Book 4 Chapter 28.3

Book 4 Chapter 28.3 - Ambition

When night descended over the continent once again, Midnight City woke up again just like in the past, gradually starting to clamor with noise. 

Under the hazy curtain of night, figures began to appear one after another in search of stimulation and joy that could numb themselves. 

‘Bleeding Bullet’, like its name, this restaurant was as place where blood would flow every night. However, people would still continuously come, because their greatest joy was seeing someone pull out a gun and then blood dripping everywhere. There would even be some people who, after blood landed in their glasses, would drain it in one gulp to feel a rush! In front of the bloody slaughter, the beautiful bar girls all became nonessential decorations. 

In the past, Midnight City, despite being chaotic and rotten, didn’t allow such bloody playgrounds to publicly exist. Of course, the underground world was an entirely different matter. However, ‘Bleeding Bullet’ which had only opened up recently completely disregarded this unwritten rule, all because its owner behind the scenes was Ledesma. In the current Midnight City, Ledesma’s name was the law. 

Almost every single person who entered ‘Bleeding Bullet’ knew that anything could happen, yet they all believed that misfortune wouldn’t happen to themselves. After all, each night, only two gunfights were allowed. In addition, ‘Bleeding Bullet’ had many good things that couldn’t be found in other areas. As such, even though night had just fell, the number of people who poured in already filled up a large half of the spacious bar. Soon after, powerful music and strong alcohol made everyone’s minds become numb and daring. 

A few robust men were watching the entrance, currently chatting rather somewhat senselessly. They all wore black-colored leather vests, revealing their upper bodies covered in body hair and muscles. These robust men’s bloodthirsty eyes sized up every single person who entered in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Even though none of the people who came were of the good sort, in the eyes of those who truly fought on the battlefield, they were all still weaklings who would explode under a slight pinch. 

The guard leader with a bald head and somewhat grizzled beard was currently holding a bottle of strong alcohol, but then, his body suddenly went rigid! His eyes that were turbid narrowed, staring deathly at the three individuals who were currently entering the bar.

These were three extremely strange individuals, their entire bodies wrapped around by wide cloaks, the low hanging hoods covering most of their faces. However, just the chins that were revealed below couldn’t help but make one’s mouth dry. This was true for all three of them. However, on the back of the first individual were two prominent intersecting protrusions, clearly at least two things with heavy firepower. 

The two in the front directly walked into the bar, as if they couldn’t sense the fiery passion beneath countless pairs of eyes. Meanwhile, the third person with a slightly skinnier frame stopped, slightly turning around to look towards the guard leader. The scarlet red lips that were revealed under the hood suddenly opened slightly, revealing a line of snow white teeth. 

Following a crack sound, the wine bottle in the leader’s hand was shattered, the broken pieces cutting open his palm. Strong alcohol and blood continuously flowed down his arm, yet he seemed totally unaware of this. He only continued to stare at those three’s original position while trembling, not even realizing that they had already entered the bar. 

“Leader, leader! You good?” The shouts finally snapped him out of his stupor. Only now did the guard leader feel the pain in his right hand.

“Leader, the three that just passed clearly carried shit on them, and the stuff the first one brought in seems not that easy to deal with! I’ve never seen them before. Should we grab them over to ask where they came from first?” A guard asked while helping this leader with his injuries. 

“No! No matter what happens, do not provoke those three! It is enough as long as you all pretend as if you didn’t see anything.” This leader suddenly rejected this proposal. 

The guard looked at this leader with a somewhat stunned expression, somewhat not understanding why he seemed so terrified. 

At the center of the bar, Su first selected the largest empty table before sitting down. A tender and beautiful bar girl bent down at the waist, as if to fully display her almost overdeveloped chest before Su. She then placed the wine list on the table and introduced the menu with a soft voice. 

Su didn’t listen to what she was saying at all, only pointing at the highest part of the wine list, and then drawing a stroke downwards, including everything on the wine list in its range before tossing the wine list to the bar girl. The pretty and flirtatious bar girl displayed an enchanting smile, gave Su’s shoulder a firm squeeze with her chest before walking towards the bar counter. 

The round table was quickly filled with alcohol, with more and more people appearing in the bar. The air was soon congested with the smell of alcohol and violence. Men and women collided, men and women also smashed against each other. The noise, aside from boasts and shrieks, sounds of abuse and provocations became more and more frequent as well. Those who occupied a space in Bleeding Bullet all boasted about their reputation, the number of men who wanted to use this chance to prove their own masculinity not few. 

Gradually, Su, Madeline, and the young man who occupied an entire table became more and more conspicuous, but it was as if they weren’t aware of this at all, occasionally even exchanging a few words.

“What exactly did you see back then?” Madeline asked. 

Su knew that she was referring to what happened back at the command division, and as such, said, “Back then, I was thinking about the situation of this place, as well as monitoring the region within my range of perception, but accidentally… en, how do I say this, I… saw another space.”

“Another space?” Madeline clearly put away her indifference, now asking seriously.

“Right, it definitely doesn’t belong to this world.” Su replied with a frown. He didn’t know what this signified, but what he was sure of was that a different space was definitely no small matter. 

“Not an illusion?” Madeline asked. 

“It truly exists.” 

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