Book 4 Chapter 30.7

Book 4 Chapter 30.7 - New Life

The communications device on Helen’s collar suddenly sounded, producing General Morgan’s voice. “He… Helen! How are you these days? Don’t worry, I don’t have any thoughts of interfering with your life. I just wanted to let you know that a few fellas who aren’t all that smart wish to bring you trouble, so it is best if you don’t leave randomly during these next few days. Those fellas aren’t that easy to deal with, a single lieutenant commander bodyguard isn’t enough to deal with them all.” 

When she heard Morgan’s voice, Helen rubbed her temples, feeling a slight headache. “Are you talking about these people?” 

A beam of light shot out from the ring on her right hand, the light screen displaying the upper half of General Morgan’s body. When he saw the current situation, the smile on General Morgan’s face immediately disappeared, and the corners of his eyelids twitched slightly. He slowly said, “They… already came?” 

“You can already see for yourself that they are dead!” Helen replied without any trace of politeness. “The military always comes a bit too late. I originally thought that this was something only enjoyed by the olden era’s military and police, but it seems like the Black Dragonriders are the same.”

General Morgan who was displayed on the light screen heavily put out the cigar he had only taken a few hits from on the ashtray, and with a serious expression, said, “I truly never thought that he would be so daring! Helen, I will send people over to protect you. Trash like Lynch are unreliable.” 

“I don’t need protection. You have also seen for yourself that even without Lynch, I can still kill them. Moreover, if I wanted to, I could turn Lynch into a lieutenant colonel or colonel at any time.” 

General Morgan’s eyebrows crossed together like two sharp swords. “They have many people like this. This time, four of them came, but next time, it might be ten! Can you kill that many? You can’t always rely on luck when doing things!” 

“There is a bit of luck involved, but that’s not all there is to it.” Helen straightened her body, organized her now messy blonde hair and said, “Have your people clean up this place, and remember that those two gray-colored corpses absolutely cannot be touched. The best way of dealing with it is to burn everything on the spot. If you don’t listen to my suggestion, then I won’t take responsibility for any consequences that follow. Also, don’t send any people over to protect me, I don’t need your protection, and I do not wish to have any type of relationship with you. If you insist on sending people over, I cannot guarantee their safety.” 

General Morgan suddenly laughed and said, “Are you trying to threaten me?” 

“I am simply describing things as they are.” Helen coldly said. She then turned off the screen of light before leaving into the distance. 

Inside the office, General Morgan’s expression seemed to have eased up quite a bit. He lit a new cigar, and then picked up a photo frame on his office table. The old-fashioned frame carried a photograph that was already turning yellow, the image already torn into more than ten pieces, but now carefully pieced together again. Its surface suffered from severe wearage, so it was already impossible to see the people in it clearly. One could only barely make out that this was a family photograph, three children standing between a middle-aged couple. 

After giving the photograph a look, General Morgan unwittingly revealed a smile, saying to himself, “You want to kill the people I send out? Haha, how would you know who I would send out? If you can kill him, it would be equivalent to eliminating one of my troubles.” 

He pressed a strikingly red button on the office table, and then a light screen rose. After his identity was verified, the light screen produced several special symbols and icons. General Morgan hesitated over a few symbols, and then he finally pressed down on the icon on the second row. 

The light screen immediately dimmed, and then it lit up again. At the center of the light screen appeared a room made of alloy, and at the center of the room was a metal stage similar to an altar. A naked male was currently confined at the center of this metal platform. He had a body of perfect proportions, and currently, thick and heavy alloy chains wrapped around his entire body. Four alloy nails pierced respectively through his wrists and ankles, nailing him down on the metal platform. The male’s eyes were wrapped around by a black cloth. The lines of his face were firm, practically conforming with all standards of handsomeness. 

The instant the light screen lit up, that male’s head moved slightly to the side, facing the center of the screen. An undisguised smile appeared at the corners of his lips. One had to admit that his smile was extremely charming. 

General Morgan’s dignified voice sounded within the prison cell. “Lafite!” 

“Business?” The man named Lafite smiled even more delightfully. 

“Correct. I need you to protect someone.” 

“The absolute minimum?”

“Keeping the brain intact.” Morgan said. 

Lafite’s smile became slightly sluggish, but soon after, it returned. “It seems like there’ll be some trouble… However, if it wasn’t troublesome, you wouldn’t come looking for me. Why don’t you let me take a guess at the one you want me to protect, is it Helen?”

“You are just as intelligent as in the past.” 

Lafite laughed and said, “Then, what is the price? Will I be able to get her?”

“If she agrees, then I won’t oppose it.” General Morgan took a deep breath of the cigar and said, “As long as you can protect Helen until the battle ends, then you’re free. Also, if the chance arises, I hope you can teach Connor a lesson as well.” 

“Teach Connor a lesson? Is there a reward for that?” 

“No, just simply doing me a favor.” General Morgan said. 

Lafite suddenly laughed loudly, within the deafening sound of laughter saying, “Then, we’ve reached a deal!” 

As soon as his voice dropped, the four alloy nails impaled into his body were suddenly ejected out, embedding themselves deeply into the alloy walls. He suddenly sat up, reached out his hand and grabbed the alloy chains wrapped around his body, easily snapping them one after another. He then jumped off the altar. He reached out his left hand, inserted it into the alloy door, and then exerted force, unexpectedly tearing off the entire door, casually flinging it onto the ground! On the distorted alloy door, one could clearly see a hand imprint, as well as five deep holes! 

An ear-piercing alarm sounded through the prison cell. Before leaving, Lafite, whose eyes were still covered suddenly turned around, giving General Morgan a smile. “Old thing, I will definitely be more than happy when I ask you for a favor in the future!” 

As he watched Lafite’s retreating figure, General Morgan smiled. He took a deep breath of his cigar, as if he didn’t take this ambiguous statement to heart in the slightest. 

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