Book 4 Chapter 28.5

Book 4 Chapter 28.5 - Ambition

Soldiers loyal to Ledesma continuously emerged from both sides of the streets, as well as even rooftops, and then they immediately discovered their target. In the spacious and empty street, the three of them were especially eye catching. Meanwhile, Su’s light blonde hair, under the fiery light’s illumination, became as dazzling as a pulsing flame!

A crazy wind swept through the street, carrying smoke and sand with it, as well as pulling at the shutters of abandoned houses. The broken wiring on electric poles danced about crazily in the winds as well. 

Su’s figure disappeared from within the wind, and then appeared before the soldier closest to himself. He aimed the pistol at his forehead, and only then did he pull the trigger.

Another one followed. 

The soldiers who rushed into the street couldn’t see the process, but they could see the result. The static scene of Su pressing the trigger was ingrained within their consciousness. However, before they sensed fear, another final scene welcomed them, darkness. 

A street base rampart was assembled...

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