Book 4 Chapter 29.3

Book 4 Chapter 29.3 - Evaluation

As mortal enemies who had fought for several months, Eileen’s understanding of Persephone, if she exaggerated a bit, exceeded even her understanding of herself. And ever since Persephone developed her ninth level True Luck which seemed to be of little value, she became especially difficult to defeat. For example, the injury on her leg was obtained when she had a great advantage, deciding at that time to use a wound for wound method to broaden her own superiority. However, she never expected the injury she received to be so much greater than she had anticipated. Moreover, a large portion of the energy on the speartip permeated into the flesh surrounding Eileen’s injuries. In theory, almost all of this energy should have dispersed and flowed way, yet in the end, when both sides should have suffered, it instead became Eileen who suffered a huge loss, paying a heavy price to end today’s battle. Almost all of the superiority she accumulated over the last few days went up in smoke. 

Mysterious Fields’ ninth level ability True Luck was an ability that previously only existed in theory. The number of powerful individuals who could produce nine levels of ability, even in this world, was pitifully few. Meanwhile, those who had this kind of talent usually chose magic, combat, or other ability domains that displayed great power. Even the Perception Domain in actual combat, displayed far greater usefulness than the Mysterious Fields. The great master who first established the system of Mysterious Fields had once stated that the Mysterious Fields, at its very core, was probability and luck. The current Eileen already deeply experienced the meaning of this sentence. Even though she was an expert who had eight levels in the Mysterious Fields, the power of True Luck still left Eileen shocked. 

The luck of an enemy was the misfortune of oneself; this sentence perfectly described True Luck’s use. This ability simultaneously had the effects of strengthening oneself, weakening the enemy, as well as creating unexpected events. Eileen’s decisive blows all failed to display effectiveness under these unexpected events. 

While listening attentively to O’Brien read ‘Revelation’, Eileen looked towards Persephone who was sitting alone by another bonfire. This woman, who was beautiful and charming to the point of even making her jealous, was currently completely focused on fixing her shattered lens. The lens, under Persephone’s hands’ high temperature, turned into a shining red crystal before gradually stretching outwards. At Persephone’s side were alloy threads. When the lens’ repair was finished, the alloy threads would hold these lenses, replacing the frame that had long been completely destroyed. Even though the newly created glasses lost all of its fine electronic probing properties, it still allowed for a broader spectrum of sight, thus exposing a large part of Eileen’s energy attacks’ true nature, saving her the need to sense them mentally. 

Even this simple but genius conception left Eileen full of praise. 

During the process of lens repair, from time to time, Persephone would involuntarily stroke her own stomach. There was already a clear bulge there. Every so often, a look of happiness would fill Persephone’s face. When she saw Persephone’s stomach, Eileen would always feel the approval of a woman. She felt jealousy, and because of it sighed with admiration. It was because of the life in her stomach that forced Persephone’s strength to remain stagnant. In this type of battle to the death that continued for several months, this was nothing different from suicide. If it was Eileen in her place, she would have ended that small life without a bit of hesitation to avoid being burdened. After all, as long as she was still alive, couldn’t she give birth to as many as she wanted?

However, Eileen knew that this was nothing more than a thought. The number of men who could move the hearts of people like Persephone and herself, who possessed both talent and beauty, was truly too small. What kind of person was he, for Persephone to be willing to risk such great danger, all for the sake of giving birth to a child? 


Eileen reviewed the materials she had on Su again in her mind. Purely from a numbers standpoint, Su was still a bit far from even her heart’s lowest standard. Meanwhile, O’Brien already exceeded her standard, and his comprehensive evaluation was still continuously rising.

In Eileen’s heart, her desire for a companion immediately overwhelmed the importance of the mission. And as such, she fiercely thought, “I’ll beat Persephone half to death first, and then I’ll force that youngster to marry me. When that time comes, there’s no way he can say no!”

Undercurrents secretly moved through this valley, but on the surface, everything was peaceful. The pleasant sounding voice of ‘Revelation’ was gradually travelling into the distance. 

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, there was someone who was also reading ‘Revelation’, the contents no different from the one in O’Brien’s hands. 

This was a simple and crude camp, with more than ten vehicles that relied on human power to move surrounding the camp. More than a hundred people dragged their beaten bodies to the bonfire, sitting down next to it before chewing on the warm roasted food. Inside the camp, the black robed priest carried ‘Revelation’, walking back and forth among the crowd, reading its contents to the people resting in the camp. In the camp, a fair and graceful young lady was currently busy about, handing food and water to everyone. Behind her followed several strong and vigorous men who moved at her command. The eyes they looked at this young woman with carried no fear, a bit of desire, but even more respect. 

Not far from the base was a new construction site. A new inhabited area was going to be built here. A river flowed next to this inhabited area, providing the essential water source for this place. The forest several kilometers out became their temporary food supply. 

At this moment, the young lady already completed the distribution of food and water. She released a sigh of satisfaction, stretching out her tired body. The fiery light illuminated her face. Turns out this young lady was precisely Sally, who left Dragon City. 

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