Book 4 Chapter 30.6

Book 4 Chapter 30.6 - New Life

Helen was flung out under the inertia. She rolled on the ground, and then stabilized her body with a half kneeling state. In her hands once again appeared that fine and exquisite pistol. If an ordinary female were to comment on her actions, Helen’s movements were clean and efficient, but in the eyes of an ability user, this truly was a bit lacking. 

However, Couptu’s mind had already drastically slowed down, completely unable to react to Helen’s movements. Blood and inner organ fragments continuously spurted from his half opened mouth, his empty eyes only looking at the strange small creature in front of him, staring blankly at its six legs that were supporting it on the ground, as well as the bladelike forelimbs. It raised a limb, aiming the dark black sharp edge that shone with a metallic glint at Couptu. Then, it opened its mouth, releasing a string of silent sound waves, aiming them at Couptu’s body. Under the sound waves, Couptu’s body system that was originally arranged incredibly tightly began to shake. One after another, the gap between his cells increased, his defensive strength dropping drastically. 

Following a soft sound, the sharp, bladelike edge of its limb suddenly shot out, entering Couptu’s forehead!

The reactions of the three individuals Couptu brought with him were extremely sluggish, because they didn’t receive any orders. They hesitated for an entire second before roaring and rushing in his direction. 

Helen raised her gun, taking aim at one of them, and then pressed down on the trigger. That robust male revealed an evil grin. The muscles on his chest swelled up, not adding any more defenses at all, instead directly charging at Helen! A small pistol like this would at most remove a bit of skin. 

The bullet tore through the tough and durable leather clothing, and then cut open the rough skin. As soon as it embedded itself into the compact muscle fibers, it exhausted all of its kinetic energy and stopped. However, the bullethead already changed form, rupturing and releasing the bit of gray fine powder stored within. All of the body tissues that made contact with this powder immediately contorted, as well as shrunk to their limit. Intense signals extended along the nervous system, transmitting through his entire body in the blink of an eye. As such, all of the robust man’s internal organs, tissues, and muscles stopped their activity. 

The robust man collapsed with a rumbling sound, the tremendous force causing his body to slide along the ground, his shaven head stopping only when it was about to touch the front of Helen’s shoe. However, at this time, Helen already fired a second shot, hitting another robust male in his thigh. This robust man’s body was much sturdier, his body staggering a bit after being hit, almost falling onto the ground. However, after a mad roar, he unexpectedly stood up again! 

Helen’s face remained motionless. She aimed and fired at the staggering robust male again, this time, properly hitting him in the chest. The poisonous effects of the bullet flared out even quicker. This time, the robust male’s face was already covered in a layer of grayish tint the moment the bullet entered his body. His body went rigid, falling down on his back. 

Before the third robust male even had time to rush at Helen, the strange creature that was the size of a kitten shot out like an arrow, fiercely nailing itself to his lower back. Then, its eight limbs brandished about, leaving behind rows of deep bloody holes along this robust male’s sturdy back as it continuously crawled upwards. It arrived at his neck with lightning speed, and then its eight limbs displayed force simultaneously, embedding themselves deeply into the robust man’s body, digging into his spinal column before opening its mouth and fiercely biting down! 

That robust male was completely flustered, completely unable to grab this exceptionally nimble little thing. Only when the nape of his neck was bitten did he release a miserable cry, moving his hands backwards and only then grabbing it. He released a violent roar, and then the muscles on his arm wiggled about. Five levels of power suddenly rushed forth, wishing to crush it in one go!

However, the abnormal creature’s body was shockingly tough, the outer shell tough and slippery, simply comparable to alloys! Its body caved in quite a bit from the power, but it was still far from exploding. When the robust male saw that crushing it was useless, he released another crazy shout, his right hand fiercely flinging outwards!

His crazy roar immediately turned into a miserable howl! He forgot that this creature’s limbs were firmly latched onto its backbone, so this full powered pull ended up pulling out a chunk of his own vertebra!

The robust male immediately lost control of his body, screaming as he fell onto the ground and continuously rolling about. The strange creature already made its way into his neck through his nape. Several seconds later, the robust male suddenly stopped moving, laying there on the ground without any movement, face up, four limbs twitching involuntarily. Then, a fountain of blood suddenly sprayed out from his chest. The strange creature rushed out along with this fountain of blood, nimbly made a flip in midair, curled up, and bounced out, shooting out several meters of distance like an arrow to land at Helen’s feet. Its body first trembled a bit, shaking off the flesh and blood covering its body, and then it reached out its tongue that was even longer than its body, licking away the remaining bloodstains. Only then did it retract its limbs, tail, and all other sharp parts into its body, resembling a worm in appearance. With a bounce of its rear part, it lightly bounced towards Helen’s chest, already making its way into her collar. 

Helen patted her chest, calming down the little thing that was wriggling about like a spoiled child. She then walked next to the four corpses on the ground to carry out an examination. 

Couptu and the robust male who fell under the strange creature’s claws were already a complete mess, all of their inner organs, bones, and tissues torn to pieces. Meanwhile, the two fifth level chosen’s bodies were a dark gray, to the extent where the ground around them was even dyed in a layer of gray color. Even Helen herself made sure to carefully avoid the gray colored areas. 

What was somewhat unexpected was that Couptu’s vitality was exceptionally great, unexpectedly not dying, his eyes lifelessly looking into the sky, lips continuously opening and closing, as if he wanted to say something. However, the organs in his throat had already been diced up, unable to release the slightest bit of sound.

After silently observing for a bit, Helen reconstructed what Couptu was trying to say. 

“I don’t want to become a tool…” This was what he continuously repeated. 

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