Book 4 Chapter 3.5

Book 4 Chapter 3.5 - Unexpected Blade

Kaplan finally landed on the ground, but he was struggling to stabilize himself. He had one knee on the ground, and he was fully relying on the alloy curved blade to prevent himself from falling. Three bloody wounds suddenly appeared on his chest, and then the bloodstains quickly widened, turning into terrifying injuries over ten centimeters in diameter in the blink of an eye! These were injuries produced by spear thrusts! However, Kaplan’s defensive strength was far greater than that of the two colonels, and he even attacked Persephone at full force, forcing her to retract some of the force. This was likely why his chest had not been pierced through yet. 

Blood poured out from his body like a spring, and in the blink of an eye, a pool of blood had gathered by Kaplan’s feet. 

Persephone stood proudly at the center of this group of wolves. The spear drew out a strange trajectory through the air, and then it slowly returned to her back. The wind it drew forth caused her long gray hair to blow about, adding a mysterious sense of beauty to her appearance. 

Persephone slowly turned around, and then she walked towards the darkness outside the base. Behind her, apart from the general that could still hold on, there were four perfectly unharmed higher ranked officers and nine lower ranked dragonriders. However, no one dared to chase after her!

It was to the extent where no one even dared to give her beautiful, icily arrogant, and lonesome figure another look. 

A light crack sounded. The curved alloy blade was inserted deeply into the ground by Kaplan. The cement around the blade’s edge began to crack apart, and these cracks extended in all directions, traveling several meters outwards. The blood that had accumulated on the ground quickly seeped into these cracks, producing bloody patterns on the dark gray cement. 

pa sounded. The intelligence system whose owner was unknown fell next to Kaplan’s body. He just happened to see the time the screen display, and as a result, calculated how long this battle took: one minute and thirty seconds. 

A minute and three seconds was enough for the battle to end. Kaplan who commanded fifteen dragonriders was completely defeated, moreover with the loss of two colonels. Equipped with the unpredictable yet ridiculously powerful energy formed weapon, even though they were both major generals, the difference in their power was actually so great. 

As Kaplan tightly gripped the alloy curved blade’s handle, his arms that were thicker than a normal robust man’s thighs were continuously trembling! He was utterly terrified. The instant Persephone’s spear pierced over, Kaplan could clearly see clearly see the sinister smile of the reaper from the spearpoint! It was only the fighting strength he instantly erupted into that left him with a sliver of life. Even though Persephone was also injured, Kaplan understood clearly that she definitely didn’t retreat because of her injuries, but instead to preserve her complete fighting strength for the arrival of Bevulas’ forces. 

Turns out she was already aware that this troop was incoming, and even clearly grasped their whereabouts. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chose to take action at this time. 

Persephone left an hour and a half of time for the special forces. An hour and a half gave her ample time to set up her own battle preparations, and it left the special forces with no choice but to face her in the battlefield of her own choosing. 

Kaplan finally understood that Persephone had never planned on escaping, and instead chose to fight to the death with these special forces!

What was it that gave her the courage to face Bevulas who was as imposing as a mountain? Kaplan couldn’t figure this out. He also knew that he wouldn’t understand how Persephone was currently thinking his entire life. 

At this moment, in the far off Dragon City, Helen was currently lazily reclining into her chair, staring at the ever changing stream of data on the light screen in front of her. 

“The battle already ended? Hah, if this Phoney girl doesn’t get stirred up a bit, she won’t really put her all into it. This battle was probably completed in less than two minutes,” Helen thought lazily. Her train of thought suddenly jumped, and then she said quietly, “No, I didn’t take her new true luck ability into consideration. Right, if we consider the element of luck, the battle should have ended in… a minute and thirty-five seconds.”

Persephone left, but Kaplan was still standing in his original location like a statue, to the extent where he didn’t even dispel his expanded muscular state. From the distance, one would only see a three meter tall giant towering at the center of the base. When the low ranked dragonriders who didn’t even have the qualifications to participate in the battle saw Persephone head into the distance, they all released a breath of relief. Their entire bodies of energy had disappeared without a trace, so who dared to chase after her? However, when they saw Kaplan’s abnormal condition, everyone could feel that insuppressible rage, humiliation, and… fear. 

That was why none of the dragonriders moved, all of them like statues. They did not want to get caught up in Kaplan’s rage right after escaping Persephone’s slaughter. Since not even the dragonriders were moving, the ordinary soldiers were even more so still, to the extent where no one even dared to clean up the two dead colonel’s corpses. 

After who knew how much time had passed, Kaplan woke up from his great rage and humiliation. He scanned the surroundings, and then he released a great mouthful of white mist. He pointed at the two colonels’ corpses in front of him, and with a hoarse voice, said, “You all should clean this up!”

Only now did the northern base recover from its frozen state. 

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