Book 4 Chapter 30.1

Book 4 Chapter 30.1 - New Life

“Su?” When Li opened her eyes, she immediately saw the face she yearned for day and night.

Su gently stroked Li’s face, and with a gentle voice said, “It’s me, I’ve returned. You are still very weak, so you should rest some more.” 

When she felt the warmth of Su’s hand, Li’s heart was filled with peace. Fatigue and weakness attacked at her mind again, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier as well. She relaxed, once again entering a dizzy state of sleep.

While asleep, Li thought in a daze, “How long did I sleep this time? One day, or two days…”

Seeing Li’s face that was smiling even whilst dreaming, Su felt a faint pain inside him. Li wasn’t even twenty years old yet, so from an olden era standpoint, she should be a student who didn’t even graduate from college yet. However, in the new era, women like her were usually already mothers of three or four children. 

The way the two of them got to know each other initially was quite dramatic. Later on when he went back to look for her, this girl who was always reluctant to admit mistakes casually became his subordinate, her reward only a hundred yuan, oh, and going to bed with him.

In the endless smoke and flames that followed, Li followed Su everywhere, risking life and limb. Even when the extremely powerful Persephone and Madeline appeared one after another, Li never said anything, just enduring it all. Now, she had a child. 

Li was now skinnier, her vitality weak to the extreme, spending most of each day in a dizzy state of sleep. The temperature of her stomach that swelled up was extremely high, while her limbs were ice cold in comparison. In addition, even though she was covered by the quilt, her stomach was clearly slowly rising and falling.

Su reached his hand into the blankets, placing it on Li’s stomach. His perception passed through Li’s extremely elastic skin, gradually seeping inwards. This time, Su was a bit more careful so that the small life in Li’s stomach didn’t notice his perception activity. 

Li’s stomach had already become a completely different world. The inside was mostly composed of liquid containing nutrients, while the outside was surrounded by a thick membrane. This membrane was in reality already similar to an organ, transforming the nutrients sucked away from Li’s body into brand new nutrient fluid that the little life floating inside could enjoy. Right now, most of Li’s body was already under this small life’s control, sending nutrient fluid over in an unending stream. The functions of all other parts were already suppressed to the bare minimum needed to maintain survival. 

This was a bit better than how Li was when Su first saw her again. Back then, the little life completely disregarded the life or death of its mother’s body, using the fastest speed possible to grow. And now, it at least knew that it couldn’t endanger Li’s life, or else it would incur the fury and destruction Su would bring. This was an extremely clever little fella, to the extent where it could be said to have some intelligence, knowing not to touch Su’s bottom line. 

However, this newborn didn’t know that roaming this close to his bottom line, was actually the same as provocation.

Anger gradually surged from Su’s heart. His heart powerfully pulsed. As long as he wished, this wave of energy would follow his perception into Li’s belly, immediately crushing that little fella to pieces. 

The little life was actually extremely tenacious. Even if its flesh shell was crushed to pieces, it could still regrow from a granule of flesh. This type of terrifying vitality was quite similar to Su’s. However, if Su took action, how could it be as simple as simple as an ordinary crushing of its flesh? The energy the heart of darkness released carried powerful destructive force to begin with, and Su’s Panoramic View had Transparent Surveillance, Long-range Sensation, as well as many other perception methods, so his understanding of the life form’s internal composition was extremely thorough. As such, if Su crushed it, the little life would collapse at a cellular level, with absolutely no chance of regeneration. 

This was, in fact, still because its vitality wasn’t great enough. Truly tenacious creatures, as long as their genes weren’t harmed, could still regenerate under suitable environments. However, as Su’s power increased, the day would come when he could directly destroy genes. When that time arrived, Su would truly become the natural predator of super life forms. 

While in deep thought, the little creature finally sensed Su’s fury. It immediately went stiff, stopping all of its activity, slowly sinking down in the nutrient fluid. Su could feel its great fear, as well as its frantic struggle. However, with the disparity in strength between Su and itself so great, and while under the pressure of destruction, all of its functions already came to a stop. 

“What is this? Isn’t it my child?” This thought suddenly emerged in Su’s mind, and as such, he retracted his energy with a bitter smile.

Only after some time had passed did the little life recover its activity, once again absorbing the nutrients for its growth. However, this time, its absorption speed was much slower, clearly extremely cautious. 

Under the effects of using his perception on it again and again, Su knew that it really was his child. However, for some reason, Su didn’t feel any sense of intimacy with this small life, but of course, they weren’t estranged or anything, just a type of indifference. In Su’s heart, it was no different from any other life forms. It it wasn’t because of Li, Su might not have given it the slightest bit of attention. This kind of feeling was extremely strange, to the extent where even Su was aware that it was inappropriate. However, Su had no way of deceiving himself. There was only an icy coldness in his heart for this child, with no familial affection to speak of. 

Meanwhile, the small life in Li’s stomach seemed to understand this as well, only feeling precaution and fear towards Su and not any dependence or intimacy. It even more so directly expressed through its actions that it was going to rely on itself for survival. Of course, it was quite smart, knowing not to touch Su’s bottom line. 

After sighing once more, Su retracted all of his perception abilities. Right now, he was no different from an ordinary person. As he watched the peacefully sleeping Li, a warmth and tenderness welled up from Su’s the bottom of Su’s heart. Su knew that this was an emotion that belonged to humans. However, the little life in Li’s stomach was definitely unrelated to humans. 

Su slowly closed his eyes, using his hand to feel the warmth of Li’s cheeks. Just like that, he sat there quietly, letting everything go, not thinking anything. In this rare moment of peace, he wanted to extravagantly squader away a bit of time. 

Li’s room was completely quiet. 

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