Book 4 Chapter 5.4

Book 4 Chapter 5.4 - Hunting to Eat

The chosen Su ran at was one that had both Perception and Mental Domain abilities. The other fella that excelled at the Magic Domain was still quite far away. Magic Domain abilities often needed some time to start up, especially the abilities with greater power. In this period of buffer, Su believed that he had enough time to first get rid of the ‘eye’ of the entire troop. As for Pandora who might be hiding in the darkness, he already no longer concerned himself with this, because even if he thought about it, there was nothing he could do.

The distance between Su and the chosen was quickly pulled close. Even though Su had two terrifying injuries on his body, at least if one looked at it from his speed, Su still had a powerful advantage, and the chosen had no one nearby to help him. However, Su didn’t see any panic or fear from this chosen’s face, but instead a type of excitement and a nasty grin. 

Su didn’t care at all what this fella was laughing at. He just treated it as if this chosen was going crazy. He threw himself forward, the military dagger he held in a reverse grip already starting to vibrate and waiting to tear through the chosen’s soft flesh! However, when he reached ten meters from this chosen, Su suddenly discovered that he seemed to have rushed into a swamp. His speed...

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