Book 4 Chapter 29.4

Book 4 Chapter 29.4 - Evaluation

Sally carried a meal plate and a can of water before arriving at the priest’s side. The priest had just finished reading a chapter of ‘Revelation’. He found an open space at the corner of the camp and sat down with Sally to eat. There were only a few pieces of hard black bread on the plate that had been heated with fire, but this only made it even harder. The priest and Sally’s meal was more simple and crude than any of the others in the camp. The ones who ate the best within this group were the few ability users who needed large amounts of food, and second were the robust men in charge of the inhabited area’s main construction. Apart from this, the food of a few children were also guaranteed. 

Her encounter with the priest was something unexpected. When Sally decided to lead those who were willing to follow her out of Dragon City, the priest had obtained news of this from unknowingly where, surprisingly willing to stay together with Sally. He left behind the church in Dragon City, only bringing the apostle he personally sculpted, as well as an entire vehicle of books. Not a single person who worked in the church, from the servants to youngster guarding the entrance, were willing to follow the priest out. For them, the wilderness was full of hunger and death, so why would they choose to leave the heavenlike Dragon City? However, there were five ability users who frequently came to the church to listen to sermons that followed the priest. They were originally subordinates, but the dragonriders they served had long died in battle. They also went from being a part of the cornerstone of the social class, to becoming the lower level figures of Dragon City. This was, of course, unless new Dragonriders were willing to take them in as their subordinates. 

The priest and five ability users’ addition substantially increased the strength of this group. Black Dragonrider subordinates, even those who lost their masters, were powerful figures who could not be resisted in the wilderness. Just like that, this group proceeded through a dark area the Black Dragonriders hadn't explored before, all the way until they found this suitable place. They decisively settled here to establish an inhabited area to call their own. 

When she saw the priest place the ‘Revelation’ into his pocket, Sally asked, “Father, why are the contents of your distinguished self’s ‘Revelation’ different from the one I am familiar with? Isn’t this the olden era’s scripture?”

The priest broke off a corner of the black bread that was comparable to stone and placed it into his mouth. He slowly chewed it, and then he said with a smile, “No, this is the olden era scripture. However, compared to the new era, the current world is already completely different. When the era changed, God’s instructions will also change. This is the reason why my ‘Revelation’ is different from the olden era’s. However, there is only one God, and he is always there, existing in the past, present, and future, forever unchanged.”

Sally thought to herself, but she didn’t understand the priest fully. However, she didn’t argue with this. Ability users, from all aspects, were the favorites of this world. People like her without any abilities didn’t have any understanding of this world’s innate nature or power. Even though the priest didn’t have any abilities, her intuition told Sally that ‘Revelation’ was likely related to this world and abilities. And she herself, with no abilities, couldn’t understand this. However, Sally didn’t feel any worry towards her own lack of talent, because there were still many things she needed to think about. Meanwhile, the priest was a moving treasure house of knowledge. 

“Father, I’ve seen from history books that in the olden era, the people demanded democracy, and everyone was equal in the law. In reality, this principle has been realized to a great extent. Why did all of these laws now disappear, nor does anyone mention democracy and peace? Is it really just because there is no government, no order, or perhaps because of the lack of food and water? However, the Black Dragonriders and Dragon City have all of these conditions. I believe those great figures are all intelligent individuals, so why aren’t they willing to push for a bit of democracy and equality? I believe that this wouldn't only leave behind a good name in history, but would be even more favorable for their individual positions. Dragon City has a large amount of resources, yet they would rather have it idling away instead of using it, wasting it instead of distributing even a bit for those in the wilderness. I believe that as long as they raise their hand a bit, they can help over a thousand people live. Those people will all feel gratefulness, right?” Sally finally asked this question that had been buried within her heart for a long time. When she was in Dragon City, she didn’t dare ask this. 

The priest thought for a bit, and then said with a smile, “Your question is actually a two part question. I will first answer your first question, equality and democracy. We are used to using the war to separate the new era and olden era, but what truly separates the now and then, are abilities. In the past, the difference in ability between humans wasn’t too great, as not even the greatest elite soldier could simultaneously stop the attacks of more than ten ordinary individuals. When the abilities of individuals are similar, that forms the backbone for equality and democracy. The foundation of the olden era’s great figures ultimately still relied on the support of other people. The more supporters they had, the greater their authority would become. Since there is no intrinsic difference in ability, equality will naturally become the instinctive demand of humans, as well as becoming the law. The law does not need protection, because when the law is broken, even if it is the most top-notch murderer, there is still a chance of being overthrown by some ordinary police officers. However, abilities changed everything. An individual with high levels of ability could easily defeat hundreds to thousands of ordinary people. Firepower weapons already lost their use, and the weakness of industry and technology fundamentals made energy weapons difficult to manufacture. This meant that ordinary people lost all means of keeping ability users in check. Equality is something that only exists between similar people. Meanwhile, ability users and ordinary people, in reality, have become two completely different species populations, two types of life forms. We cannot hope for humans to give livestock the same equality and rights.” 

Sally silently stared at the bonfire. She wasn’t willing to acknowledge the priest’s theory, but she couldn’t find any reason to refute him. Her experiences and memories in the wilderness continuously reminded her that people without abilities like herself and the priest, in front of ability users, truly were no different from livestock. 

“Then why aren’t Dragon City’s great figures willing to provide assistance to those surviving in the wilderness?” Sally struggled to put on a smile, asking her second question. In reality, even before she asked this, she already knew half of the answer. 

The priest still answered seriously. “Because the foundation of their authority are abilities. The strength of a refugee cannot compare to a high level dragonrider, so why seek far and neglect what is close at hand? What Dragon City needs are ability users, or at least those with talent for abilities. As for refugees, there are just too many of them, not a scarce resource.” 

After remaining silent for a long time, Sally said with a low voice. “This is extremely cruel.”

“But this is the reality.” The priest said.

Sally suddenly laughed, gathered her lightly messy long hair and said, “It seems like my initial thoughts were right. If people like us without abilities want to continue living, or even change our fate, we can only rely on ourselves.” 

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