Book 4 Chapter 6.5

Book 4 Chapter 6.5 - Why Does it Have to Be Like This?

O’Brien looked towards the middle-aged man standing in his way, and then a radiant smile appeared on his face. What was strange was that the smile similarly had a bit of indifference and carefreeness, one that bore a remarkable resemblance to Alan’s. 

“Mister Bosten, if I remember correctly, you already developed your eighth level Magic Domain ability four years ago.” O’Brien said indifferently. 

Bosten spoke calmly, “Not bad, I admire your distinguished self’s memory quite greatly.”

O’Brien stretched his body a bit, and with a slight smile, said, “That is probably why your distinguished self believes that having an eight level Magic Domain ability is already enough to lead the Redbud family.”

Bosten’s face changed slightly. He obviously understood what O’Brien was implying, and that was saying that the strength of the Redbud family only amounted to this much. These words weren’t wrong. Redbud family’s size wasn’t that big, and it was mainly because their family’s direct bloodline continuously produced several eighth level ability users that they managed to make up for their size with military strength, allowing them to occupy a spot in the Blood Parliament. Normally, Redbud family didn’t even have the qualifications to stand against the Arthur family. 

O'Brien didn't plan to let this topic end here. He smiled and said, “Actually, with the Redbud family’s strength, even if you all served like a dog, it still seems a bit weak. Could it be that you all need to bark a bit from time to time to attract your owner’s attention? However, this dog doesn’t seem to be smart enough, biting people that it shouldn’t touch. Perhaps before the owner even pays you any attention, your legs might already be broken.”

Bosten’s face immediately fell ashen and shouted angrily, “You!... I actually believed that the Arthur family with its ancient tradition would at least have some sense of nobility mannerisms!”

O’Brien spoke as if he didn’t mind what he said at all. “Nobility is used to treat other nobility. What qualifications does a dog have in experiencing the so called nobility mannerisms?”

An ice cold radiance flashed past O’Brien’s gray eyes as he stared at Bosten. Then, he slowly said, “However, I really hate being barked at by a dog. Mister Bosten, if your distinguished self so desires, I can offer you two choices to redeem your honor. The first is for you and I to carry out a traditional etiquette duel, and the other is also a battle, but your distinguished self can add these four seventh level followers, while me, I only require Alan’s assistance. Right now, would you tell me your decision?”

Bosten was immediately shocked. His face immediately became as pale as a dead person’s!

It could be said that the two types of battle O’Brien proposed were both to his advantage, and it was precisely because of this that if he refused, then the Redbud family’s reputation would reach rock bottom. Fighting seven levels with eight levels, based on normal reasoning, occupied an enormous advantage. However, when he saw O’Brien’s eyes that were like those looking at a dead person, Bosten felt an irresistible wave of fear from the depths of his heart! Only when standing in front of O’Brien, only when one took on his gaze could they completely feel that type of soul trembling pressure. 

Bosten’s identity was respected and great. Anything could happen on the battlefield, so even if he killed O’Brien, so what? If he suffered serious damage because of this, the position of family leader would most likely be seized by someone else. The more he thought about the consequences, the further Bosten’s heart fell. He naturally had things to worry about. Unless absolutely necessary, he wasn’t willing to fight with his life on the line against another, let alone the fact that O’Brien’s status was greater than his own. 

Soon after, the surrounding individuals understood that Bosten didn’t dare take the challenge. They all began to discuss among themselves, at the same time also feeling shock towards O’Brien crazy bravery. 

O’Brien was young, had boundless potential, and even had the authority as the head of the Arthur family. Regardless of which point one looked at it from, he shouldn’t be putting his life in danger. Seven levels versus eight levels of magic abilities wasn’t an impossible task. For example, magic complementing each other, tactics, supplementary abilities, and available equipment, could all affect the final battle result. However, generally speaking, there was a huge difference between the power of eight levels of ability and seven levels, enough to offset all types of variables. This was the case unless O’Brien possessed enough seven level abilities to make up for the difference in ability levels. However, O’Brien was still extremely young, and his age represented a lack of combat experience, as well as limited his possible amount of evolutionary points. There were no lack of powerful ability users here, and they naturally could tell that O’Brien indeed only had seven levels of ability, moreover not too many of them, at most three. With these types of abilities, against Bosten who had one eighth level and two seventh level abilities, O’Brien’s chances of success in a life and death battle were not greater than 30%. 

Humans were not machines, after all. The decisions they made couldn’t be strictly calculated based on numbers and probability. That was why the one that issued the challenge was O’Brien, while the timid one was Bosten. 

O’Brien laughed indifferently. He left the pale faced Bosten behind and then walked towards the aircraft parking space that belonged to the Arthur family. 

On the parking space, an aircraft that was releasing a bronze glow from its entire body already started its engines, the tremendous sound seemingly suppressing all nearby sounds. As the propellers increased speed, the aircraft itself also began to tremble from time to time, as if it would break apart at any time. 

Several minutes later, O'Brien and his followers were all sitting inside the flight cabin. Through the windows at the side, one could see that there were people looking in this direction from the distance, discussing something in a low voice. Meanwhile, those that gestured towards Bosten’s figure were even a bit greater in number. 

“It seems like even those masters of nobility who are known to be experienced and seasoned do not all have the courage to fight to the death.” O’Brien said indifferently. 

Alan sat across from O’Brien, and from his way he was sitting, he was like a friend instead of a subordinate. He continued to maintain a lazy smile, slowly saying, “I am actually of a different opinion! Bosten’s luck is quite good, even though he might not even know it. In my opinion, a battle that will inevitably be won is not called a battle, but instead slaughter.”

O’Brien laughed faintly, not refuting Alan’s words. 

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