Book 4 Chapter 5.4

Book 4 Chapter 5.4 - Hunting to Eat

The chosen Su ran at was one that had both Perception and Mental Domain abilities. The other fella that excelled at the Magic Domain was still quite far away. Magic Domain abilities often needed some time to start up, especially the abilities with greater power. In this period of buffer, Su believed that he had enough time to first get rid of the ‘eye’ of the entire troop. As for Pandora who might be hiding in the darkness, he already no longer concerned himself with this, because even if he thought about it, there was nothing he could do.

The distance between Su and the chosen was quickly pulled close. Even though Su had two terrifying injuries on his body, at least if one looked at it from his speed, Su still had a powerful advantage, and the chosen had no one nearby to help him. However, Su didn’t see any panic or fear from this chosen’s face, but instead a type of excitement and a nasty grin. 

Su didn’t care at all what this fella was laughing at. He just treated it as if this chosen was going crazy. He threw himself forward, the military dagger he held in a reverse grip already starting to vibrate and waiting to tear through the chosen’s soft flesh! However, when he reached ten meters from this chosen, Su suddenly discovered that he seemed to have rushed into a swamp. His speed was almost halved! No matter what he did, his body felt as if it was tangled by spiderwebs, heavy and sticky. When the chosen saw that Su’s movement was hindered, the chosen roared with laughter and quickly retreated backwards. In his hands was a large caliber small submachine gun, and it fiercely blasted at Su!

Fortunately, the bullets were also affected, so they flew extremely slowly. Su suddenly dropped to the ground, sending the rain of bullets flying past him. Then, the military blade left his hand, shooting towards that chosen’s chest! The military blade’s flight was similarly slow, so the chosen easily avoided it. Only after reaching twenty meters did the military blade recover its speed and whistle into the darkness. 

Su’s eyes shone. He continuously adjusted the panoramic view’s modes, and then he found that he was currently inside a dark brown irregular zone, its area roughly a few dozen meters from the looks of it. Only after flying out from this region did the military blade recover its speed. However, this region didn’t seem to move together with that chosen. 

The Mental Domain was well known because of its various weapon control abilities, and out of 100 Mental Domain ability users, at least 90 of them developed weapon control abilities. However, the Mental Domain was actually not only limited to this. The true Mental Domain abilities were in communication and control. The chosen in front of him was just like this. His body had powerful Mental Domain radiance, but his firing precision proved that his weapon control abilities were at a rather elementary level. Truly high level Mental Domain abilities were precisely like these zones that could make all moving things within slow down drastically. 

In the panoramic view, a strand of red mist scattered down towards Su’s head. Even though there wasn’t anything strange in the darkness, Su still turned his body, using the fastest speed he was capable of to avoid this red color that represented heat, moreover freeing himself from the slowing zone on the ground. 

An expanse of flames first silently ignited the region Su was located in, and then it triggered a shocking explosion on the ground! The explosion radiance seemed to cover the entire slow zone, the earth that shot out even rushing ten meters into the air!

The chosen that excelled in perception and mental abilities had his line of sight momentarily obstructed. His non-sight perception abilities weren’t that powerful, at least not great enough to notice Su. However, his basic combat sense still made him quickly back up, and then he set up another slow zone in an extremely sly and hidden manner. He already finished his preparations and was now waiting for Su to walk into his trap. Meanwhile, that Magic Domain chosen was still patiently repeatedly using the explosive raging flames ability to wreak havoc again and again, wanting to chase Su out. Judging from the Magic Domain ability’s intensity and from how long he could maintain it, he really was a rarely seen expert. His own fighting prowess could already show disdain for most seventh level Magic Domain ability users. 

Those that were proficient in Perception Domain abilities were usually experts at scouting, and the greatest requirement of scouting was patience. This chosen that excelled at both perception and mental abilities felt like he had abundant patience. There were more than ten small and fine crystals around his body that were shining, using all of his abilities to detect Su’s traces. As long as Su appeared in the slow zone, he would teach Su an unforgettable lesson. 

This chosen that claimed to have patience waited an entire second. On a battlefield where a myriad of changes could happen in an instant, he truly could feel proud of his patience. A second later, the chosen’s patience finally bore fruit, but what he was waiting for was not Su, but an energy bullet!

From the energy bullet’s firing speed, even though it was greatly affected by the slow zone, after it slowed down, its speed was still close to 2000 meters per second. This was definitely not something this chosen could avoid! He watched with widened eyes as this bullet flew over, and what stopped within his consciousness was the electromagnetic rifle Su stuck onto the ground! 

Damn it, that gun still had bullets! This was his final thought, as well as the thoughts of the three remaining chosen. 

Su lowered the electromagnetic rifle again, and then he charged at the chosen who excelled at magic abilities. This time, the electromagnetic rifle finally exhausted the power it had stored up, completely becoming a piece of scrap metal. However, when they saw Su lower the gun, the two injured chosen with Combat Domain abilities didn’t immediately try to outflank him or try to pincer attack Su together with the magic ability user chosen, instead directly throwing themselves towards that rifle. This was something that couldn’t be helped. This rifle left too deep of an impression in their minds, a memory that was directly associated with death!

The mood these chosen felt was as compressed as the air inside of a vacuum. They couldn’t care less if that fella who played with magic died under Su’s hands because of their actions. Either way, even though Su’s movements were smooth and fast, the injuries on his body were similarly apparent. Those were scars that were enough to take one’s life, completely different from the small injuries that burned a bit of their flesh. In addition, they believed that after Su dealt with the fella that played with magic, he would end up with a bit more injuries. Even though almost all of these Combat Domain chosen detested the magic ability user chosen, the root of their hatred came from the tremendous power of the magic user himself. 

“Number eleven, twelve! When we return, I am going to have Lord Pandora tear you all apart!” The magic user chosen released a hysterical scream as he used all of his strength to release a vast and thick expanse of blazing flames to stop Su. Magic domain ability users were usually infatuated with powerful magical power, with few that were good at close combat. This chosen was no exception. When selecting his abilities, just the two seventh level abilities, raging flame explosion and blazing impact already used up most of his evolutionary points. 

When faced with the cloud of flames, Su sensibly chose to move out of the way. However, at this moment, Su displayed inconceivable movement ability, rushing forward like lightning, yet extremely flexible in his movements, almost sticking to the edge of the battering flames as he advanced. However, even if he reached out his arm, there was still an entire meter between the chosen and himself. As a result, Su and the chosen’s bodies brushed past each other. Meanwhile, that chosen’s body was clearly gathering energy for a new ability, and from the chosen’s expression, it was clear that it would be an area of effect attack, most likely a raging flames explosions that would heavily injure Su!

Su didn’t want to have another taste of the raging flame explosions. Flames produced by magic abilities often had strange energies, and the injuries they inflicted were more difficult to heal from than ordinary flames. Meanwhile, Su’s body was already on the edge of collapse, and he needed to be in good condition to defeat those two injured chosen. That was why the outer edge of Su’s right arm suddenly released a sharp bone blade. It continuously extended, and under the chosen’s horrified gaze, the tip of the bone blade barely moved past his neck, only cutting apart a bit of skin and leaving behind a shallow red scar.

Numbers eleven and twelve only saw the hateful fella that carried the number eight stand in his original location like a fool. He clearly wasn’t injured that badly, but not only did he glasp his neck with both hands, his body was also trembling, not willing to make even slightly greater movements! As soon as they began to curse inwardly about how this little bitch managed to get the number eight, they saw Su run in a circle, then directly rush at them! 

Number eleven and number twelve’s hair completely stood on end, an ice cold aura of death immediately overwhelming their consciousness! They didn’t understand why Su would suddenly abandon number eight who had suddenly became stupid and instead run at them, but they were still feeling great fear! This fear that originated from his biological instincts made number eleven fall apart. He originally already twisted apart the muzzle of the electromagnetic rifle and was just about to add a kick to completely trample apart the rifle’s body, but he now couldn’t care about adding this kick, instead running away like a dog in dire straits, crying while running frantically with everything he had into the wilderness. 

Number twelve’s mental state was a bit steadier, but even that was limited. He, who remained in his original location, saw that an extremely smooth cross-cut suddenly appeared on number eight’s neck, one that reached a third of the way through. Then, blood immediately sprayed outwards. Number eight wanted to use his hands to close the injury, but he was scared that any movements would worsen the injury to his entire neck. That was why in the end, he could only stand there stupidly, in despair as he watched the blood continuously spray outwards!

This scene finally made number twelve also collapse. He then similarly ran with the greatest speed he had ever ran with in his life! The bit of reasoning he had left made him select a different path than number eleven, and his speed was even a bit faster than number eleven’s. Even though he took off a bit later than number eleven, it was good enough that he was faster than number eleven!

Speed was number eleven and number twelve’s strong suit. 

Su didn’t chase after them, nor did he even have strength to chase after them. The most serious injuries on his body actually all originated from Claudia. With each breath Su took, there would be a fiery pain transmitted from his chest, as if he was inhaling raging flames. Su continued to stand upright, fearing that if he fell, the two chosen that chose to flee would change their minds. What he was thankful for was that there wasn’t any danger to any of his subordinates’ lives. At the very edge of his perception range, Madeline’s figure also appeared, only, it was extremely blurry. 

Two fleeing figures appeared within Madeline’s ocean like pupils. Normally, two seventh level opponents were definitely not just a small problem, but right now, these two individuals who were solely preoccupied with the thought of running for their lives couldn’t even display half their power. 

Between her long and slender white fingers, the heavy sword floated upwards as if it didn’t have any weight, and then it easily descended. In that instant, Madeline had at least two choices. One was to rely on her far greater speed to directly chase after them to eliminate these two individuals, and the other was to use all of her evolutionary points to immediately strengthen her power to four levels and throw out the heavy sword from her current position. After the heavy sword slicked these two chosen apart at the waist, there was still enough remaining energy for it to fly back into her hands. 

However, in the end, Madeline didn’t do anything, instead having the heavy sword slowly drop again onto the ground.

“Successful women should understand when to display weakness.” This sentence suddenly appeared in Madeline’s consciousness. She already didn’t remember where or when she saw this sentence, but she still remembered the indifference and disdain she felt when she first encountered this quote. 

However now, this sentence instead caused Madeline to watch helplessly as fourteen precious evolutionary points disappeared, yet she didn’t feel any pity for doing so. 

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