Book 4 Chapter 6.7

Book 4 Chapter 6.7 - Why Does it Have to Be Like This?

There were at least two more enemies who were currently on her trail. That unfortunate fella codenamed number two had his legs hacked off, and then they were even crushed by Persephone, so he should have completely lost the ability to fight. Number four’s combat strength wasn’t all that powerful, but her strange pair of eyes were equipped with quite a few mysterious abilities. Persephone discovered that she almost seemed to be able to see a few seconds before something actually happened. If this ability was properly displayed, number four would be an extremely troublesome opponent. Of course, her weakness was similarly apparent, and that was that she had to have others to support her. Otherwise, with one or two seventh level combat abilities at most, she would die under Persephone’s hands as soon as they encountered each other. 

There was also number one, the true problem. If they were to fight one on one in the wilderness, Persephone had at least a seventy to eighty percent certainty in wiping out this pale-faced young man. However, number four always moved together with number one, making it quite troublesome. In addition, Persephone needed to end things as quickly as possible. The longer she dragged things on for, the more time there would be for the other side’s reinforcements to arrive. That was why Persephone chose this forest as numbers one and four’s cemetery. 

For some reason, this special group that should have chased after her together split up. In the end, numbers one and four stayed together, while two and three chased after her from a different direction to carry out a combined assault and wipe out Persephone in one attack. Numbers two and three’s luck were quite terrible, because they chased in the right direction. As a result, in front of Persephone who immediately erupted with power, numbers two and three only held on for three minutes before being completely crushed, unable to stall her until numbers one and four could provide assistance. 

A short while later, Persephone already arrived at the supply point she set up ahead of time. She ate all of the nutrient food, and then she dealt with the injuries on her body. Afterwards, she activated a tiny button like apparatus. The apparatus released three laser beams, forming the three-dimensional image of a male. His originally handsome face was covered in blood and dirt, his blonde hair full of smoke, to the extent where one couldn’t tell its original color. Persephone immediately recognized that this was Renfell. 

Renfell smiled bitterly, his speech intermittent. “General Phoney, I really didn’t want to send you this short message. Worde is dead, all of your subordinates, as well as my brothers have died. Bevulas sent a devil after us, I only know that her name is Eileen. My brothers gave up their lives, and only then could they stall this terrifying woman to let me escape and send you this message. If… if there is a chance, they hope that one day, you can get revenge for them in their places.”

The projected Renfell suddenly paused. Then, he began to cough violently. A large amount of blood spurted out from between his lips! Only with great difficulty did he stop his coughing that seemed like it would crush his lungs, raise his head, and then look towards Persephone who wasn’t actually in front of him, slowly saying, “I will return to the northern base. If you need me, you will find me there. However, Phoney, you have to be careful of that Eileen. She is a devil! Even now, I have no idea how she killed my comrades!”

Persephone’s expression became a rarely seen graveness. It was because when Renfell was speaking those final sentences, a beautiful woman appeared behind him! She wore a male model black hat, and her large eyes flickered with a mischievous curiosity. She was almost sticking to Renfell’s body as she looked in this direction together with him. However, Renfell didn’t seem aware of this at all! 

In that instant, Persephone knew that the one that appeared behind Renfell was Eileen. As for how she knew, it could only be called intuition. 

Renfell was using a completely encrypted transmission device, and one could pick up this message anywhere within several hundred kilometers. Meanwhile, what Persephone used was a completely passive reception device, so there was no need for her to worry about her whereabouts being exposed. In addition, after it released a message once, it would self-destruct. 

Persephone rested for an hour, adjusting her body to its optimal state, and only then did she walk out from the supply point. Numbers one and four were already no longer important; Eileen was what drew Persephone’s attention. She believed that Eileen came precisely for her. 

Persephone walked to the center of the needle tree forest. Eileen’s appearance appeared in her consciousness, and then a strand of mental fluctuation was released. If Eileen wasn’t too far away, Persephone believed that she should be able to sense it. 

Several minutes later, rustling footsteps sounded in the needle forest. A woman over 180 centimeters in height walked out. She wore a black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, as well as her signature olden-era black fedora. 

Persephone’s eyes lit up, appearing rather at ease as she stood in the forest. “Eileen?”

“That’s me.” Eileen’s scorching gaze swept over Persephone, and then she revealed a trace of disappointment. “How did you end up dressing yourself like that? I originally thought that we might have some common topic of interest to chat about, now I really am doubting why I thought that.”

“It’s for the sake of killing you.” Persephone said with a smile. 

Eileen sucked in a breath of cold air. Her face revealed surprise, even covering her hand with her mouth. Her large eyes were full of alarm, making her look extremely similar to a little girl who saw a bug. Only, this little girl really was a bit too tall. 

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