Book 4 Chapter 5.2

Book 4 Chapter 5.2 - Hunting to Eat

As he watched number nine chase after the girl, the two making their away around the towering rocks one after the other, number three’s eyes looked like they were about to shoot out flames! This was especially the case when that girl’s speed was clearly not that bad. If she ran a bit faster and hid a bit better, number nine might not be able to catch her that quickly. However, she insisted on carrying that heavy sword!

Jealousy and anger filled number three’s mind. The defensive force field that could originally still hold on shook, and then it completely collapsed. The flying bullet shrapnel immediately added more than ten small injuries to number three’s body. Number three screamed, and then with terrifying speed, he leapt out from his hiding space. With irregular movements, he shot towards Li Gaolei. From time to time, there were still bullets that flew at him, but the small crystal at the center of his palm would release dazzling radiance, producing a defensive force field that wasn’t too large, and deflect all of the incoming bullets. As he watched number three get closer and closer, Li Gaolei unexpectedly didn’t budge an inch, choosing to continuously empty the Dragon model assault rifle’s firepower towards number three to exhaust his defensive force field. 

“Seeking death!” Number three had no choice but to continue doing evasive movements. His magic domain seventh level ability was extremely powerful, but it wasn’t powerful to the point where he could take the assault rifle’s continuous fire head on without dodging. Anger surged within him. When there was only fifty meters between them, the shallow pit where Li Gaolei was hiding suddenly erupted with raging flames! As the flames made of energy blazed about Li Gaolei’s body, he instead seemed to completely ignore this, continuously sending the stream of bullets after number three’s body from within the burning flames!

A light sound sounded from beside number three. Like a leopard, Li leapt out from her hiding place with great speed. The assault rifle in her hands also continuously spat out fire!

“Dammit!” Number three cursed inwardly. He flung his hand towards Li, sending a cloud of flames at Li. This time, he had some preparation, so the temperature of the flames was far greater than that of the fire in Li Gaolei’s surroundings! However, wht left him stupefied was that Li unexpectedly didn’t move out of the way and directly ran into the cloud of flames! A roar that sounded like that of a wounded female beast and chi chi sounds of skin burning rang through the air. Li then rushed straight out from the cloud of flames! 

Her hair had long been set on fire, and the skin that was exposed was charred black, with some areas that even burned through. Following her ferocious movements, the charred skin flaked off, exposing the pink and tender flesh underneath. 

The high temperature of the flames already destroyed her assault rifle, so Li decided she might as well slam the assault rifle that was releasing great heat ferociously at number three! The assault rifle began to continuously flicker with flames, the result of the ammunition inside starting to explode. 

Number three’s face began to distort, subconsciously moving his body to avoid the assault rifle that was smashing down. The moment he dodged, he suddenly thought to himself, why did he have to hide?

At this moment, a feeling of numbness swept over the side of his body. When he turned around, only then did he discover with shock that his defensive force field had already been blasted apart by Li Gaolei!

Only now did Li Gaolei rush out from the blazing flames, tossing the assault rifle whose barrel was already a bit red onto the ground. When the gun made contact with the ice-cold ground, it immediately released chi chi sounding smoke. He tumbled on the ground, and when he got up, two high-powered pistols already appeared in his hands. He rushed at number three while continuously bombarding the new defensive force field number three produced! Under Li Gaolei’s suppression, number three only had enough time to produce a new defensive force field and to throw one or two offensive magic attacks at Li. 

However, it was as if Li went crazy. She rushed straight at him, and regardless of whether it was the flames, electricity, or icy spears, she directly smashed her body through it, to the extent where she didn’t even pull out the icy spear that penetrated the right side of her chest!

Meanwhile, from the corner of his eyes, number three also saw that the arms of Li Gaolei, who was quickly closing in as well, were completely charred black. There were some areas where when the burnt skin came off, even the bones underneath could be seen. However, he continued to shoot steadily, bombarding number three with shocking precision. Under this amount of distance, every single one of Li Gaolei’s bullets were looking for the weak points of number three’s body. If they weren’t aimed at his vital points, then they targeted the shining crystals, forcing number three to maintain his defensive force field. 

These two didn’t seem to understand the meaning of pain and death. They simply rushed over at the highest speed they could. Number three even began to believe that if these two got close to him, these two lunatics would definitely directly throw themselves over. Even if they had to pay the price of death, they would still be willing to do so if they could just take a bite out of him! 

Number three’s eyes twitched fiercely. He suddenly leapt up, and then he rushed towards the rocks where number nine disappeared behind, roaring for him to help. His instinctive fear made him stay far away from Su. Even though there were four chosen where Su was, no matter how he looked at it, he still felt that staying further away was safer. 

Number nine and Madeline were both hiding behind the large pile of rocks. Number three wanted to interrupt number nine’s pleasure, but he still had to run for a bit, even with six levels of speed. 

However, what number three didn’t know was that at that moment, number nine was currently standing proudly, in deep thought as he watched Madeline struggle to brandish that heavy sword towards his head. When the heavy sword descended, it even raised her graceful body into the sky. Of course, perhaps she jumped up and then moved the sword, but this wasn’t important. Even if her strength really was two levels, there was still no way for her to brandish a heavy sword weighing over 100 kilograms this way. That was why in number nine’s eyes, no matter how he looked at it, the heavy sword in Madeline’s hands should be completely hollow. 

As he watched Madeline who had jumped less than two meters into the air, number nine already almost couldn’t suppress the flames raging within him. For some reason, his long suppressed masculine dignity suddenly surged. He stood there like a mountain, and then with a proud smile, he raised his hand to casually grab at the heavy sword’s edge!

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