Book 4 Chapter 4.8

Book 4 Chapter 4.8 - Bloody Path

“Damn it, it’s actually chosen!” Su cursed inwardly. That black-haired devil-like woman involuntarily surfaced in his mind: Pandora!

The chosen were all here, so there was a chance that Pandora was here as well, right? The reason he could get away last time was because she was clearly not used to her body yet, but after so much time had passed, Su didn’t believe that there would still be any disharmony in Pandora’s body. Whenever he thought about her power and defense that were over nine levels, Su would feel great headaches. 

The instant Su’s attention diverted, Claudia keenly sensed that Su’s attention had concentrated on the seven newcomers. This was something she did not understand. She could sense the level of abilities these seven had, and there was no way Su who excelled at perception abilities didn’t. However, Su still focused even more of his attention on the other party. This could only mean one thing, and that was that what laid behind these seven was a danger she could not detect. 

Claudia was an arrogant woman, but she was definitely not stupid. She immediately focused her attention on these seven individuals, of course, while still maintaining a certain amount of vigilance towards Su. 

Su discovered with shock that as soon as he concentrated his attention on the seven chosen’s bodies, the chosen abandoned all attempts at getting closer or attacking, instead choosing to frantically hide themselves. It wasn’t just the perception domain ability user that behaved this way, the other seven produced the same reaction. This meant that even though they lacked experience, their instincts towards danger was even sharper than wild beasts! This type of instinct was enough to make up for the difference in experience. 

Su’s face fell. He felt that the situation had already become extremely problematic. 

Su, Claudia, and the chosen. Just like that, a triangle of powers stood in confrontation, moreover forming a strange state of equilibrium. If any side tried to break this balance, there was a chance that they would face the fatal attacks of the other two sides! 

Silence quietly surrounded everything. Within this quietness, dangerous killing intent silently extended, making it difficult for people to breathe. With every second that passed, it felt as if an entire year had just gone by. Su quietly knelt on the ground, the electromagnetic rifle not making the slightest movement. Even though Claudia was a bit puzzled as to why Su was still not willing to fall over, she still waited patiently. She didn’t mind waiting a few hours more, or even a few more days. However, there were some among the chosen who began to sweat, their faces starting to twitch involuntarily. Maintaining this standoff under such great pressure for a long time exhausted them both mentally and physically. 

Just when this stillness seemed like it was going to continue on forever, engines suddenly sounded from the other end of the hills. Then, off-road vehicles emerged over the hills one after another, sending more than ten snow white beams of light that illuminated the camp Su’s party’s set up. A noisy human voice immediately sounded from the hills. The ground began to tremble, and then a humanoid mobile suit appeared! It leapt off the truck’s cargo bed, raised the multi-barreled machine cannon on its arms, and then unexpectedly walked with large steps towards the camp!

From its path of advance, it clearly intended to pass through the heart of Su, Claudia, and chosen’s triangle standoff!

As the mobile suit walked over, it started up its external speakers, and then shouted wildly and straightforwardly, “Hey! The youngster over there! Not only did you kill the people under me, you actually dare to massacre the people inside the inhabited area under this old one’s protection! From your off-road vehicles, you probably came from some large company right? However, no matter where you are from, this is our alloy brotherhood’s territory! This old one is the brotherhood’s rank three associate Davis, and all inhabited areas within a range of fifty kilometers are under this old one’s management! It’s best if you surrender. Because of your two good vehicles, this old one can let you keep your life! Did you hear here me? I will give you three minutes of time to make your decision!”

In this peaceful night, this tremendous volume immediately spread in all directions. When they saw this mobile armor that revealed its four external lights, the three sides in confrontation were all stuck between laughter and tears. 

This was still only the first generation mobile suit. Its shape was enormous, the type that completely covered its pilot. Compared to Ricardo’s half covered mobile suit, the thing Davis operated was noisy, slow, and without any nimbleness to speak of. Its firepower was weak, maintenance was difficult, and its energy consumption was huge. Forget about Su or Claudia, any one of the seven chosen could easily blast this type of thing apart. Moreover, from the looks of things, he didn’t sense the existence of any of them. The left cannon was aimed at the two off-road vehicles, while the right cannon pointed at the completely empty tents. 

Davis stopped the machine armor. Perhaps due to his luck being too good, or maybe because his luck was excessively bad, the place he was standing was right at the center of the triangle. He raised the two machine cannons, and than as if to display their power, he added artillery shells. Then, he looked like he wanted to say something. 

Right at this moment, Davis, who still had a tiny bit of perception ability, felt an explosion sound in his mind. Streak after streak of extremely cold killing intent suddenly rose from his back! After being swept by this killing intent, his body that was hiding within the mechanical armor went completely cold, momentarily unable to move an inch! He, who had met people with greater abilities than himself, immediately knew that there were at least six or seven experts behind him, and any one of them could easily kill several of him. 

Before he could even struggle free from the biting coldness, a streak of red light suddenly appeared in front of Davis and extended several hundred meters, almost touching him as it flew past! The heavy mobile suit was suddenly sent high into the air by an overwhelming power, and only then did Davis, whose head and feet had their positions swapped, discover that the one at the other end of this red light was unexpectedly a human figure! The several hundred meter long powerful ring of light was just the result of one’s speed being excessively fast, yet the aftereffects were already enough to send the 30 ton mobile suit into midair. How much force then, would someone who took this head on experience?

Davis already gave up on the question of how severe his injuries would be when the mechanical suit landed. His mind that was completely shocked instinctively calculated the speed at which the red light shot over, and then an answer that made him fall apart once again appeared: faster than the speed of sound. 

Immediately afterwards, the figure that dragged the red light behind it suddenly erupted with a cloud of flames. Then, like an airplane that lost speed, it changed directions, fleeing into the distance unstably. With a weng sound, an alloy bullet that was surrounded by blue electrical radiance shot through the cloud of flames, passing by less than a meter before Davis’ eyes. In a flash, all of Davis’ hair stood on end!

The speed of the bullet was already far beyond what the human eye could perceive. He was even a bit confused as to how he was able to clearly see the bullet. The speed of this bullet that carried a strangely beautiful blue radiance far surpassed that of an armor penetrating artillery shell. If he was directly hit, he didn’t doubt for a second that the mobile suit would be directly blasted apart. 

Speed that could break the sound barrier already made Davis’ brain close to shutting down, but that person was actually blasted by that terrifying bullet! This meant that there was an even more terrifying individual hiding somewhere! 

Davis’ mind continuously trembled from these inconceivable things, repeatedly experiencing the sensations of collapse. Meanwhile, just now, he was actually standing right at the center of these three parties, brashly running his mouth!

A huge bang rang through the air. The mobile suit landed squarely on the ground. Davis was finally fortunate enough to go unconscious. 

Su continuously tumbled a few times on the ground, and only then did he once again kneel on the ground, aim at Claudia’s rear view, and then press the trigger. He already discovered that as long as Claudia wasn’t in that strange charging state, her speed would decrease substantially, possibly being a bit more inferior to even Su’s. Even though there was more than 300 meters between them, and even though it was difficult for the electromagnetic rifle to hit her, she was currently in a severely wounded state, so he could at least take the gamble. 

When the trigger was pulled down, what sounded was actually the alert that there wasn’t charged enough. Su revealed a bitter smile. Everything about this gun was good, just that every charge could only fire two rounds, and then there was an extremely long charging process. Claudia’s body quickly disappeared into the night. Su shifted the muzzle and aimed at the chosen that were spreading in a circular manner. Of the seven chosen, four threw themselves towards Su, while three rushed at the camp. 

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