Book 4 Chapter 3.4

Book 4 Chapter 3.4 - Unexpected Blade

The enormous column of flame that rushed into the sky immediately made Kaplan feel as if he was suffocating, not only because of the heat it released, but its sheer size alone already made him feel like this!

Persephone finally opened her eyes, and she cast her sight on the body of Kaplan who suddenly stood up! The instant her eyes opened, the entire villa already quietly broke apart, turning into rubble and debris that formed a ring around Persephone! That was why when her eyes fully opened, there wasn’t anything blocking her line of sight. 

The vague sense of danger made Kaplan fiercely jump into the air, to the extent where it was too late for him to even reiterate his advice for her to surrender. He already erupted with all of his power, and then he released a roar! His body abruptly increased in size, his muscles that expanded several times directly blasting his military uniform to shreds. What appeared in the air could be considered a terrifying muscle monster! Several oval shaped crystals appeared on Kaplan’s body, and swirling about the surface of the crystals was a hazy yellow radiance that covered most of his body’s vital points. This was a defensive field he released using the crystals as an intermediary, a product of merging high level Magic and Combat Domain abilities. In Kaplan’s hands appeared a two meter long, at least a hundred kilogram weight alloy curved blade, his unique weapon. Without waiting for Persephone to even make any moves, Kaplan already leapt into the air, sending the blade down on Persephone with all his strength!

The curved alloy blade released an extremely sharp whistle through the air, this sound wave made lower dragonriders feel dizzy and blurred their vision. They were just completely lacking in strength, simply incapable of even participating in this battle!

Among the fifteen dragonriders, only the two colonels timely moved to outflank Persephone. The other higher ranked dragonriders were intimidated by Persephone’s sudden eruption of aura, causing their reactions to be a step slower. Meanwhile, most of those ordinary soldiers already collapsed onto the ground from the sound waves produced by Kaplan’s blade alone, holding their heads and screaming from pain. Only a few relatively stronger soldiers managed to stand their ground with great difficulty. 

In front of a general, no matter how many ordinary soldiers there were, they still couldn’t even serve as cannon fodder. They could only await a massacre!

Power determined authority; this was the origin of the Blood Parliament’s cold and cruel hierarchy. 

Kaplan’s world shaking blade hacked down, but it was as if he struck down on an active volcano! He instantly flew backwards at an even faster speed!

Persephone stood there impressively, her long legs wrapped within black stockings perfectly defining the meaning of long and straight. Her gray outfit gracefully set off her bewitching figure. However, a three meter long spear had appeared on the right hand behind her back, its spearhead pointing diagonally at the ground. With the spear in hand, the coldness in Persephone’s eyes was already no longer the aloof and remote arrogance of an ice princess, but instead a killing intent that could directly freeze one’s soul!

The two colonels didn’t even clearly see how Kaplan was blasted flying, but these two who were equipped with abundant battlefield experience knew that this was definitely not the time to retreat. They had to restrict Persephone until General Kaplan recovered. In addition, it wasn’t that they were alone without any help, as the four other higher ranked officers were currently rushing over. 

The spear in Persephone’s hands drew out an arc. The spearpoint was raised, piercing through the chest of a colonel! The spear’s movements were extremely clear as it pierced through the three layers of defensive force fields, and then penetrated his hands that were trying to grab the spearpoint. It hacked through the sturdy and lightweight superalloy defensive armor, entered his chest, and then emerged from his back, similarly piercing through the armor on his back. 

The colonel’s defensive strength that could withstand heavy artillery shells was directly pierced through in one stroke by Persephone’s spear!

The colonel used the last bit of his strength to grip the spear rigidly, preventing the spear from moving about any further in his body. However, the feeling of his palm and what his body experienced were a bit different. He couldn’t help but stare towards the spear that pierced towards his body. What he saw made his eyes suddenly bulge outwards!

Only now did he discover with shock that this seemingly heavy and incomparably sturdy spear that was flickering with a dark gray metallic luster, was engraved with beautiful and complex patterns actually didn’t possess substance as well!

In the depths of the colonel’s brain, a name that had already been buried for an extremely long time surfaced: energy condensed weapon!

This spear was a weapon formed from the energy Persephone personally exuded from her body! The dragonriders who had this ability all left a heavy mark in the Black Dragonriders’ history. In the eyes of dragonriders who had this ability, the clear-cut difference between rank and status already became blurry, as there were definitely colonels who easily killed generals with this ability!

“Careful, this is…” The colonel tried his best to warn his comrades, but he only shouted a few words before his voice became hoarse. The long spear abruptly vanished, only leaving behind a terrifying hole in his chest. The sudden pressure change immediately sent the blood mixed with the air left over in his lungs outwards, as well as sucking the dragonrider’s final words back into his throat. 

The other colonel watched as the spear flew over, and then as if his defensive force field was as frail as paper, it pierced through, and then it penetrated his throat that had seven levels of defensive strength. Then, the spearpoint twisted. His head thus left his body, flung high up into the air! He widened his eyes, suddenly at a loss as for why the spear Persephone held suddenly appeared back in Persephone’s left hand. 

Before losing consciousness, the last bit of perception he had left finally allowed him to understand what his comrade was trying to say just now. That spear was a weapon condensed from energy. 

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