Book 4 Chapter 4.2

Book 4 Chapter 4.2 - Bloody Path

Two off-road vehicles, one in front, one in back, stopped several hundred meters from the inhabited land. Their arrival immediately alerted the inhabited area’s residents. Individuals in tattered clothing walked out from their residences one after another, casting their wolf like eyes on the off-road vehicle. When and Li and Madeline got off the off-road vehicle, Su could clearly see the changes happening to these men’s lower bodies, to the extent where there were even a few clear whistles. Even though his expression didn’t change, the look in his eyes became a bit colder. 

Arriving in off-road vehicles was equivalent to telling everyone here that what they possessed was far superior to the inhabited area’s simple level of technology and weaponry. It was to the extent where one could say rather rudely that both sides existed in two completely different eras! However, the men of this inhabited region directly revealed their lust in front of Madeline and Li’s faces, which mean that they were either ignorant, had something to rely on, or they truly were only relying on their instincts to survive. Regardless of which one it was, it signaled trouble for Su. Unless necessary, he didn’t enjoy slaughter. However, in the wilderness, the only thing that delivered fear was direct slaughter. 

The reason for their stop at this inhabited region was one, to understand the surrounding region’s environment, for example, if there are any great powers in existence or dangerous areas that one needed to be particularly mindful of, and two, to see if they could find any radiation resistance medication. As long as they had medications, they could return to the unmanned region again, and the pursuers sent by Bevulas wouldn’t easily discover their traces. Kane’s constitution was relatively weaker, and because he was starting up the base, he didn’t participate in the battles, so he had no evolutionary points to invest into defensive abilities. Meanwhile, without enough medications, he could not enter the highly radioactive unmanned region. Even though the chances of finding radiation resistance medication weren’t great in an inhabited area, they still had to give it a try. 

After leaving Kane behind to watch the off-road vehicles, Su brought this group with him into the inhabited area in front of him. 

The scope of the inhabited area wasn’t that large. It was made up of simple and easy shacks, with the highest point of this place being a two story building, the residence of this place’s leader. There was a bar, a clinic, and even a small inn. The inhabited area was actually quite clean, unlike other places where trash could be seen everywhere, filling the air with its stench. 

Su walked into the bar, casually ordering a bit to eat and a bottle of alcohol. He then asked the owner of the bar, an old and shriveled man if there was anywhere he could exchange for medications, as well as whether there were any organizations or powers in the surroundings. There was no common currency in the wilderness, so what Su prepared as compensation were 9mm bullets. The uses of these bullets were extensive, and they could be exchanged as currency anywhere. 

What the old man brought over was a typical case of wilderness food, roasted mutated creature skewers and relatively low radiation alcohol. As for what type of creature the roasted skewers came from, based on Su’s past experiences, it was best not to ask, or else it would definitely affect his appetite. Faced with the scorched black roasted meat that completely couldn’t be considered tasty and had suspicious origins, Su and Madeline ate it easily and with single-hearted devotion, as if what was placed in front of them was the highest grade steak. Su didn’t wrap his entire body in cloth strips. Even though Madeline had her hat that blocked most of her face on the entire time, just the bit that was exposed was already enough to make most of Dragon City go crazy, let alone this small inhabited area in the wilderness. The stark contrast drew stares from everyone in the bar!

Li Gaolei and Li, on the contrary, weren’t particularly suited to this type of food. After all, even if it was nutrient filled paste, it still made them feel a bit better than this suspicious meat. However, these two still properly cleaned our their own portions. From today forth, this type of food would make up a large part of their livelihoods. 

Comparatively speaking, Kane who was in charge of overlooking the off-road vehicles was much more fortunate. His constitution was comparatively worse, so he still needed nutrient filled food to preserve his stamina. 

Su already understood that this base did not have a high level goods like radiation resistance medications, but forty to fifty kilometers away, there was an even larger inhabited area. That place was this region’s medication distribution center, so they should have radiation resistance medications for sale. 

After obtaining this piece of information, Su felt that this trip was not made in vain. He placed two bullets on the table, and then the old man immediately felt pleasantly surprised and carefully put them away. From the color, luster, and craftsmanship alone, he could tell that this was genuine goods from a large factory, definitely not like those handmade goods that occasionally had problems. Having two more bullets in the revolver he carried was equivalent to having two more lifelines. 

However, Su’s luck with inhabited areas had never been good. Right at this moment, a peng sounded. A thick and large black hand slammed heavily onto the table, and then a strong wave of bad breath wafted downwards. A hoarse voice quickly followed. “The bullets’ quality isn’t bad! However, if you want to do business in this old one’s territory, you have to pay taxes! These two chicks aren’t bad, so they’ll just be the tax for the transaction this time!”

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