Book 4 Chapter 5.3

Book 4 Chapter 5.3 - Hunting to Eat

Number three finally made his way over the rocks, temporarily getting some cover from the two lunatics who were chasing him unrelentingly. This made him feel slightly better, but it was still a near negligible amount. 

The instant he made his way over the rocks, number three didn’t see the beautiful scene filled with violent and hysterical sex, but instead Madeline standing there alone, the unique giant sword still dragged behind her. This time, the brim of her hat was raised, so number three saw her complete face, and the two even looked at each other face to face. Within Madeline’s calm azure eyes was a trace of blankness, just like that of a confused little girl. 

What about number nine?

All of a sudden, before number three had time to find number nine’s traces, he noticed that after Madeline gave him a look, while dragging the enormous sword, she somewhat awkwardly began to run at him. 

“Damn it, where did number nine go?!” Number three roared from the bottom of his heart, and then he turned around to run. He wasn’t scared of this little girl with two levels of ability, but instead of the two lunatics that were pursuing him. If he wasted any more time here, once he got caught up within those two lunatics, there definitely wouldn’t be a good end for him. Taking on heavy injuries for the sake of two insignificant subordinates? From the noble perspective of a chosen, this was a choice only an idiot would make. 

However, what made number three feel a bit depressed was that Madeline really did actually chase after him. A little girl with two levels of ability even dared to chase a chosen with seven levels of Magic Domain ability? What was happening to this world? Moreover, Madeline’s speed was abnormally fast, not like someone with two levels of speed strengthening at all. This speed looked like it was at least that of five levels!

However, number three’s speed was six levels, so with just a few steps, he pulled apart the distance between Madeline and himself as he headed into the murky night. He was still scared of those two lunatics, extremely scared. 

Those with noble statuses shouldn’t associate with lunatics; number three, who had definitely fucked more girls than the number of books he read, forgot where he had seen this quote before, but at this moment, he felt that this sentence was full of profoundness and should absolutely be respected. 

Number three suddenly felt a soft wind sweep over from behind him, the breeze carrying a fragrance that affected one’s soul. He suddenly seemed to have sensed something. When he leaned his head to the side, he found that Madeline was running shoulder to shoulder with him; she was also looking at him! 

Then, the heavy sword swept across number three’s waist, as if it lost all its weight and was as light as a feather. 

Number three’s upper body flew outwards for more than ten meters before falling. Meanwhile, Madeline ran by his side the entire time. Even when his upper body fell, she was still silently standing at number three’s side. Apart from the vacant expression, there wasn’t any other expression in her azure pupils. Number three suddenly understood that the reason he could only see blankness in her eyes was because number three, a noble chosen, had never existed in her mind, not even regarded as an enemy! Number three didn’t know why he understood these things, but he would prefer that he never learned of this truth. 

“How did you catch up to me?” Number three asked. He was calmly laying on the ground, already no longer struggling. Meanwhile, the lower half of his body, at this moment, also fell more than ten meters away. 

A few traces of fluctuations finally appeared in Madeline’s sea-like pupils. With an indifferent, almost dreamlike voice, she said, “En, it’s like this, just now, I realized I couldn’t catch up to you, so I increased my speed by two levels. Then, I caught up.” 

Two levels of speed, instant increase...

Number three suddenly felt as this world was a bit unreal, just like when he first faced the most powerful apostle. She could catch up to him with just two levels of speed? And could still increase her abilities while in combat?

He suddenly felt like roaring with laughter, but the life force flowing out of him prevented him from uttering a sound. He, whose consciousness was already starting to fade, did not hear Madeline’s following words of worry. “There were still four more evolutionary points I didn’t know what to do with. How come there are now eight more?”

At least from this perspective, number three was still lucky, at least luckier than number nine. 

Su fired another electromagnetic bullet, but this bullet was fired single-handedly and over his back. In addition, when shooting, Su didn’t even look backwards, nor did he make any aiming motions. However, this shot that should not have possessed any accuracy was shockingly precise, the bullet surrounded by electrical radiance drawing out a trajectory that directly skewered through two chosen! If it landed, it would definitely blast the first one rotten, and then the one behind him would be seriously injured. 

At the critical moment between life and death, these chosen’s beast-like instincts displayed their effects. They seemed to flash to the right and left at the same time, and then the death god of a bullet passed between these two individuals, the distance from their bodies less than half a meter!

The electromagnetic bullet whistled through the air as it entered the darkness, and shortly after, a bright and beautiful cloud of flames erupted into the dark sky. When the bullet's flying speed was too fast, the unstable alloy bullet would, after around ten thousand meters of distance, completely explode from the heat produced by air resistance. 

The two chosen broke out in cold sweat at the same time. Before they even had time to celebrate their escape from this disaster, a streak of charred blackness appeared on their bodies, and then it quickly enlarged. This charred blackness even released faint flames!

Meanwhile, Su didn’t chase after these two seriously injured chosen. Instead, he inserted the electromagnetic rifle into the ground, pulled out a military knife, and then ran straight after another chosen!

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