Book 4 Chapter 30.2

Book 4 Chapter 30.2 - New Life

Cirvanas who was pacing back and forth in the living room only felt waves of worry. He already completely lost connection with Su’s spiritual word. This type of situation had appeared in the past as well, but it was never as long as today’s. Now that he was unable to access Su’s spiritual world, Cirvanas suddenly felt an extreme helplessness, loneliness, and fear, just like a child abandoned in the middle of a desert. After walking a few more circles, the youth was like a fish that had been pull onto shore, his breathing feeling difficult. He didn’t want to endure the loneliness of staying in the living room alone any longer, instead instinctively rushing towards the spacious balcony. 

When he pulled open the glass door, Cirvanas finally rushed into the wind he desired so greatly. He took several deep breaths of fresh air, and only then did the anxiety within his chest calm down. 

However, when he truly calmed down, he immediately sensed that the atmosphere was a bit strange. The young man suddenly turned around, just in time to face a pair of azure, gemstone like eyes. 

Madeline was currently sitting on the balcony’s railings, her back against the wall, her legs propped high up on the marble banister, looking like she might fall any second now. This was the third floor, while what rested below the balcony was a hard rock surface. However, Cirvanas was fully aware that even if Madeline did fall, it would definitely be the stone surface that would crack apart. 

Right now, Madeline’s eyes were currently on the young man’s flying hair, revealing a bit of shock. Cirvanas was actually quite scared of Madeline’s look. He immediately used his single level of ice ability, condensing a smooth and glossy ice mirror to reflect his appearance. The Cirvanas reflected in the mirror was still as pretty as a girl, but the color of his long hair changed slightly, becoming a pure and gentle bright silver. This type of color, when paired with his red eyes and vermilion lips, produced a strange charming and gentle beauty. 

“The color of my hair changed?” Cirvanas stared blankly. He didn’t know when this kind of change took place, seeming like it was something that should have happened in the past two days. However, why did it change? What was the meaning behind this? Why did Madeline seem to care so much about this? 

Wait, Madeline cared a lot about this? 

Cirvanas turned around as fast as he could. From between his flying hair, he saw that Madeline already jumped off the railing, currently walking towards him. 

“Wait… what are you trying to do?” Cirvanas took steps backwards, asking a question he knew wasn’t going to produce good results. 

Madeline’s hands were inserted into the pockets of her jeans, her face looking relaxed as she said, “My mood is currently quite bad, so I want someone to vent on.” 

Cirvanas’ back slammed into the wall behind him, already having no way out. His understanding of Madeline only reached as far as her appearance and fighting strength, towards her temper and natural disposition, he knew absolutely nothing. Every single action Madeline made gave Cirvanas a strange type of fear, to the extent where his body even began to tremble uncontrollably, as if he had encountered his natural predator. 

“Even… if you wanted to vent out your anger, why do you have to pick me?” Cirvanas struggled to control himself, but his voice still trembled beyond his control. 

“Because you dislike me, and are easy to bully.” Madeline said. These were adequate reasons, especially for women. 

Madeline didn’t stop pressing forward, the powerful fear finally making Cirvanas explode. He roared towards Madeline, “I’m not that easy to bully! It is just because your abilities are higher level than mine! If we were at the same level of ability, you wouldn’t be able to beat me! Magic has always been the bane of the Combat Domain!” 

Energy erupted from Cirvanas’ body in a chaotic fashion, and all of the energy moving about his surroundings was led over as well. More than ten low level magic abilities were quickly taking form. One had to admit that Cirvanas’ innate ability to control energy was terrifying. Even though he currently only used first level abilities, this barrage of attacks made up of numerous low level magic abilities was still enough to destroy the defenses of many advanced level ability users. In addition, the speed at which Cirvanas condensed his attacks was extremely fast, fast to the point of exceeding many ‘instant’ abilities. 

The world of ability users was in reality not an equal one. The enormous disparity brought by innate talent couldn’t be made up for, so ability uses who stood on the ends of this gap were in entirely different words, just like the division between ability users and ordinary people. 

Cirvanas even treacherously condensed a second level defensive force field in his surroundings specialized in dealing with physical attacks. If Madeline still thought that he only had first level abilities and held back because of it, there would be a slight opening in her movements. At that time, the series of attacks that followed would inevitably bring her some trouble. 

But it would still only make her look slightly bad. 

However, when he saw the mysterious and complacent smile on the corners of Madeline’s lips, he understood that this thought would forever only be a wonderful desire. 

Madeline’s right hand seemed to have broken through the limit of speed, suddenly appearing before Cirvanas’ face, her long and slender fingertips poking into the youth’s physical defense force field, immediately blasting it apart with an undefiable barbaric power! Then, that hand stretched forward like lightning, grabbing the young man by the neck and lifting him up, violently shaking him a few times. 

Cirvanas felt as if all of the bones in his body separated, the world spinning around him. All of the energy around his body lost control, the various magics ready to take form returning to crazy energy, ultimately turning into a frantic gale that swept through this balcony. 

The young man’s figure was delicate, less than 170 cm in height. Meanwhile, Madeline was only a hair shorter than Su, so lifting him up was easily done. It looked like she was just shaking the young man a few times in the air, but Cirvanas who had a constitution exceeding that of normal people felt a different type of sensation, as if he was being trampled under several elephants, one after another. Only after a long time had passed did he gradually wake up from his dizziness. 

As soon as he discovered his awkward situation, his small face immediately flushed with redness, the powerful feeling of humiliation making Cirvanas temporarily forget about his fear towards Madeline, brazenly condensing energy to deliver a final strike. This strike was a strike for honor. Even if he couldn’t inflict the slightest injury, it would be enough if it just hit its target. 

Madeline’s response was only to shake her arm a few more times, and as such, Cirvanas’ head spun even more. 

When he woke up the second time, Cirvanas’ body was already incredibly weak, the remaining energy only enough to support normal movement. Even though this shaking didn’t bring his body any harm, it still miraculously scattered all of his remaining energy reserves. This was a terrifying combat skill that Cirvanas could not understand at all. 

What left this young man in despair was that from start to finish, Madeline only used her body’s original strength, not using any abilities. 

Even though there wasn’t much hope for him in battle from here on forth, Cirvanas’ unyielding spirit still pushed him on. He stared angrily at Madeline, and then he blew a breath in her face. 

The fresh stream of energy moved through a strand of Madeline’s hair. Cirvanas finally managed to hit Madeline, for the sake of honor. 

For the sake of honor...

The young man who had obtained his honor was carried in Madeline’s hands as she walked out from the building. The soldiers guarding this building all recognized Madeline and Cirvanas, and even more so understood how frightening they were. Even though their actions today made their relationship appear a bit strange, no one dared ask anything, and many didn’t even dare to give them a single look. 

Even though the Su inside the room was in a near static and blank state, he still sensed Madeline and Cirvanas’ departure. However, he didn’t change his current state. He believed that right now, in Steel Gate, or even all of the great lakes’ western region, there was pretty much no one who could threaten Madeline. The young lady already developed a comprehensive five levels of five Combat Domain ability, even more so saving behind enough evolutionary points to produce a sixth level ability. 

If anyone were to be deceived by her naive appearance, then their end would inevitably be tragic. Regardless, the dark saint who had previously dominated the Trials Division definitely had many methods, and her temper was definitely not that great. 

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