Book 4 Chapter 29.5

Book 4 Chapter 29.5 - Evaluation

The priest shook his head and said, “Surviving is quite easy, but changing fate, that is definitely not easy. WIthout the protection of high level ability users, even if you create a utopia, it could still be destroyed by ability users at any time.” 

“Perhaps! However, I can’t just not do anything because of fear.” Sally took a deep breath, stuck out her chest, and then said, “Regardless, I’ll find a way to set up a water purifying system.” 

When she said this, her face was full of radiance. 

The priest looked at Sally, giving her his blessings with a smile. He knew that in a short period of time, Sally learned all technology related to water purifying systems, something that was nothing short of a miracle. However, grasping the technology wasn’t the same as having the purifying system. The large amounts of rare materials and fine components the water purifying system needed were extremely difficult to obtain. At the very least, from what the priest knew, aside from Dragon City, no companies have been able to produce them. 

However, miracles always came from times of no hope. 

The priest slowly swallowed the black bread, and then, under the help of several robust men, moved the apostle statue to the designated location. The priest brought out a fine tool before continuing his engravement work. Every single movement he made was extremely gentle, and after an entire hour passed, the priest was still working on the same finger. In addition, not even the ones with the best eyesight could detect what kind of changes were made to the sculpture. 

Inside Midnight City, when Su was about to lose patience, the troops that were coming to take over Midnight City finally arrived. This was a troop of less than a hundred members, and the leader was unexpectedly Tegan, the youth who avoided Su’s bullet by a fluke. Before Su left for Frozen Throne, he had been defending Base N69 the entire time. The base was easily guarded and difficult to attack, while Li Gaolei drew Ledesma’s attention, so Tegan unexpectedly didn’t encounter any battles that were too difficult. After receiving information regarding Su’s return, he immediately led the troops to Steel Gate, and then after receiving an order, immediately turned to head towards Midnight City, arriving before Su’s patience ran out. 

One had to admit that Tegan’s luck truly wasn’t bad. 

When he saw the Tegan kneeling down before him, Su suddenly felt a strange feeling. He could feel a true luck from this youth’s body, however, this youth gave off the feeling as if he didn’t belong to this world. In Su’s field of view, there were overlaying void shadows behind this youth. This type of scene was similar to the black and white illusory world he had seen back then. However, the void shadows he sensed from Tegan’s body were even more powerful than his real body, not like those illusory worlds where it was just a projection of the real world. In addition, Tegan’s void shadow and himself had a powerful connection, as if the void shadow was influencing the original body’s actions and choices. 

Could it be that this was luck? Or perhaps, some type of manifestation of luck? This was what Su was thinking.

However, what really is luck? 

Through his weak understanding of mathematics, Su knew that in the olden era, luck could be summed up in probability. Those with luck could successively accomplish things with low levels of probability, but as time went on, and samples were broadened, the scientific laws of large numbers would inevitably display their effects. However, in the new era, the intrinsic quality of luck underwent a change. Luck already became a type of ability, and the use of these abilities, seemed to be changing probabilities themselves. 

Su retracted his gaze, patted Tegan on the shoulder, told him ‘you’ve done extremely well’, and then walked to the off-road vehicle that had already been prepared. Meanwhile, just like Su, Madeline also stared continuously at Tegan, following reluctantly only when Su got into the off-road vehicle. However, even so, she still turned around to look at him a few times. 

Even though the low-hanging and spacious brim of her hat blocked most of Madeline’s face, her well-proportioned figure, long and slender legs, and bearing that was impossible to replicate still displayed a heart moving beauty. Being stared at by Madeline actually gave Tegan even more pressure than what Su released. Even though not much time had passed, sweat had already soaked through the Tegan’s thick combat clothes. Only when the doors of the off-road vehicle closed with a bang sound, standing between him and Madeline’s line of sight, did the pressure seeping into Tegan’s bones substantially decrease. His handsome face immediately became deathly pale. His hands pressed against the ground, and only then was he able to support his body from collapsing. 

What was strange was that aside from Tegan, none of the soldiers he led sensed any abnormalities. These soldiers were all naturally bloodthirsty and cruel individuals, their drooling towards the two women at Su’s side long turned into fear. As for Cirvanas, regardless of whether it was from his petite figure or his beautiful and fine face, they couldn't tell that he was male. However, many of the soldiers under Su were armed refugees that had been later on incorporated into the army. They had personally witnessed Su’s slaughter, the fear they experienced deeply engraved in their bones. As long as Su was alive, they didn’t dare have any thoughts of disloyalty. 

“Leader, the girl just now was looking at you the entire time. Could it be that you have a chance?” The guard at Tegan’s side feigned mysteriousness, the envy in his eyes not concealed in the slightest.

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