Book 4 Chapter 3.1

Book 4 Chapter 3.1 - Unexpected Blade

When the room closed, Persephone’s body suddenly felt weak, as if all of her energy immediately flowed out from her body. She leaned powerlessly against the door. 

Even with the thick door separating them, she could still hear Roy curse viciously before getting back into his car. He purposely lowered his voice and closed the car door softly as well; it seemed like he was scared of angering Persephone again. After all, if Persephone really decided to not have any more misgivings, killing ten Roys would just be a moment’s thought. 

After receiving her promise, Roy instead straightened his back, strangely feeling a bit more confidence, as well as a powerful but delusive wave of desire. However, Roy finally understood that right now, everything he relied...

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