Book 4 Chapter 30.2

Book 4 Chapter 30.2 - New Life

Cirvanas who was pacing back and forth in the living room only felt waves of worry. He already completely lost connection with Su’s spiritual word. This type of situation had appeared in the past as well, but it was never as long as today’s. Now that he was unable to access Su’s spiritual world, Cirvanas suddenly felt an extreme helplessness, loneliness, and fear, just like a child abandoned in the middle of a desert. After walking a few more circles, the youth was like a fish that had been pull onto shore, his breathing feeling difficult. He didn’t want to endure the loneliness of staying in the living room alone any longer, instead instinctively rushing towards the spacious balcony. 

When he pulled open the glass door, Cirvanas finally rushed into the wind he desired so greatly. He took several deep breaths of fresh air, and only then did the anxiety within his chest calm do...

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