Book 4 Chapter 4.4

Book 4 Chapter 4.4 - Bloody Path

Su stopped moving. He looked towards Li, and with a sigh, he said, “Li, perhaps after another day or two, our carefree days will have come to an end. Bevulas’ people should be catching up to us soon. In reality, during this year you followed me, you really didn’t obtain much…”

Li moved her hand, cutting Su off. “Doesn’t matter. Either way, you did go to bed with me!”

Su felt rather suffocated from Li’s words, and only after a long time had passed did he recover his composure. This was Li’s way of doing things. When he first met her, Su heard words similar to these quite often. Only, as time went on, the amount of time he spent with Li became less and less. Now that he thought about it, it really had been a long time since he properly chatted with Li. 

At this time, Li Gaolei was currently smoking a cigarette, completely engrossed with what Madeline was doing. From her body, Li Gaolei couldn’t feel a trace of ability, but this was quite normal as well, because his perception abilities weren’t that outstanding to begin with. Only, when he saw how Madeline brandished that heavy sword, Li Gaolei concluded that she had at least five levels of power. One had to understand that brandishing and raising were completely different concepts. Someone who could instantly produce 2000 kilograms of fist force could easily raise a 500 kilogram heavy object, but it would be much more difficult for that person to brandish a weapon weighing 100 kilograms. He only knew her name, knowing nothing about her background. However, it was quite clear that this young lady’s relationship with Su was not ordinary, and the exceptional trust and dependence she had in Su was apparent with a glance. Moreover, she was the reason they turned into fugitives. Bevulas’ only son Henry traveled such a great distance just for Madeline. Madeline’s beauty was clearly just one of the reasons why he pursued her, moreover an extremely small reason. 

Li Gaolei wasn’t actually all that interested in the details, and he didn’t want to know the reason either. He had more than enough to worry about himself. However, what was interesting was that Madeline’s trust was far greater than that towards Li and Kane, to the extent where she didn’t even have any intent of avoiding him when training her swordsmanship. 

The way Madeline trained in her sword techniques was extremely simple, but it was extremely shocking as well. When the heavy sword descended, that enormous boulder was quickly cut, slowly producing a human figure. From her actions, it looked like she was trying to make a sculpture with the heavy sword! Meanwhile, at those higher points, Madeline would jump up, and then in the brief moment she was in midair, she would use the heavy sword to sculpt the details. 

The heavy sword was too heavy, clearly exceeding the weight of what she could currently control. At the very least, when she brandished it about, Li Gaolei could still tell that her movements were a bit sluggish and strenuous. However, he definitely wouldn’t look down on Madeline because of something like this. If that 150 kilogram heavy sword slammed down on him with full force, it was definitely not a power he could currently withstand. 

If he had two pistols and fought against this girl with all of his strength… Li Gaolei silently thought for a bit, and then his face became a bit strange. The results were unexpectedly that he would very likely die! In reality, if he had suitable weapons and displayed all of his skills, Li Gaolei even had a seventy percent certainty in defeating Li, which was to say, it wasn’t too difficult for him to deal with a dragonrider second lieutenant. However, for some reason, he felt a bit of fear towards this young girl Madeline in front of him. 

“It seems just like leader, this little fella is also a monster…” Li Gaolei thought somewhat helplessly. 

Several hundred meters away, Li suddenly hugged Su from behind, and then her body began to boil with heat!

“Leader! Just… embrace me one more time! I want it!” Li buried her face into Su’s back and said softly. Her arms wrapped tighter and tighter, as if she wanted to bury Su inside her own body. 

“Li, what is wrong…” Su could clearly feel Li’s abnormalities. 

“Didn’t you just say that they would catch up after tonight? The following battle will probably be extremely intense, and I might die. I am not scared of dying, but if I don’t do it one more time before dying, that would be too unfortunate!”

“Li, there won’t be anything wrong…” Su gently consoled, but even he himself felt that his words really were a bit powerless. 

Li suddenly went mad, forcefully undoing Su’s clothes and crying out while gasping for breath, “Hurry and give it to me!”

Li’s body was shockingly hot. Under the scorching desire, Su could clearly feel something different. He took a deep breath, and then he finally embraced Li. 

In the distance, Madeline’s sculpture had already made huge progress. Her body suddenly went sluggish. She stood blankly in place for several seconds, and then she suddenly leapt into the air!

The heavy sword seemed to have lost all of its weight, turning into a burst of wind that lightly brushed over the sculpture. The sculpture was actually completed in that instant!

Then, Madeline moved the heavy sword horizontally, beheading the sculpture she completed! The stone statue’s head tumbled far into the distant valley, and as a result, no one could see what exactly she had sculpted.

This enormous change left Li Gaolei stupefied. The remaining half of the cigarette dropped out from his mouth, and he was completely unaware of this! That type of speed, that type of power, the ever changing trajectories; the heavy sword in Madeline’s hands could easily kill him!

“Is it really that strange?” Madeline dragged the heavy sword that made others tremble with fear behind her. She walked over to Li Gaolei and asked in an extremely serious tone. 

Li Gaolei snapped back from his shock and struggled to put up a smile. “It is! Just now… your strength increased too quickly.”

“Oh, I had three evolutionary points and didn’t know what to do with them. I merely turned them into two levels of strength.” Madeline spoke with a completely indifferent voice, and then she walked towards the off-road vehicle. She tossed the heavy sword into the trunk, and then she climbed into the passenger seat before sitting in a curled up position. 

“Two levels of power?!” Li Gaolei was dumbstruck just now, but at this moment, he was thoroughly petrified! The remaining half of the precious cigarette burned rather uselessly, seemingly fated to waste away the latter half of its life. 

After a long time had passed, Li’s voice sounded in the darkness. “Promise me one thing then!”

“What is it?” Su asked. 

“If… I am just saying if, that little girl… En, alright, if that Madeline is safe, I want to leave for a year’s time. Is that okay?”

“Leave for a year? Why?”

“I want… to give birth to your child.”

Within the distant off-road vehicle, Madeline slowly raised her head that was buried within her knees. Her deep sea-like azure eyes stared out the window into the boundless darkness, unknown as to what she was thinking about. Only, her body that was always stretched taut was now slowly relaxing. 

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