Book 4 Chapter 3.7

Book 4 Chapter 3.7- Unexpected Blade

At the southern extremity of Rhodes Island, the ancient castle continued to tower like a mountain between the sea and sky, overlooking the surging great ocean below. Unlike the uniquely shaped Dark Red Castle, Sunset Castle that gave off an antique feeling, as well as the manor style Arthur family castle, Bevulas’ castle trumped them all in space alone. This castle formed from countless square meter blocks of stones was three hundred meters tall just from the oceanfront side alone! Between each block of stone were framework structures made of superalloys to support it, and that was why they could support this type of weight. 

Throughout the years, what Bevulas liked to do the most was stand at the summit of the castle and gaze into the deep great sea. 

In two days, the emergency meeting would commence, as well as the day when he would directly confront the Spider Empress. Great figures with noble status, powerful abilities, or enormous powers backing them were currently heading towards this Rhodes Island that was extremely close to the main continent. There were some among them who belonged to the centrist faction, but Bevulas believed that after seeing the current state of things clearly, these intelligent individuals would understand what to do. Unfortunately, if they were smart enough and could take action decisively ahead of time, they wouldn’t be a part of the centrist faction. Bevulas never liked those that liked to add flowers to brocades, and the Spider Empress was no different. 

It was reasonable to assume that nothing unusual should happen in the emergency meeting this time, but Bevulas wasn’t against making even more preparations. That was why he tugged on rope that led to the summoning bell. 

“Esteemed Lord Bevulas, Haydn awaits your command.” A slightly younger voice sounded from behind Bevulas. 

“Bevulas frowned. He turned around and saw that the one that appeared in the study was a seemingly eleven or twelve year old boy. He had medium length black hair and rather strange golden eyes. His fine white skin was a bit unusual. What was rather eye-catching was that he was extremely pretty, and if he wore women’s clothes, he would be a beautiful princess. 

“Haydn? Why are you the one here? What about Eileen? Where is she? Could it be that she does not understand how how critical this period of time is?” Bevulas was naturally displeased. 

Haydn didn’t enter a half kneeling state like the others and instead only bowed slightly. “Older sister Eileen said that it wasn’t easy for her to finally awaken, so she doesn’t want to go back to sleep without having some fun. That’s why she decided to go after Persephone and woke me up to serve your distinguished self. She said that if your distinguished self only needed military strength, then I am already enough.”

“That Eileen, doing whatever she wants!” Bevulas’ face fell ashen. He looked furious, but when he spoke about Eileen, there was an indescribable trace of doting. 

Haydn’s eyes immediately lit up, and he continued, “Exactly! She is always making a scene, so when she returns this time, your distinguished self have to properly discipline her, best if you make her sleep for three whole months! She forced me to abandon my own plans!”

“What kind of plans did you have? Why don’t you talk about them?” Bevulas asked without batting an eyelid. 

Haydn’s little face became completely red. Only after a while did he mumble, “I wanted… to capture Madeline back and see between me and her, who was the true battle genius. I heard she lost all of her abilities, so that’s why I began to think like this. There’s no way I could beat the past her…”

“Is that to say that you are just like Henry, interested in Madeline’s body?” Bevulas gently asked. 

Haydn immediately began to shake his head fiercely, saying, “No! I never had that thought before,I  just wanted to research her body a bit. Henry is your distinguished self’s only son, and he also has your bloodline, so that’s why he dared to compete with you over Madeline’s body. If I dared to do something like that, I will immediately be drowned out by your rage! After all, there aren’t many women who can endure your distinguished self’s power, and Madeline is one of them. Ah, there’s also…”

“Enough!” Bevulas stopped Haydn with a shout. He then asked, “You all should know that my patience is extremely limited. Do not try to test my patience again! What did Eileen threaten you with?”

Ah, this… great one…” Haydn’s little face immediately became completely red, unable to speak a complete sentence no matter how hard he tried.

“That Eileen…” Bevulas shook his head. He no longer forced Haydn and released a sigh. 


Within the depths of the Hebilu forest that was several hundred kilometers from Rhodes Island, a temporary base had already been established. Mobile experimental equipment was already delivered via air, and several temporary laboratories were established. Large numbers of armed forces and researchers were hurrying over to establish a permanent base. 

At the center of the forest, the Hebilu mother tree lobby was brightly lit. Researchers were currently busying about nervously. From time to time, they would glance over at the row of natural breeding cylinders at the top of the tree, and then the expression in their eyes would reveal fear and anxiety. 

The sound of glass shattering suddenly sounded in the tree lobby. The transparent cover of a breeding room was suddenly covered in cracks, and then with a loud crash sound, a fist unexpectedly forcibly penetrated through the sturdy cover! The cover then turned into fragments, and then the green culture fluid poured outwards! The individual inside the breeding room seemed to have used up all of its strength, dropping down helplessly from high up. 

The research manager had undergone a bit of Combat Domain ability strengthening. He leapt up and caught the falling male. While descending, he hurriedly cried out, “Young master! Are you okay?”

The male that popped out from the cultivation container was precisely O’Brien. The surface of his body was still covered in green culture fluid, and at this moment, he had just opened his eyes again. He smiled weakly and then asked, “How much time has passed?”

The research manager stared blankly for a moment, and then he said, “The entire reconstruction process was three days in total.”

The research manager could clearly feel that O’Brien seemed to have become a bit different in certain areas than before. The feeling he gave off now was that of a completely different person. In the past, even though O’Brien displayed talent in almost every field, the immaturity and impulsiveness of his age was still impossible to completely remove. However, after just these three days of adjustment from the mother tree, there was suddenly a sense of calmness and great changes exuding from O’Brien’s body. This was a feeling only the accumulation of endless time could produce. 

“Only three days had passed? Truly a fascinating experience…” O’Brien chuckled faintly. He then stood up under the research manager’s support.

This time, another breeding trough at the top of this tree lobby’s dome suddenly cracked, and a well-built male fell down from within. This time, the research manager was not as surprised as before, so with a wave of his hand, he produced a soft forcefield, supporting this figure’s descent until he was resting on the ground. 

When he saw this male who similarly freed himself from the breeding trough, O’Brien smiled and said, “Alan, it really is good that you were able to come out alive. What about the others?”

Alan who appeared much sturdier than O’Brien instead looked considerably weaker. He supported his upper body with great difficulty and said, “Apart from me, the other brothers should have all died in that world.”

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