Book 4 Chapter 28.4

Book 4 Chapter 28.4 - Ambition

Madeline became silent, and then she began to ponder over this. Su began to think back to his experience back then, while using the leftover mental ability to gather information from all conversations that were taking place in this pub, as well as categorize and analyze everything. Soon after, he obtained the information he wanted. Behind the bar dance floor was a private room, and within it was a large fat black male, tonight’s target. This fella named Barney was the one in charge of Bleeding Bullet, as well as Ladesma’s trusted aide who controlled this area. Su believed that this person should know about Ladesma’s whereabouts. 

Right at this moment, a group of big men who clearly had at least two or three levels of power strengthening just from their builds, squeezed over to Su’s table, the one in the lead an enormous white male with a height of two meters. Even though his massive stomach was a bit of a burden,  his arms that were thicker than Su’s thighs displayed terrifying power. 

With a pa sound, the enormous man slammed a large caliber gun down on the table, causing more than ten bottles of wine to jump up one after another. 

“Youngster! I’ll exchange this gun for your alcohol, what do you think?” The enormous man spat out a hot blast of thick stench, directly blowing it in front of Su’s face.

Su suddenly drained the glass of strong alcohol in his hands in one gulp. The strong alcohol went down his throat like a streak of flames, fully igniting Su’s body as well. 

Su lifted his hood, displaying his perfect appearance before everyone. He then stood up, stared at this robust man whose shoulders towered above his head, and stuck out his right hand. In Midnight City, this was a sign of comparing strength. 

The enormous man gave Su’s face and body a look, and then he suddenly erupted with crazy laughter, to the extent where tears were about to come out. The entire bar began to roar with laughter, and there were even some who began to shout, calling for Su to strip naked after the competition of strength. 

While carrying a cruel smile, the giant grabbed Su’s hand!

The instant the two completely disproportionate hands clasped together, the giant’s enormous body flew up, collapsing to the side, continuously smashing through several tables and even crushing two people under him!

Those who saw this scene didn’t dare believe their eyes. What did they just see? Did Su lift this giant who was much larger than himself, and then smash him into the ground?

Before his voice even dropped, Su’s figure moved, immediately appearing in front of a big individual who was about to shoot with a dual-barreled shotgun. A pistol had unknowingly when appeared in his hands, its dark silver body and unique design constantly reminding everyone that this was a new era weapon. Meanwhile, the ice-cold muzzle was already pressed against the large male’s forehead.

The oppressive gunshot seemed a bit soft, but the destructive power was enough to leave others stupefied. The large male’s head directly exploded into a rain of blood, the gore splashing onto nearly half of the people in this pub!

“Who else is still unconvinced?” Su asked. 

After saying this, another five individuals' heads exploded, all of them without exception pointed their guns at Su, but instead had Su’s muzzle pressed against their foreheads, and then their heads exploded. All of this happened extremely quickly, with no one able to see the process clearly. However, they all remembered the five clear scenes, the scenes of Su’s gun pressing against their foreheads. 

After killing six people in an instant, the people in Bleeding Bullet’s bar finally understood that it wasn’t an ordinary gunfight tonight. However, the bloody slaughter left them unwilling to make the slightest movement, all of them throwing their weapons on the ground one after another out of fear of being the next one to have their head blasted open. 

Su directly walked over to the private room, kicking the door open with a single motion. Then, his muzzle continuously flickered with fiery light, simultaneous blasting apart all six of the  bodyguards’ heads. Only the fat black male at the center who was laying on a couch remained, his mouth agape as he stared blankly at Su. The women in the private room went crazy, all of them screaming as they scrambled for the exit to escape. However, their bodies all began to float upwards, their faces quickly becoming purple. They struggled helplessly about, continuously screaming, yet unable to release any sound. Cirvanas who was controlling them used an extremely simple ability, completely freezing the air around their heads. They couldn’t inhale, but couldn’t exhale either, only able to suffocate to death. This was an extremely painful way of death, yet Cirvanas seemed to feel great hatred for them, feeling a need to torment them to death. 

Su let the young man with bloodshot eyes do his thing. He looked at Barney and indifferently asked, “Where is Ledesma?”

Barney moved his fat body and said while mumbling, “If I tell you, he will kill me…”

Bang! Barney’s right arm exploded without any omen, to the extent where he didn’t even see how Su fired.

“I don’t have patience.” Su said. The muzzle then pointed towards Barney’s left arm.

Barney began to squeal like a slaughtered pig. “Don’t shoot! I’ll speak, I’ll speak! Fuck, as long as you don’t shoot, I’ll tell you everything!”

A minute later, the entire latter half of Bleeding Bullet bar collapsed with a loud noise. A light blonde haired Su was like both an angel and fiend as he walked out from the ruins. He stood still for a moment under the darkness, and then the cloak around his body was suddenly torn, revealing the enormous and sinister electromagnetic rifle, as well as a grenade launcher. A new era pistol rested in his hand, and two military blades quietly rested against the sides of his thighs, waiting for the chance to be unsheathed. 

The heavy military boots moved, crushing the rubble beneath them. Su adjusted his direction, and then, with steady and fixed footsteps, headed towards Ledesma’s residence. With each step he took, his body would release the metallic sound of firearms colliding. In this peaceful night, this rhythmic sound was like the knell of a death god, ringing far into the distance. 

Su suddenly tossed out the cloak in his hands! The cloak was like a dark cloud, carrying a low whistle as it flew out. It passed through the waists of a few soldiers who rushed out from a corner before collapsing a small house. 

In front of Su was an extremely long road. 

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