Book 4 Chapter 30.5

Book 4 Chapter 30.5 - New Life

Under the cold wind of early morning, Helen walked with a constant speed. However, when she closed in on an intersection, the little thing in her bosom suddenly frantically squirmed about. 

Helen slowed down her footsteps. A figure silently appeared from the fog up ahead, cutting off her way out. This was a tall and slender youth who looked extremely young, his face widely accepted as the standard of handsomeness. His black-colored shirt and skintight pants displayed a unique type of style. 

The young man gave Helen a deep look. Helen frowned. From his slight movements, Helen already deduced that he was comparing her to the image in his memories. However, the comparison process seemed to follow a pattern, as if it was an intelligence system processing it. Helen was also using her brain’s super data processing speed to compare all of the scenery and data around her, then comparing and analysing everything before coming to a conclusion. However this entire process was done so by a biological body with intelligence, fundamentally different from that of a machine with an intelligence system. 

However, there was no sign of mechanical transplantation from this young man’s body, so the most likely conclusion was that he was someone artificially bred!

The moment she came to that conclusion, Helen stood there without moving, staring coldly at him.

“Dear Miss Helen, I am Couptu. I was ordered to wait here specifically for your distinguished self’s arrival.” The youngster displayed an act of the olden era’s etiquette, but his face was still raised. His eyes carried a smile as he looked at Helen, clearly without any sincerity.

Helen said indifferently, “Since you already waited for my arrival, you can now leave.” 

“That wouldn’t do! If I return empty handed, master will definitely fly into a terrible rage. I need to escort your distinguished self to your residence, and only after fetching some small things can I leave. Of course, whether or not this will be a disagreeable meeting, it will depend on your distinguished self’s attitude.” The young man said while laughing. 

Helen seemed as if she didn’t hear the threat from the young man’s voice. With an indifferent tone, she said, “I don’t agree. Also, this is Dragon City, not a place where you can do as you please.”

Ah ha! This truly, truly makes one regretful. However, this was precisely the answer I was waiting for.” The young man shouted in a somewhat exaggerated manner. Then, he made a forward gesture, and three individuals walked out from his sides. They were more robust than the young man, the swelling muscles under their clothes displaying clear strength. Only, the expressions on their faces were a bit blank, and the aura of power they released wasn’t as great as that of the young man himself. 

The young man laughed complacently. “Do you see now? This is the result of not cooperating. I originally might not have called them out. These three fellas, even though they are a bit stupid, they all have five levels of ability, and this is the condition that allows me to do as I please in Dragon City! Right now, please return with us obediently. After we get what we need, I believe we will still have enough time to play around for a bit. Your distinguished self’s expression, for humans, might be dead cold, but for us, it is the most powerful stimulant! Look how high these three’s pants are swelling!” 

Helen organized her blonde hair. She gave the three blank faced robust men a look, and casually asked, “What does Dr. Connor want?” 

The young man’s expression immediately became cold and sinister. He slowly said, “Your distinguished self truly is more than an ordinary type of intelligent! Since you’ve already guessed, then I won’t waste any time. Dr. Connor wants Su’s body organization and cells. He was treated many times under your distinguished self, so there are definitely quite a few samples. Alright, time is precious, so let’s head out! I know your distinguished self has no abilities, so I’ll help you out a bit.” 

He walked towards Helen, reaching out towards her waist, not worried in the slightest that he was exposing his chest, head, and other vital areas. Couptu already had six levels of abilities, his flesh incredibly powerful. It would be difficult for a woman without abilities like Helen to inflict any harm onto his body. 

A look of panic appeared on Helen’s face, backing up with a somewhat frightened expression. Couptu smiled, bringing Helen into his embrace with a single move. Following a press from his arms, Helen was lifted off the ground. Before his four levels of strength, Helen was as light as a feather. Persephone’s private hospital wasn’t any secret place. Couptu turned around and increased his speed, running towards the private hospital. This region was crossed with just a few steps. 

Right when he started moving, Couptu suddenly felt a stinging pain from his ribs, and then his body trembled uncontrollably. However, the feeling of pain quickly disappeared. He cursed inwardly, and then no longer paid it any attention. Couptu knew that the first batch of chosen actually had a great flaw, and that was that even the body of he himself, as an elite chosen, would often display strange circumstances. Dr. Connor had never spoken to the chosen about their body’s situation, only giving them a routine examination every week. Many of them would disappear after being examined. Even though Couptu didn’t have the most powerful abilities out of all the chosen, he, who believed himself to be the smartest, had long had suspicions towards his body and life expectancy soon after joining society. However, he didn’t have enough time to verify this. 

Couptu was actually not as relaxed as he looked on the surface. From today’s mission, Couptu already knew that Helen was an extremely outstanding biologist and doctor. He hoped that after completing his mission, he would then ask Helen about the truth of his body along the way. 

After running a few steps, Couptu suddenly felt as if something wasn’t quite right. The stinging pain that he had just felt completely disappeared, not only no longer hurting. He lowered his head to see what exactly was happening, but his cervical vertebra was completely rigid, his head not able to move downwards. Meanwhile, the abundant power inside his body suddenly vanished without a trace. His knees went limp, heavily kneeling onto the ground, the tremendous force causing his sturdy knees to release a fracturing groan! Couptu felt as if there was a clump of liquid stuck in his throat. He opened his mouth, suddenly spraying out blood like an open fire hydrant. The thick blood was muddled with pieces of inner organs, and there was even a small black shadow that jumped out from the blood! 

Its body unfolded in midair, eight limbs shooting out from its body with lightning speed. With a zheng sound, they nailed themselves into the sturdy road surface, its dozen or so compound eyes staring deathly at Couptu. Blood continuously flowed out from its disproportionately large mouth, blood that definitely wasn’t its own. 

Behind its body, its tail that was covered in scales continuously lashed out, from time to time striking against the ground, each thrash leaving behind a line of cracks, displaying a terrifying power that didn’t match its small figure at all. 

Couptu gave the strange creature he spat out a look, and the he slowly lowered his head, finally seeing the finger-sized hole in his chest, the edge of the wound abnormally smooth. It seemed like the stinging pain from just now was a result of this strange creature drilling into his body. However, with its current size, how could it have only left behind such a small hole? 

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