Book 4 Chapter 6.2

Book 4 Chapter 6.2 - Why Does it Have to Be Like This?

Pandora might still be hiding in the darkness. Since the chosen already appeared, she herself shouldn’t be too far. This was especially the case since he eliminated the five chosen, so next time, he would likely have to face that terrifying black-haired young lady. If the issue of not being fully adjusted to her body was not present, then Pandora’s strength should increase by at least 30%

There was also Claudia. Even though she was seriously injured, the injuries she left Su with were similarly not light. Back then, when he was registering his abilities, Helen had him register the eighth level perception ability space probe as it was. Even though Su knew that his abilities were quite different from the space probe ability recorded in the dragonrider database and wasn’t too clear regarding Helen’s intentions, from Claudia’s reactions, the effects of doing this revealed itself extremely quickly, and the results were also extremely good. If Claudia suddenly used extreme assault under close combat, she might have just killed Su in one move!

Whenever he thought about the thin sword that only had a sword hilt left, its fierce cutting strength that travelled at least ten meters, easily slicing open his body that had over five levels of defensive ability, moreover leaving behind an injury that was difficult to heal from, Su couldn’t help but shiver all over. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel fear. Fear was a part of the body’s self-defense mechanism. Whenever he faced an enemy with greater strength, Su would always feel fear. However, it was just that this fear didn’t affect his decision making or fighting strength. That was why Su knew he didn’t have much time and that he had to continue running. The further he ran, the safer he was. 

Within the vast and boundless wilderness, apart from the Black Dragonriders, there were many other enormous powers scattered throughout. Factions like the Holy Crusaders and Scorpions of Disaster, when compared to the primitive survivors of inhabited areas, were simply deity-like existences. The Alloy brotherhood that had just appeared before Su, from the mobile armor alone, proved that it was definitely not just a weak organization. None of these great powers were organizations Su could contend against, or in other words wanted to contend against. However, when passing through their scope of influence, a natural protective screen would appear between Su and Bevulas. 

Su thought about the path he would take from today on while driving the vehicle. Underneath the combat suit that was almost no different from torn cloth appeared strip after strip of tightly bound battlefield bandages that seemed to wrap around his entire body. The forearms of the two arms that grasped the steering wheel, despite being extremely pale, were still steady and firm, giving others a sense of safety. Su’s arms only had a few small injuries. Along with his movements, from time to time, blood would seep out from his injuries. The blood would then produce a large amount of foam that turned into protective membranes and other tissue types at visible speeds. They would first seal up the injuries, and then they would gradually fill the gaps and shrink. A few minutes later, a few of the smaller injuries already disappeared without even a scar left behind on the fine and sparkling skin. Soon after, only the largest injury remained on Su’s arms. When the other injuries closed, the blood that seeped out from this injury clearly increased, with some of the blood flowing out too fast and ending in up flowing down his arm. However, this bit of blood seemed like a life form with its own consciousness. The blood at the very front suddenly raised its body, releasing two fine, antenna-like wisps of blood that moved around to inspect its surroundings. Then, it turned around, once again converging with the blood that flowed out from the injury. 

Madeline suddenly reached out her hand and pressed down on Su’s injuries. This sudden movement left Su extremely shocked. He looked at Madeline, but he saw that her sparkling face was surrounded by a faint shadow, and it was even more unknown what kind of thoughts rested beneath those two azure pupils. He continuously felt an ice-cold and soft sensation from his arm, as if her arm was pudding that had just been removed from the refrigerator. This strange and powerful touch immediately produced a reaction in Su’s body. Streams of heat surged from every part of his body, and his body temperature quickly increased. Along with all of this, his male organs also began to move. 

These reactions were produced instinctively by his body. Su immediately sensed this, and then thousands of pieces of data immediately transmitted from his brain to every part of his body, calming down all of these reactions. A small portion of these reactions were the type that emerged upon seeing a beautiful woman when his desires were at its most intense. However, Su felt that this was extremely strange. How could he feel desire towards her?

When he saw Madeline’s face, the long gray hair that flowed down, her beautiful body and skin, regardless of what side one looked from, she was the perfect definition of beauty. However, in Su’s eyes, she was still that little girl from eight years ago. 

“Su, I think it’s better if you don’t use your blood ability, um, this… it gives me an extremely uncomfortable feeling…” Madeline looked at Su and spoke with the chilly and dull voice she always used. 

When Madeline spoke his name, Su always felt an indescribable strangeness. However, this wasn’t a big deal. If she insisted on doing this, then Su didn’t mind either. Towards Madeline’s sharpness, Su didn’t find it that surprising. Su had an extremely intimate relationship with the various parts of his body, and as his abilities strengthened, this type of connection would even reach a cellular level. Just like the marshal of an army, every single cell was like a soldier under him. As long as Su gave out the order, all of the cells would move based on his order. Even if it was blood that had left his body or other tissues, there would still be a vague relationship. 

This was an ability that did not exist on any ability lists, but it was also incredibly powerful. However, Su wasn’t willing to use this ability, to the extent where in the past, he would even unconsciously seal it away, not allowing it to display its power. Within the depths of his consciousness, Su felt a powerful fear and rejection. Under his countless uses of this ability, his sensation of his body down to the cellular level was becoming clearer and clearer, and his ability to control it also increased. Moreover, with the evolutionary points pouring in in greater and greater amounts and his abilities becoming more and more powerful, these soldiers under Su’s control were individually becoming stronger as well. 

However, this was not all good news. It was because Su had a vague feeling that these soldiers might develop their own self-awareness. 

When he heard Madeline’s words, Su became momentarily silent. Then, he chuckled and said, “It’s alright, I understand quite clearly what I have to do, so there’s not really anything to worry about.”

“Not really anything to worry about…” Madeline quietly repeated this sentence. She then withdrew her hand and carefully looked at them. There was quite a bit of Su’s blood on her hands, these bright red drops appearing especially striking on her snow white skin. Right at this moment, the blotches of bloodstains began to move about, converging together to the center and quickly merging into a comparatively larger drop of blood. This large drop of blood seemed to possess life. It quickly rolled about Madeline’s palm, and then it suddenly produced a sharp blood stinger, piercingj towards the skin of her palm!

The blood stinger pierced towards Madeline’s skin, but when it made contact with her skin, it stopped for a moment, brushed her snow white skin, and then returned to being a drop of blood. Then, the drop of blood found a direction, and then began to bounce on Madeline’s palm. It bounced higher and higher, and then in the end, it suddenly sprung out with full force, drawing out a fine and long line of blood in the air, once again returning to the injury on Su’s arm. 

Madeline stared at the injury on Su’s arm. After looking absentmindedly for a long time, only then did she raise her head and look towards Su with her sea-like eyes. With a similarly carefree tone, she said, “Since you aren’t worried, then that’s good. In the future, I won’t feel any worry towards this either.”

Su didn’t understand her intentions. However, he treated this more as this little girl’s headstrongness and laughed it away instead of taking it seriously. 

The off-road vehicles travelled in the darkness one after another, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the darkness. 

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