Book 4 Chapter 4.6

Book 4 Chapter 4.6 - Bloody Path

Bloody radiance continuously surged from Claudia’s body like a mist. Her body bent forward. When the bloody radiance burned to its critical moment, she already shot out like an arrow!

After traveling just a dozen or so meters, Claudia’s speed already broke through human limits. An inverted blood-colored surface suddenly appeared before her face, and then her body that was surrounded by bloody light tore through the inverted surface, and while dragging a perfectly straight streak of light, she shot towards Su!

When Su turned around with his fastest reaction, what he saw was precisely this scene. 

Breaking the sound barrier?

Even though he already scouted out Claudia’s current attack, there was still no way Su could have predicted that the attack would be this ferocious!

With life or death imminent, Su didn’t think too much. He immediately dropped his waist, raised the gun, and pulled the trigger! An extremely heavy superalloy shell wrapped within blue electricity shot towards Claudia with a speed several times faster than her own. Meanwhile, Su himself borrowed the tremendous recoil force of the electromagnetic rifle to roll backwards, and then he did everything he could to dodge sideways backwards!

Within Claudia’s bloodshot eyes that were suffused with ruthless murderous intent was a reflection of a golden bullet, the deep blue electrical brilliance completely an omen of death! A trace of shock finally appeared in her eyes!

Claudia released an extremely high pitched shriek, and the thrusting sword that had always been in her left hand also began to gather red colored energy radiance! At this moment, she transferred all of her body’s power, piercing her sword towards that electromagnetic bullet!

Time seemed to have come to a complete standstill! A ball of interweaving red and blue light appeared in the darkness, and then it formed a dazzling bright and beautiful cloud of flames! The cloud of flames quickly spread outwards, first forming a thrusting blade, and then a charging figure. Even under the cover of the heavy armor, only an outline could be seen, yet one could still feel her great power and beauty!

The destructive high frequency shriek spread in all directions. All of the glass on the off-road vehicles was immediately covered in cracks, and then they were blasted into countless tiny fragments, flying in every direction. The camp’s tent cloth was covered in tiny creases like clear water ripples. Kane, who was laying on the on his back, immediately coughed out a blast of bloody mist, while Li Gaolei tightly grabbed his chest. Li suddenly stood up, her brows tightly locked together from pain. An unnatural paleness swept over her face. 

Madeline was the only one that sat there calmly, quietly watching Claudia as if she was completely unaware of what was happening around her. Countless glass shards landed on her body and face, but they all bounced off, unable to leave even the slightest trace on her tender and smooth skin. 

bang sounded. Claudio rushed out from the cloud of flames, dragging the fire cloud behind her for a hundred meters. She rushed past Su’s body, and only then did she stand still, slowly turning her body around!

Claudia’s long hair seemed to have completely been burned off, but the baldness gave her a different type of beauty. The right half of her heavy armor seemed to have disappeared entirely, so most of her upper body was bare. Her skin was still smooth and glossy, but it was now deeply tanned. Her right arm hung by the side of her body rather unnaturally, and the thrusting sword already only had a sword hilt left. 

Su was standing less than thirty meters from Claudia. Below his ribs was a terrifying injury that was several tens of centimeters long and several centimeters wide. The flesh by his injuries had already been completely burnt black, to the extent where there were even some tiny crystals. In the deepest parts of his injury, one could even see a bit of his internal organs burned. However, this injury didn’t seem to affect Su at all. He half knelt on the ground, his electromagnetic rifle’s square muzzle once again aimed at Claudia!

The shrill and unique energy hissing noise sounded again. Under Claudia’s gaze of disbelief, a heavy alloy energy bullet flew towards her! The target this time was still her chest! 

She released a sharp scream. Blood colored light immediately surrounded her entire body, and then with an acceleration speed that shouldn’t be physically possible for a human body, she turned around, and then she shot out! The sound barrier once again appeared before her, and then it was easily broken. The energy bullet shot past half a meter behind her back. The instant the bullet flew past, one could clearly see the heavy armor on Claudia’s back deform significantly. 

Claudia turned into a blood-colored rainbow, charging forward in a perfectly straight line. However, this time, after just rushing out a hundred meters, the blood-colored radiance around her abruptly shattered, and her body rolled forward, landing on the ground, drawing forth large amounts of sparks. She then leapt out again, but fell again. After continuously bouncing off the ground more than ten times, she finally increased the distance by several hundred meters. 

The instant the bullet left the chamber, all of Su’s muscles moved, and then his body even more so slid back several meters. Meanwhile, the injury in front of his ribs sprayed out a blast of blood, worsening to the extent where bits of his internal organs could be seen! It was almost as if Su didn’t feel anything from his injuries, as if he didn’t have any intention of dealing with his injury that was dripping with blood. Instead, he moved the electromagnetic rifle’s muzzle again with difficulty, and then aimed it once again at Claudia. However, there was still five seconds before it would reach full charge again. 

Claudia’s body moved. The heavy armor covering her back shattered, the copper fragments flying in all directions, some even shooting several hundred meters into the sky. She released a groan, and then like a leopard, she leapt up from the ground, immediately shifting out ten meters. Her blood-colored pupils stared deathly at Su!

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