Book 4 Chapter 30.4

Book 4 Chapter 30.4 - New Life

Crash! A bucket of ice water that was at least half ice was poured down onto Cirvanas’ head, the bone-chilling coldness completely eliminating all intoxication. The young man who had just woke up immediately saw Madeline, carefully storing away all of the angry roars he was about to erupt with. He looked left and right, and only then did he realize that he was in an abandoned street, unknowingly when already leaving the bar that left him with an unforgettable memory. 

Under the ice water’s effects, Cirvanas’ head finally cleared up. Only, his stomach was still turning, and his entire chest felt like it was on fire. The nucleus was burning like a sun. 

“Girl, we should return.” Madeline used a rather ‘eastern’ method of address. However, what was strange was that Cirvanas unexpectedly understood what she meant. 

“I am a man!” The young man’s anger erupted once again, immediately forgetting the bitter lesson he had just been taught. 

“But everyone else thinks you are a girl. Also, daring to make a fuss with your older sis here, do you want to die again?” Madeline spoke indifferently. Those who were familiar with Madeline, if they were here, might be able to tell that her way of speech had already changed. It seems like those few bottles of alcohol weren’t completely ineffective. 

“Older sis?! My age is already almost a hundred years old!”

“Your intelligence is only that of a ten year old.” 

“But… the one that wants to be called older sis often doesn’t even seem like a true woman!” Cirvanas suddenly obtained a flash of inspiration, finding an exceptionally good comeback. 

“... let’s go drinking!” 

Cirvanas finally understood that inspiration sometimes brought disaster. However, he, who had just experienced a night of torment, didn’t have all that bad luck this time. Right when Madeline prepared to take action, a vague sensation suddenly passed over them, completely covering this region. This type of feeling was formless and without substance, not being restricted by the separation of tangible matter at all, passing through their bodies without being obstructed in the slightest. Madeline and Cirvanas immediately knew that Su had reopened his Panoramic View. 

Aside from the two of them who had an intangible connection with Su, no one else could sense the Panoramic View’s existence.

Su was still sitting next to Li’s bedside. After a night’s rest without thinking any thoughts, a lot of the intangible pressure he was facing inside had already disappeared. When the Panoramic View reopened, he immediately noticed where Madeline and Cirvanas were, and from their reactions, Su knew that they also simultaneously sensed his own existence. 

When he saw Madeline, a feeling of warmth rose within Su’s heart, and just like before, he reached out his hand to stroke her head. However, there was close to a kilometer between the two of them, so Su’s stroking, was just a thought from his heart. 

An energy reaction suddenly appeared before Madeline, the condensed energy fluttering over towards her. Madeline obediently lowered her head, allowing the energy to move through her soft silver gray hair. She slightly narrowed her eyes. In her perception, this energy carried all of Su’s aura, making it no different from his real hand. 

After softly patting her head, that energy gradually disappeared. Madeline continued to stand there quietly. Even though she knew that Su’s attention had already drifted elsewhere, she still wanted to stand there a bit longer.

“If master’s hand was placed in some other area, then that would be better.” Cirvanas who was cooly standing to the side as a bystander suddenly said. 

Following a bang sound, Madeline still didn’t move, but a formless pressure was released, making all buildings in a ten meter radius around her come crashing down, immediately creating an empty space. It was as if a warship’s main cannon released an artillery shell!

Meanwhile, Cirvanas, who was at the heart of the explosion miraculously didn’t receive any harm, to the extent where not even his hair fluttered about. He knew that this was the calm before the storm. 

“I can help you!!” In this critical moment of life and death, Cirvanas released a sharp squeal. 

“With just your bit of IQ?” Madeline revealed an ice-cold smile. 

“I can learn! I’ll do what I’m told! Also, relying on yourself is clearly not enough!” 

It was unknown exactly which sentence it was that moved Madeline, but after giving Cirvanas a quiet look, she began to walk back on her own. Only, after walking a few steps, Madeline suddenly pulled out a bottle of alcohol from her pocket, the mostly full bottle immediately making Cirvanas break out into a cold shiver!

However, this bottle didn’t land on top of this young man’s head. Madeline raised up the bottle of alcohol, and then drank this large half bottle of alcohol in one go. She then flung the bottle outwards, her figure vanishing immediately afterwards. 

With a pa sound, the empty bottle shattered against a wall. 

Cirvanas stood there in a stupefied manner for quite some time, but he still couldn’t snap out of this daze. 

The sky finally brightened. 

Inside Dragon City, Helen hurriedly walked along while welcoming this first streak of morning light. A long and thin tongue suddenly reached out from her collar, licking her face in an extremely intimate manner. 

Helen revealed a rare smile. She patted the little thing in her bosom and said with satisfaction, “It is still my little treasure that is the most clever.” 

When she saw that there was no one around them, Helen’s eyebrows were raised, and she said somewhat complacently, “But that is only natural! Who was it that decided to give you such a formidable mom?!” 

“However, your father… en, this, how should I say it…” When she thought of this matter, Helen’s brows locked together tightly, and her face gradually became cold, “... if there is any trouble in the future, its best if this data is just removed!” 

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