Book 4 Chapter 7.2

Book 4 Chapter 7.2 - Facing One Another

Kane carefully put away the gun barrel and sat weakly onto the ground. After drinking some water, he slowly closed his eyes. He finally felt that he did something useful, not purely being just a burden. The moulding ability was indeed powerful, but it actually only had three levels. Kane had been accumulating evolutionary points this entire time. Right now, his genetic sequence strength and accommodation degree were already equivalent to 14 evolutionary points. After a bit longer, the Moulding ability would be advanced. Kane had always been distressed that his fighting power wasn’t great, while this troop’s enemies were powerful to the point where he couldn’t even join the battles. Even though by continuously using the moulding ability, he would also slowly improve, it was still much too slower when compared to slaughter. 

During this time when one couldn’t even be sure if they would live to see tomorrow, time, was the most precious thing.

Madeline finally changed her stance, changing from a direct slice to a horizontal hold. 

Li Gaolei took out the cigarette that only had a third of its former self left. However, this time, he didn’t light it and instead brought it to his nose to smell it before sighing with satisfaction. He, who was used to life in the wilderness, knew that perhaps after a few days, smoking would become an absolute luxury. 

At that time, that completely wasteful girl Li would have probably already smoked all it, right? Li Gaolei thought this while smiling. 

Before he even put the cigarette back into the pocket, a hand reached over, seizing the cigarette. Then, without any hesitation, she then reached her hand into Li Gaolei’s pocket for a lighter. 

The only one that could act this unbridled was naturally Li. She lit what was left of the cigarette, took a deep breath, holding it in for a while before slowly breathing it out and saying, “Good stuff!”

“You ran out of things to smoke already?” Li Gaolei asked somewhat helplessly. Even though he did intend to save this small half of the cigarette for Li, he never thought that she would smoke it all this fast. One has to understand that Li had more than ten times the number of smokes compared to him. There was one other smoker in the group, and that was Su. However, ever since they began to escape, Su no longer touched them, instead giving all of his own portion to Li and Li Gaolei. 

Li nodded and said, “En, I’ve been feeling on edge recently, so I smoked a bit more.”

“This is the last one you know.” Li’s words suddenly made Li stare blankly. Then, she took another hit of the cigarette butt she was originally going to throw away, lighting the final bit of the tobacco before reluctantly throwing it onto the ground and crushing it under her boots. 

Li took a deep breath, and then her pretty face suddenly produced a resolute brilliance. She looked towards Madeline that was standing like a statue in the distance and suddenly said, “You stand a bit farther. Don’t look this way!”

Li Gaolei stared blankly, and then he looked out towards where Li was looking. His face couldn’t help but produce a strange expression. “Li, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m going to have a good talk with that little girl! We are going to talk on our own!” Li suddenly squeezed out these words from the gaps of her teeth, strictly emphasizing the words ‘our own’. 

The smile on Li Gaolei’s face immediately became bitter. He said with a pleading voice, “You?... you want to discuss something with Madeline? She is only sixteen years old and only has two levels of ability! Let’s just forget it, leader definitely won’t be happy if he finds out.”

When he said the last sentence, Li Gaolei immediately regretted it. Li’s face immediately became cold, and then with a piercing gaze, she stared at Li Gaolei, saying, “I am only nineteen years old! I’m not that much older than her. I know she only has two levels of ability, but if I don’t do it now, I might never have the chance again! If you dare stop me, I don’t mind putting you down first! However, you can relax, I know what is appropriate and won’t injure her. Right now, you go off to the side!”

As he watched the duty-bound Li walk towards Madeline, Li Gaolei opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He never thought that Li would suddenly take action now. If Su came back and saw this, he definitely wouldn’t be happy. However, Su left for especially long today. Perhaps Li’s female intuition told her that Su wouldn’t return that early, and that was why she chose to move now, right?”

Li Gaolei only saw Li walk over, pat the shoulders of Madeline who was quite a bit taller than herself, and then say something by her ears before walking together with her into the forest depths. Right now, other than laughing bitterly, he could do little more than only laugh bitterly. He finally left the large tree he had been leaning on this entire time, and with a shake of his head, he walked towards the opposite direction. 

Sigh, that dumb girl! What I am worried about is… what if you are the one that is injured? That Madeline will probably hold back, right? I hope my impression of her isn’t wrong… sigh…” Li Gaolei thought while walking away as to avoid the extremely hot-tempered Li and dormant volcano Madeline’s ‘discussion’. Neither of the two were people he could afford to provoke. 

“Go, let’s have a chat over there!” When she patted Madeline’s shoulders, this was what Li said. She spoke with an older sis type of style.

She also walked towards the forest depths first, completely exposing her back to Madeline. This was an extremely clear attitude, because it told Madeline that no matter what kind of tricks she wanted to play, she couldn’t escape from Li’s hands. 

Madeline’s face was like a lake that had frozen over for tens of thousands of year. However, when she saw Li’s rear figure, it was unknown what she thought, but a vague smile appeared on the corners of her lips. The instant the ice cracked, her beauty seemed to illuminate the entire forest!

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