Book 4 Chapter 4.5

Book 4 Chapter 4.5 - Bloody Path

The night quickly passed. Su shifted their camp 40 kilometers west, and then stopped to rest and reorganize. This was a hilly region with undulating terrain, a battlefield Su selected for himself. He already had a feeling that the battle would happen tonight. 

At dusk, a crack opened up in the low hanging clouds full of radiation at the horizon. The blood-like radiance of the setting sun illuminated the great earth, its powerful rays ruthlessly scorching all living things and painting the beautiful yet desolate great earth a thick crimson.

Above the spacious and desolate great earth, waves of rhythmic metal sounds gradually sounded. Claudia, with her half-sided hair, slowly walked over from the horizon. She wore a rather simple-looking set of heavy armor, and with every...

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