Book 4 Chapter 4.7

Book 4 Chapter 4.7 - Bloody Path

After being bombarded twice by the electromagnetic rifle in succession, the heavy armor and inner battle clothes had almost completely vanished. However, only a few burn signs and criss-crossed cuts that were not that deep could be seen on that fit and beautiful body. Her body’s powerful defensive strength was apparent. At the very least, Su’s defensive abilities were definitely far inferior. 

Claudia’s teeth were tightly clenched as she stared hatefully at Su. She began to quickly increase the distance between them, and then she merged into the darkness, thus disappearing. 

Su didn’t utter a word or move in the slightest. Only when the electromagnetic rifle completed its charge did he reach out his right hand and seal his injuries with the battlefield wound spray. Only a while later did Su slowly walk a few dozen meters towards where Claudia disappeared. He then half squatted down on top of a rock and restrained all of his aura. In his panoramic view, after Claudia moved 800 meters outwards, she changed directions. She was now to his south, standing there without moving. Even though where she stood was not within the 500 meter core scouting region, Su could still make out an indistinct figure. If she was inside the 500 meter core region, Su could even accurately deduce when she would attack from the change in energy around her body! That was why he began to turn around when she closed the distance to three hundred meters, and when she was just over a hundred meters, he completed his firing motion. Even though Claudia’s assault speed far surpassed Su’s expectations, Su’s abrupt attack still inflicted heavy injuries onto her. 

The battlefield immediately became quiet. Su and Claudia confronted each other with close to a thousand meters between them. No one could find an opportunity, but neither were willing to give up on killing the other. That was why they could only patiently wait, wait until their opponent made a mistake. Su was waiting for the sky to brighten. Once it was daytime, Claudia’s invisibility ability would undoubtedly be weakened. Claudia was waiting until Su couldn’t hold on any longer. If the terrifying injury below his ribs wasn’t promptly dealt with, it might take his life in a few hours of time. 

Under this type of distance, in this type of situation where both sides were already at peak vigilance, regardless of whether it was Claudia’s extreme assault or Su’s electromagnetic rifle, neither could take the other party’s life. The distance had to be closed. 

Claudia crouched onto the ground. She was breathing heavily like a wounded female leopard. Her right hand was still weak and powerless, but this bit of injury didn’t affect her ability to kill Su. After those two exchanges, Claudia already sensed Su’s weakness in Close Combat ability. His perception abilities were exceptionally terrifying, and his reaction speed was top grade as well, but his power and defense were no good. In reality, as long as she could get close to Su and drag him into a close combat struggle. Claudia had a hundred percent certainty in killing him. 

So why didn’t she rush over yet? Even Claudia herself was a bit puzzled. Extreme assault’s power was exceedingly great. If it delivered a direct blow, it was equivalent to being struck by a warship’s cannon at close range. Not even nine levels of defensive ability would be able to defend against this kind of damage. However, its weakness was similarly apparent. Unless one had eight levels or higher defensive power, the extreme speed attack’s energy consumption would limit the distance. For Claudia, this was 500 meters, not any more and not any less, and in addition, there was almost no way of changing directions mid flight. That was why there couldn’t be anything in the way of this attack. If she used extreme assault against a mountain, then she wouldn’t penetrate the mountain, but instead turn into a bloody mess halfway through the mountain. 

In reality, if she was launching an assault from 300 meters, Claudia was still quite confident in killing Su, but she didn’t do this, nor did she even try to close the distance. For some reason, there was always a sense of danger lingering in her mind that prevented her from acting recklessly. 

The brief and intense battle had long alerted the subordinates. The three individuals all left the tents and chose to hide themselves. Li, Li Gaolei, and Kane, these three experienced subordinates all clearly understood that a battle at this level was not one they could participate in. 

Madeline already no longer looked at Claudia, instead concentrating her attention on the darkness shrouded distance, unknown what she was thinking. 

This strange state of silence continued for several minutes. A wave of bone chilling coldness and killing intent suddenly surrounded this entire battlefield. However, shortly after, it was as if due to some influence, it quickly retracted again. Even Kane could feel this killing intent, and as such, he concealed himself even more deeply within the rocks and also moved his finger closer to the trigger. As long as any moving object appeared between the rocks’ cracks, he would empty all of the bullets in the barrel. For him, this was the best combat technique, as well as the best method of helping others’ battles. 

Su and Claudia similarly felt this killing intent, as as such, the incredibly tense state between the two of them relaxed somewhat. The two could both feel that a group of individuals with powerful abilities were currently approaching this battlefield. Correct, not one, but a group. The clear wave of killing intent was released precisely by this group. Meanwhile, in Su’s panoramic view, he began to see figures slowly close in one after another. When they reached a distance of about 900 meters, they seemed to have sensed something. They all stopped and began to carry out hiding actions. 

There were seven people total, Su silently counted. These seven were all individuals with seven levels of ability! In addition, from his panoramic view, there were four Combat Domain, two Magic Domain, one Perception Domain, and a Mental Domain ability user. This was an extremely well matched troop. 

However, even more of Su’s attention was focused on Claudia’s body, and he believed that this was true for her as well. 

These newcomers were large in numbers, had powerful abilities, and most likely came for Su. They most likely discovered that their target was in this battlefield, so they subconsciously revealed killing intent. Then, they sensed that something wasn’t right, so they remembered to cover their aura. In addition, they immediately had their ability domains detected by Su’s panoramic view as soon as they entered its range, proving that their hiding experience was rather lacking. Normally, ability users that reached seven levels, if they possessed abundant battlefield experience, would only have their ability domains exposed when they entered the 500 meter core region. 

This was a newly formed troop equipped with high leveled abilities, but for Su, they didn’t even pose as much of a threat as Claudia did. As long as he had enough time and space, Su could completely use ambushes and guerilla warfare to wipe out this inexperienced troop. He believed that this wouldn’t be too difficult for Claudia either. If it was seven dragonrider colonels or lieutenant colonels with abundant battle experience, then Su and Claudia would have no choice but to avoid battle. 

Su suddenly felt these seven gave him a familiar feeling! He searched through his memories, and then a word immediately surfaced in his mind: Chosen!

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