Book 4 Chapter 28.5

Book 4 Chapter 28.5 - Ambition

Soldiers loyal to Ledesma continuously emerged from both sides of the streets, as well as even rooftops, and then they immediately discovered their target. In the spacious and empty street, the three of them were especially eye catching. Meanwhile, Su’s light blonde hair, under the fiery light’s illumination, became as dazzling as a pulsing flame!

A crazy wind swept through the street, carrying smoke and sand with it, as well as pulling at the shutters of abandoned houses. The broken wiring on electric poles danced about crazily in the winds as well. 

Su’s figure disappeared from within the wind, and then appeared before the soldier closest to himself. He aimed the pistol at his forehead, and only then did he pull the trigger.

Another one followed. 

The soldiers who rushed into the street couldn’t see the process, but they could see the result. The static scene of Su pressing the trigger was ingrained within their consciousness. However, before they sensed fear, another final scene welcomed them, darkness. 

A street base rampart was assembled in the distant street, the machine guns within already roaring, pouring out a hundred rounds of bullets. The ones defending this rampart were Ledesma’s elite troops, their reaction speed and firing precision far greater than those of ordinary soldiers. 

Su stood firmly at the center of the street, raised the electromagnetic rifle, took aim, charged energy, and then fired! A bright fiery streak immediately blasted into the rampart, and then what followed was a pillar of flame that soared into the sky! Meanwhile, during the few seconds the electromagnetic rifle needed to recharge, more than ten rounds of heavy machine gun bullets floated in Su’s surroundings, all of them intercepted with Cirvanas’ force field. The youth’s defensive force field already advanced to the second level, and with his affinity with energy and natural talent, he could overlay three defensive force fields, and only then did it barely stop these bullets. If it was any normal magic ability user, one needed at least four levels of defensive force fields in order to intercept this many heavy machine gun bullets. 

When the rampart was blasted through, Ledesma’s official residence finally entered Su’s panoramic view. 

“I am Su. I’ve returned. Ledesma, you should drag your ass out here instead of just sending your subordinates to death.” Su’s level and low voice sounded within the entire range of his panoramic view. As long as one was within its range, they would hear Su’s voice, moreover all at the same volume. 

The voice projection this time exhausted three minutes of the Heart of Darkness’ energy distribution, but the intimidation effect it displayed was incomparable. Regardless of whether it was the war hardened veterans or the delicate civilians, they all developed deep fear from this miraculous ability. Those soldiers who saw Su’s method of slaughter with their very own eyes even more so retreated, finally understanding the reason why they were still alive after seeing Su was purely due to having enough luck, and being far enough from him. In front of a true high level ability user, ordinary soldiers were just like a group of ants. 

Ledesma’s manor became closer and closer. The number of ramparts and high ground sniping points became more and more frequent along the sides of the street, yet the amount of resistance he faced became weaker and weaker. The soldiers originally guarding the many sentry positions all fled without a trace. Meanwhile, the braver soldiers, as long as they were within 300 meters, immediately had the distance between them closed, and then had their heads blasted open by a shot. 

Devil, this was definitely a devil! The surviving soldiers couldn’t suppress this thought that emerged in their minds. 

“Just come out, Ledesma.” Su said with a low voice. While standing before the grand seven story building of the five-membered committee, Su’s figure looked lonely and weak. However, within the eyes of all who landed on his body, Su seemed much, much bigger than the massive building before him. 

Ka ka ka ka. Eight searchlights shone from the committee building one after another. Four of them landed on Su’s body, while the other four landed on the building’s main entrance. 

Under the searchlight’s targeting, close to a hundred fully armed soldiers rushed out from the building, utilizing all types of weapons to attack from all sides, their dark muzzles all aimed at Su. Then, under the protection of seven or eight young and pretty female assistants, he slowly walked out, standing at the center of the searchlights, confronting Su from twenty meters away. 

Ledesma was already over fifty years old, but he looked just over forty. He wasn’t all that large and tall, but his well-fitted military uniform and meticulously trimmed beard still gave him an unordinary bearing. In the panoramic view’s energy display, he was also a sixth level ability users, but only had a single sixth level ability. 

After giving Su a fixed look, this individual who was already close to achieving his dreams was surprisingly calm. “Su, you shouldn’t have returned.”

His voice was natural and resonant. Even without a loudspeaker, he didn’t have to exert himself too much for all those around him to hear him.

“However, I’ve returned.” Su replied. 

“This place does not belong to you, outsider!” Ledesma raised his voice, and then with a diplomatic bearing and singer voice, he said, “This is Midnight City, the Midnight City me and my companions used sweat and blood to establish! It belongs to me, belongs to us, belongs to the soldiers here, belongs to everyone who resides and lives in Midnight City! This is where we grew, a place where we equally owned everything. Correct, you do have powerful strength, but your strength already doesn’t belong to humans, but comes from the devil. I admit that I, the soldiers here, as well as Midnight City’s residents, none of us have abilities as strong as yours. However, as individuals, we live in equality! Midnight City belongs to the residents of this place, does not belong to you, nor does it belong to outsiders! All might and oppression will be completely shattered under its residents’ willpower and determination!”

While staring at the impassioned Ledesma under the searchlight, Su slowly said, “Human equality… it had existed before in the olden era, and in the distant future, it might appear again. Hower, in this era, it does not exist. Even if it does, there is only an equality between similar leveled ability users. The only law of this era, is power.” 

Su’s voice wasn’t that loud, instead a bit sweet-sounding and overcast. However, when his voice sounded, everyone’s ears could hear his words. Ledesma’s loud shouting seemed just like a mosquito, inaudible no matter how hard he tried. Also, it sounded right by their ears, so close it felt as if he was speaking with his lips pressed to their ears. All of the soldiers here thought Su had teleported to their sides. They turned around with shock, but what they saw were similarly panicking companions. Meanwhile, Su was still standing several dozen meters away under the beams of light, never having moved an inch. 

“The power of the people cannot be disregarded! You are just one person, could it be that you wish to be above everyone in Midnight City?” Ledesma shouted loudly, his resounding voice finally breaking through Su’s suppression.

Su smiled slightly and said, “I already said that in this era, power is everything. The power I have can ensure that my will is carried out. Even if everyone in Midnight City stands before me, the result is still but the same. Meanwhile, you, Ledesma, you wish to do what I am doing right now, only, what a pity, your abilities weren’t enough to support your ambitions.” 

Ledesma’s face seemed to be surrounded by a layer of divine radiance. He pointed at Su and shouted while shivering inwardly, “You all already heard him! He is a hundred percent a homicidal maniac, a dictator, and a devil! For…” 

Ledesma only managed to shout half of what he wanted to say before he was completely suppressed by Su’s voice again. “Ledesma, even if you incite all these people, it still won’t change your fate. You are actually someone who doesn’t care about others, someone who, for the sake of your own power and ambitions, can throw aside companions that have followed you for many years, a liar, tyrant, and swindler. I’ve been patient for quite some time already. Now, it is time for you to pay the price of betrayal.”

“Brothers, we have to go up together to kill this tyrant!” Ledesma shouted while brandishing his arms. At the same time, his body quickly flew backwards to hide behind his guards. 

However, before his shout could release any sounds, his voice was sealed in his throat. He wanted to move backwards, yet his body didn’t budge an inch. At the center of the panoramic view’s core region, the sixth level Ledesma was the only one who seemed completely powerless to resist. 

In Su’s chest, his heart began to powerfully and forcefully beat, pumping the surging energy into Su’s body, and then through mysterious channels, transported it to the location Su’s will designated.

Su’s left hand reached towards Ledesma, clenching down from the distance, then slowly raising it. Ledesma immediately became like a puppet controlled by strings, slowly rising under the searchlight. His arms and legs struggled about, yet he was powerless under the formless shackles. In addition, whenever he gathered even the slightest bit of power, it would be scattered by energy that came from who knew where. 

The forefingers on Su’s left hand drew out a cross in the sky, and then a cross-shaped cut appeared in Ledesma’s chest. His thoracic cavity was then opened, and his heart unexpectedly sprung out, suspended under the powerful beams of light, slowly spinning around and around. It seemed as if it wasn’t clear about its own fate, still struggling to pulse. 

During this entire process, the soldiers loyal and dedicated to Ledesma stood there in a stupor. Not a single weapon fired, to the extent where they didn’t even dare run. 

While staring at that revolving heart, with a voice so soft it almost couldn’t be heard, he said, “I am an extremely simple person, only wishing to take care of those by my side, that is all. That is why, do not touch my bottom line.” 

Following the clench of Su’s left hand, the heart floating in the sky stopped spinning, and then it exploded into a rain of blood.

click sounded. A flash of white light drove away the curtain of night. There was someone who fearlessly captured this moment on camera. 

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