Book 4 Chapter 29.1

Book 4 Chapter 29.1 - Evaluation

The battle of Midnight City officially ended with the explosion of Ledesma’s heart. 

His corpse calmly laid on the ground, blood continuously flowing from his body, silently extending in all directions. The powerful beams of light from the four searchlights continued to concentrate on Ledesma’s body, clearly displaying his expression in his final moment. Frozen on that face was unwillingness, fear, anger, as well as many, many other things. 

If history could be preserved, then in this region, Ledesma’s name would be remembered by the people, passed down by a few historians. Towards this ambitious and ruthless character who relied on his dozen or so companions to form Sinking Blade from nothing, and then established Midnight City that was both hell and heaven, moreover just a step away from becoming the king of the great lakes western region, regardless of which history textbook it was, as long as it touched upon this region, there was no way his name would be skipped. 

As an engineer, Ledesma’s greatest contribution to this era was his reconstruction of Midnight City’s water purifying factory, and this was what allowed them to establish the first, as well as the only indoor farm. With these two installations, several hundred thousand individuals could survive. Under Sinking Blade’s rule, the citizens still had to struggle for survival, but at the very least, they could survive as long as they paid their dues in effort. 

However, Ledesma’s luck still wasn’t good enough. 

If it was in the olden era, he might have a chance at becoming a great figure that didn’t lose out to the federation’s most famous presidents. However, what was unfortunate was that he lived in this era, this era of turmoil that toppled all general knowledge. 

The only reason why Ledesma failed was because his abilities weren’t great enough, nor did he find sufficiently powerful comrades for self protection. 

And in the age of turmoil, power was the only law.

While Ledesma was being killed, not a single one of the soldiers under him attempted to stop this process. Under Su’s terrifying abilities, everyone understood that any act of obstruction would result in an immediate loss of their lives. 

Not only did no one try to save Ledesma, there were instead quite a few intelligent individuals who had long captured the one who daringly took a picture, bringing this person to Su’s face. 

This was a young man who wasn't thirty years of age yet, and from the looks of it, was a civilian. His messy hair and untrimmed beard covered half his face, but a pair of eyes with latin lineage displayed a brilliance that didn’t match his appearance. He also had two levels of power, so among civilians, or even the army, he could be considered an expert, but was still far too inferior when compared to Ledesma’s elite bodyguards, let alone right now when he carried no weapons.

A military soldier handed this old-fashioned camera over to Su, clearly trying to curry favor. Through the half darkened light crystal screen, Su could see the moment he crushed Ledesma’s heart. He had to admit that this photograph’s timing and angle was a work of art. 

After seeing the photograph, Su gave the male who was forced to kneel on the ground a look of interest. He was currently looking back at Su, his eyes displaying a bit of fear, but even more excitement. 

“Your distinguished self, do you want to get rid of him?” The officer asked. 

“No.” Su stopped the officer who was in a hurry to flatter him. He asked that male, “Why did you take a picture?” 

The male immediately straightened his chest and said with a loud voice, “This is a historical moment! I have the responsibility of recording it!”

“Is that so?” Su laughed. He returned the camera to him and said, “Then, you should properly preserve it.” 

After saying this, Su walked towards Ledesma’s official residence. 

That male hugged the camera with shock, and then he shouted towards Su’s rear figure, “Hey! You are just going to let it be like this? Don’t you want to leave behind a few more photographs? Hey, listen to me, let me take some pictures of you! You will be remembered by people from several hundred years later!” 

When Su’s figure completely disappeared through the main entrance into Ledesma’s residence, the officer gave the male a fierce kick, gnashing his teeth while saying, “Photograph? Fuck your photograph! You made this old one look like a fucking clown! You better get lost before Lord Su changes his mind! If you let this old one see you again, I’ll definitely break your bones!”

The officer’s military boots fiercely kicked the male’s body, kicking him until his face became pale and his body frantically tried to escape into the distance. The officer seemed to have thought of something, and then shouted towards the latin male’s rear figure. “Stinky brat, you better take good care of the camera!”

At this time, Su was already standing in Ledesma’s luxurious office, admiring the furniture, paintings, and ornaments. Madeline and Cirvanas stood in front of the window, capturing everything that happened outside in their eyes. 

When he saw the latin young man escaping in panic while carrying his camera, Cirvanas couldn’t help but release a snort. “Another fella who wants to take advantage of the situation! However, he really is quite brave.” 

En, he has quite a unique way of thinking, and is willing to take risks. Madeline expressed her approval, and then added, “If his potential wasn’t only three levels, i believe he might have obtained an opportunity.”

A look of disgust appeared on Cirvanas’ face. “He is a completely shameless fella, less than even those soldiers outside! Would master truly use those types of people? They aren’t trustworthy at all, possibly betraying him at any time!” 

Madeline gave Cirvanas who had the expression of a child and said with an indifferent smile, “He will use them. Why wouldn’t he? As long as Su still has power, these people definitely wouldn’t dare betray him. We took action starting from ‘Bleeding Bullet’ all the way here precisely to let even the most vicious people in Midnight City understand that our power is not something they can resist. As for this city, the people in this city, as long as they have food to eat and can continue living, it doesn’t matter who it is that governs them.” 

Cirvanas clearly hated the expression in Madeline’s eyes. He disputed, “But why do we have to rely on power and terror to maintain control? Can it be that there is no way they will obey due to gratitude?”

“It is because Su doesn’t have time, and the desires of a man are endless.” Madeline said. 

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