Book 4 Chapter 3.1

Book 4 Chapter 3.1 - Unexpected Blade

When the room closed, Persephone’s body suddenly felt weak, as if all of her energy immediately flowed out from her body. She leaned powerlessly against the door. 

Even with the thick door separating them, she could still hear Roy curse viciously before getting back into his car. He purposely lowered his voice and closed the car door softly as well; it seemed like he was scared of angering Persephone again. After all, if Persephone really decided to not have any more misgivings, killing ten Roys would just be a moment’s thought. 

After receiving her promise, Roy instead straightened his back, strangely feeling a bit more confidence, as well as a powerful but delusive wave of desire. However, Roy finally understood that right now, everything he relied on was established on the fact that Persephone still persisted with her dignity. Should her dignity be trampled upon, the results would definitely not be good. 

Persephone also knew that Roy didn’t dare make things difficult for her, regardless of whether she was a dragonrider general or not. The reason he acted in such an unbridled manner manner was definitely because someone had stirred him on, the goal of such actions clearly to inflict even greater pressure on her. 

Due to the fact that no lights were turned on, the room was extremely dark, as well as cold. Persephone leaned against the door, slowly sliding down until she sat on the ground. She then suddenly grabbed her long gray hair! 

Not even this could stop the hot tears from dropping onto the ice-cold floor. They formed several small puddles, and then they quickly became cold as well. 

Almost every man outside this villa would become her enemy. Even if this didn’t immediately happen, it would happen in the near future. In this entire northern region, perhaps in this entire continent, the only thing left that could offer her protection was this house that even Roy could easily tear apart. Meanwhile, the people who she could still trust had already previously headed west. 

Many times, Persephone looked extreme naive and innocent. However, how could someone who socialized with so many great figures and even personally established the foundations of Arthur family’s military force be naive or innocent? She merely didn’t wish to waste time on insignificant matters. She was quite clear on the fact that it wouldn’t be long before all the dragonriders of the north became her enemy. The effect of benefits and intimidation were things Persephone couldn’t be more clear on. 

She wasn’t scared of the enemies near and far, hidden or not. Even if it was Bevulas, she would still face him without any fear. What made her lose control of herself was that only now did Persephone finally face the reality she was most unwilling to accept, which was eternal separation. 

Just as Persephone was silently crying, a trace of cold, dark, and moist feeling suddenly attacked her body, moreover wantonly roaming about. 

Persephone immediately differentiated that someone was using the spiritual touch ability on her. This was a fourth level ability that was founded on both the Perception and Mysterious Fields Domains, an ability similar to long-range sensation. The difference was that the perception brought back by spiritual touch was much more blurry, but its effective range was far greater than long-range sensation. It could also pass through any non-living objects. 

Normally, this type of spiritual touch would be scattered away by her before it could even get close to her. However, she was at her weakest right now, so her vigilance and defenses momentarily dropped. This unexpectedly resulted in the spiritual touch landing on her body.

Persephone suddenly stood up and clenched her fists tightly. She released a silent scream!

Rings of formless sound waves that were like extremely sharp blades winded about the mental fluctuations that continued to linger in the air, and then it immediately began to ruthlessly slash about!

Persephone had nine levels of Mysterious Fields ability, and the supplementary effect of this was that her mental strength was greatly increased. The slightest contact with the mental fluctuations her sound waves released would blast the prying mental fluctuations to pieces. This was an irrecoverable injury. The destruction of every mental fluctuation would bring about a permanent decline in the user’s ability. Meanwhile, in this type of mental confrontation, Persephone possessed an absolute and overwhelming advantage!

The spiritual touch’s fluctuations screeched. The destruction of every wave would bring back the ability user extreme pain. The screeching sound the ability user released through his spirit was to first ask for forgiveness, and second, to frantically find a way to escape from the murderous sound waves. 

“It seems like they don’t even plan on putting on any type of front!” Persephone sneered inwardly as she thought. She obviously knew who the one who used the spiritual touch was. In the entire northern base, there was only a single person who had this ability. 

Persephone's face became even colder. The sound waves that possessed a frequency which exceeded what the human ear could detect increased a notch, and then this sound wave that became even more numerous and chaotic immediately annihilated the intruding mental fluctuations. Then, it even traced it back to its source, only giving up when it smashed into the defensive force field surrounding the base’s headquarters. 

Persephone was unwilling to let things end here. She released another scream in the headquarters’ direction, and together with powerful mental force, the sound wave seemed to instantly destroy half of the defensive force field’s power. Only then was some of her resentment expelled!

In headquarters’ top floor observation seat, a thirty or so year old man suddenly jumped out from his seat. Then, like a shrimp, his body curled up in midair. A large mouthful of blood was spat out from his mouth. With the destruction of each mental wave, another blast of bloody mist would escape his mouth. His scream tore through the air, but his voice would always be cut short by the blood that continuously surged.

A loud guang sounded. The tightly locked door was kicked open by someone. General Kaplan rushed into this room and supported this man who had the captain rank insignia on his body. Kaplan immediately felt a bone-chilling coldness attack that felt just like a rapidly revolving blade! He released a loud shout, and then half of his head of white hair stood on end. He did everything he could to support the defensive force field, and then it clashed with the incoming coldness!

In that instant, the wrinkles on Kaplan’s face became deeper. His eyes became covered in bloody veins, and his hair became a bit paler. Fortunately, there was only one attack. 

Two dark streams of blood flowed out from Kaplan’s nose. He casually wiped it away, and then he focused on the middle-aged man collapsed on the ground. With a downcast voice, he asked, “Lute, how are you feeling?”

Lute’s face was morbidly pale. There were large patches of blood by his mouth and chest. He looked at Kaplan in a rather blank manner, and only with great difficulty did he recognize the general’s face. He immediately said with a trembling voice, “That whore… that whore ruined my abilities! I don’t have any more abilities! Uncle, help me kill her! Kill her!”

A trace of paleness could be seen on Kaplan’s face. Within his eyes was a great anger that he forcefully suppressed, and then with a overcast voice, he cut off Lute’s nervous shouting with his own. “Abilities destroyed can be trained again! As long as you’re not dead, everything is fine! Now… now is not the time to confront her yet. We still have to wait. I will definitely make her feel regret!”

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