extent where those fencing officers would even think Madeline’s vibrating frequency was a bit slow. However, right now, what rested in her hands was an alloy heavy sword that was over 150 kilograms in weight!

Li’s face was overwhelmed with shock. She couldn’t help but cry out, “You… you have at least seven levels of power!”

“Just two levels of power.” Madeline replied. However, how could Li believe her words?

Seeing that Li didn’t believe her, Madeline stopped her sword vibrating practice and casually punched towards a tree on the side. The sound of overwhelming power sounded. That several tens of centimeters thick great tree was already broken by a her single fist! Li speculated that even if she attacked with all her strength, it wouldn’t exceed this type of result. However, this was only five levels of power. What was Madeline trying to tell her?

“This is my body’s original strength.” Madeline said, deemphasizing things. However, in Li’s ears, her words were like raging waves!

Madeline’s original strength was already equivalent to what others’ five levels was equivalent to? If Madeline also developed five levels of power strengthening, then just what kind of level would she reach?

Li suddenly thought of something. She quickly calmed down from her state of anger and then said, “By telling me such a great secret, it’s now time to take action, right?”

Madeline stared blankly and said, “Kill you? Why do I have to kill you? You never intended to kill me.”

Madeline gave Li a look. A ripple passed through her azure pupils, and then she added, “Even if you wanted to kill me, I still wouldn’t kill you.”

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