Book 4 Chapter 30.1

Book 4 Chapter 30.1 - New Life

“Su?” When Li opened her eyes, she immediately saw the face she yearned for day and night.

Su gently stroked Li’s face, and with a gentle voice said, “It’s me, I’ve returned. You are still very weak, so you should rest some more.” 

When she felt the warmth of Su’s hand, Li’s heart was filled with peace. Fatigue and weakness attacked at her mind again, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier as well. She relaxed, once again entering a dizzy state of sleep.

While asleep, Li thought in a daze, “How long did I sleep this time? One day, or two days…”

Seeing Li’s face that was smiling even whilst dreaming, Su felt a faint pain inside him. Li wasn’t even twenty years...

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