Book 4 Chapter 29.6

Book 4 Chapter 29.6 - Evaluation


Tegan suddenly stood up, slapping the face of that guard with all of his strength. He, who already had two levels of power, despite his current weakness, still sent that guard flying through the air. Two strands of blood flowed from his mouth and nose, the blood carrying a few newly separated teeth. 

Tegan’s face fell ashen, his body trembling slightly from anger. He pointed at the startled soldier and roared, “You, and you all! All of you better listen the fuck up! From today forth, if anyone dares to humiliate great one or those by his side in this type of fashion, this old one will be the first to tear that person apart! Even I am nothing more than a piece of dirt on great one’s boots, let alone you group of trash! Who do you all think you are?”

After a crazy shower of curses, Tegan fiercely kicked the guard on the ground a few times, and only then did he order the soldiers to head for the barracks. 

Another guard with a great beard stayed behind, picking up that unlucky fella on the ground. When his body swayed, the guard laying on the ground released a miserable cry of pain, and only then did the one with the large beard discover that Tegan truly acted quite fiercely, his kicks even breaking a few ribs. These soldiers were all used to slaughter, dealing with injuries like broken arms or legs quite a few times. They naturally knew how to bind up a few broken ribs. 

The guard lying on the ground groaned a few times. He looked towards the direction Tegan walked towards and fiercely spat out a clump of blood and spittle, cursing with a low voice, “Really knows how to fucking kiss ass! This old one doesn’t believe that you never thought about it even once inside!” 

The bearded individual recalled how Tegan’s face suddenly twisted out of extreme anger, as well as his hysterical voice, and then a bit of coldness suddenly appeared in his heart. He subconsciously lowered his voice and said, “I feel like… perhaps captain was speaking the truth.”

“What? He really never had those types of thoughts? Don’t give me that kind of bullshit…” As soon as the voice of the guard on the ground was raised, his mouth was covered firmly by the bearded individual, suppressing all of his later words. 

“If you want to stop living, then say it earlier, don’t drag this old one with you! It’s not like you don’t understand captain’s methods!” A vicious light appeared in the bearded guard’s eyes as he roared out, his large hands that were full of calluses grabbing his throat. 

The wounded guard, with his life now threatened, retracted his viciousness, only now recalling the cruel methods Tegan used to tyrannize the captives. He couldn’t help but break out into a cold shiver.

Inside the barracks, Tegan walked into the living quarters of the commander, fiercely closing the door behind him. 

He tore apart off all of the equipment covering his body, throwing them about carelessly. He then removed his combat suit as quickly as possible, standing naked before the mirror. 

Reflected in the mirror was no longer the slightly childish feminine and restrained youth,but rather a handsome, ruthless, and decisive commander. During these short few months, he already grew up, maturing under the unbearable pressure. 

Tegan took a deep breath, and then his slender body suddenly expanded. Strands of muscles appeared below his skin like reinforced steel bars. In the blink of an eye, his originally skinny self had already become a large muscular man. Tegan moved his arm, the muscles of the person displayed in the mirror displaying at least three levels of power. 

In a few months of time, he reached his current state from nothing, arriving at three levels of power, and even able to hide it. Tegan gave his appearance that had returned to its delicate self a look, finally revealing a bitter smile. 

Su had previously told him that he was extremely lucky. This sentence could be interpreted as him having an extremely high level of basic luck, even without the addition of any Mysterious Fields abilities. In addition, from the abilities information Su left behind, Tegan knew that his own speed of ability advancement was extremely fast. In addition, with how fast he reached three levels of power, it proved that his potential could support him at least to five levels. From what Su occasionally leaked out through chatting, even in the distant Black Dragonriders, five levels of power was enough to reach the standard of a low level dragonrider officer. 

That was why Tegan knew that he was extremely lucky, and quite talented. 

This placed him in constant fear. During the past few months, he had never had a good night of sleep. 

He didn’t understand why, but he always felt as if his future was shrouded within an enormous shadow, a type of unspeakable fear, a darkness even more terrifying than death. To change from a nameless refugee that should have died, to his current position, even in the wilderness, Tegan could now be considered a budding genius. Su’s intention was to have him take responsibility for Midnight City’s defenses, so in the great lakes’ western region, Tegan was already someone whose words carried weight and power. Meanwhile, his own talent and abilities matched this type of status. 

However, Tegan was truly scared. He, who had always lived in fear, even thought several times to himself, would it have been a bit easier if he didn’t fall down back then and just died from Su’s shot? 

However, that shadow seemed to be constantly reminding him that, even if he were to die now, he still couldn’t free himself from his fate. Perhaps, in the future, the only light would come from Su, and it could only be obtained from Su who was gradually freeing himself from the domain of mortals. 

Tegan slowly knelt down before the mirror, lowered his hands, and silently prayed, hoping that his loyalty could eventually be exchanged for some type of salvation. 

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