Book 4 Chapter 3.8

Book 4 Chapter 3.8 - Unexpected Blade

O’Brien’s face fell. However, soon after, he became cheerful again. With a smile, he said, “What a pity it is that I have no way of saving more people. Regardless, it is good that you were able to return!”

Alan turned his body over, and then he struggled to a kneeling position. “I am willing to eternally vow my loyalty and devotion to your distinguished self!”

The research manager looked at Alan with shock. This man was recruited into Poseidon’s Trident, so he only had a simple employee relationship with O’Brien. Why was it that after the reconstruction process, he suddenly swore his loyalty like the ancient knighthood system? This was not something common even among the oldest members of Poseidon’s Trident. 

However, O'Brien merely laughed as if it was proper and to be expected. He reached out his hand and supported Alan’s head. “From today forth, let’s fight together.”

“Yes sir!” Alan replied with a deep voice. 

What followed was a simple lunch. On the dining table, the research manager was once again shocked...

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