Book 4 Chapter 6.2

Book 4 Chapter 6.2 - Why Does it Have to Be Like This?

Pandora might still be hiding in the darkness. Since the chosen already appeared, she herself shouldn’t be too far. This was especially the case since he eliminated the five chosen, so next time, he would likely have to face that terrifying black-haired young lady. If the issue of not being fully adjusted to her body was not present, then Pandora’s strength should increase by at least 30%

There was also Claudia. Even though she was seriously injured, the injuries she left Su with were similarly not light. Back then, when he was registering his abilities, Helen had him register the eighth level perception ability space probe as it was. Even though Su knew that his abilities were quite different from the space probe ability recorded in the dragonrider database and wasn’t too clear regarding Helen’s intentions, from Claudia’s reactions, the...

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