Book 4 Chapter 6.1

Book 4 Chapter 6.1 - Why Does it Have to Be Like This?

Su’s arms supported himself on the ground as he knelt down on one knee, taking a moment to adjust his breathing. After recovering a bit of energy, he slowly stood up. Fiery pain transmitted from every tissue in his body, a warning that they were on the edge of exhausting all of their remaining energy. However, when thousands to tens of thousands of messages gathered together, it inflicted a simply unendurable pain. 

Su stood up, first looking towards those not too distant hills. That place was currently in chaos, the soldiers that were previously strutting around all jumping onto their trucks one after another. A loading truck was currently doing everything it could to turn around, striving to be the first at driving away from those hills. In this state of panic, there were even two vehicles that bumped into each other. The soldiers that didn’t have time to climb up the carriage even tossed aside their own weapons and directly grabbed onto the outside of the vehicle to escape. 

Su didn’t have any interest in further pursuing this group of crows. Instead, he lifted the electromagnetic rifle. After giving the deformed barrel a look, Su helplessly shook his head. He originally wanted to just toss it back onto the ground, but after thinking about the perfectly intact gun body as well as the large amounts of rarely seen alloy used to create this rifle, he still lifted it up. 

At the side of the camp, Madeline already carried the heavily wounded Li Gaolei and Li back to the off-road vehicle’s rear. She pulled up her sleeves, undid their combat suits, and even began to treat their injuries. Li Gaolei and Li both had large surface injuries, while Madeline only had an ordinary battle medic kit to work with. Her hands gracefully and quickly moved across these two’s bodies, the soft and slight movements continuously cracking the burnt tissue and removing them, revealing the pink flesh underneath. Then, those areas were sprayed, covering them in a layer of thin and sturdy membrane. Madeline treated these two at the same time, and she also completed the entire treatment process in under two minutes. If one looked at it from the viewpoint of treatment technique, Madeline’s skills didn’t seem to be any bit inferior to the best battlefield medics. 

If her enemies saw this scene, they would definitely feel fear. During the treatment process, what Madeline displayed was absolute precision and control over her two hands, as well as a deep understanding of human anatomy, especially the composition of ability users’ bodies. This type of understanding didn’t originate from the study of medicine, but rather from her terrifying battle instincts and abundant slaughter experience. 

Under the anesthesia of the numbing spray, Li Gaolei and Li entered a deep state of sleep. From their injuries alone, Li Gaolei’s condition was much worse than Li’s, but his injuries quickly stabilized, and even without the medical spray, there were a few exposed areas that produced a protective membrane on their own. This type of healing speed was already close to that of reptiles. Meanwhile, Li’s state was much worse. Even while asleep under the effects of the local anesthetic, she was still restlessly moving her body about, continuously muttering in her sleep. This meant that she was currently under the torment of pain. For Combat Domain ability users like Li, the potential of her body was fully displayed, and her body’s instincts were much more powerful than those of an ordinary person. Even though her mind entered a state of unconsciousness, her body’s tissues were still reacting to the injuries. 

Madeline’s hands softly caressed Li’s body, this time, much more delicate. Sure enough, a few hidden injuries appeared under the sensations of those ten long and slender fingers. She used the simple instruments she had to carry out a few simple surgeries for Li, and then she dealt with the few light injuries that she did not deal with previously. 

During the treatment process, Madeline smelled a bit of Su’s scent from Li Gaolei’s blood. She knew that this was the root of the reason why Li Gaolei had inhuman recovering power. Madeline then looked at Li. Her condition had already improved a lot, and she already began to enter a deep state of sleep. Her face also had several light burn injuries, but her past beauty could still vaguely be seen. Madeline thought for a bit, and then she spent another five whole minutes to meticulously treat all of the injuries on Li’s face, even if it was the most subtle areas. This made Madeline use up the last bit of external injury medications the troop had, but by doing this, in a few days when Li completely recovered from her injuries, not only would her body’s functions be fully restored, there wouldn’t be any scars left on her face either. 

Madeline released a light sigh. The treatment process made her feel a trace of fatigue, and sweat appeared on her forehead. 

All of the injuries on Li’s body had now received complete treatment, so her state was even a bit better than Li Gaolei’s. All she had to do for the next few days now was eat and rest. In just a few days, Li would completely recover. 

Madeline gave her own fine work a look, and then she pulled over a thick military blanket, properly covering Li’s naked body. 

Like this, Su wouldn’t have to use his own blood to save her, right? This was what Madeline silently thought. 

Madeline really didn’t like it when Su used his own blood, regardless of whether it was to save others or himself. This wasn’t because of jealousy or other reasons at all, but instead a feeling that came from some faint intuition. The first time she saw Su control his own blood, Madeline immediately felt an indescribable discomfort. 

The back of the vehicle swayed and rocked back and forth irregularly. After Madeline properly fastened Li and Li Gaolei in place, she raised the temperature of the back of the vehicle, and then she crawled into the front passenger seat position. Su was currently driving the vehicle into the boundless darkness. Out of worry for the two injured subordinates in the back, Su reduced the speed of the off-road vehicle down to less than forty kilometers an hour. However, even at this speed, they could still travel several hundred kilometers in one night. 

While Madeline was treating Li Gaolei and Li, Su and Kane already quickly cleaned up the battlefield, and then drove off. This was an extremely dangerous area. Su also had no idea why Pandora didn’t show up. Pandora who had pursued Su for a long time should understand Su’s combat strength clearly, and more importantly, she should understand well how Su thrived in a war of attrition. By sending these seven chosen, on paper, it was enough to deal with two of Su’s troops at the same time, but actual battle could never be evaluated through a simple formula. Su believed that Pandora definitely knew that he had enough ways of getting rid of the entire group if he was willing to abandon his subordinates. Then why did she send over this troop? Even if Pandora wasn’t that clear on the combat strength Su was hiding, she should still understand that this troop had at the highest only a 70% chance of success in dealing with Su’s small troop. Of course, if she added herself, that statistic would reach 100%, but she never appeared. 

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